Thursday, 2019-07-11

T42<adampigg> Mal, some work needed in p-o-v (hint) ... On fxtex, the viewfinder is inverted/upside down..05:51
T42<adampigg> Also, its not exposing any iso values atm05:51
T42<adampigg> That is maybe the hal3 property, i think i turn that off on mido05:52
T42<adampigg> Well, turning that off breaks the camera completey!06:21
masha11mal, hello. After adding  QCOM_BSP and QTI_BSP and error "ServiceManager: service 'display.qservice' died" remains.07:24
masha11lipstick: , strace lipstick: , journalctl:, dmesg:
masha11minimer loops on the string: "read(19, "", 16384)= 0":, strace minimer:
sledgesPSA: SFOS collaboration community meeting at #mer-meeting on the hour (in ~13mins)07:42
T42<eugenio_g7> Hey vknecht! Saw reading through the mer-meeting logs that we're doing basically the same thing on the loire adaptation09:19
malso there is now 3 people doing same thing?09:19
vknechthi @eugenio_g709:20
T42<eugenio_g7> Cool stuff! I guess we'll end out like whyred09:21
vknechtmal, well, did you tell anyone ? :-) saw @eugenio_g7 talking a bit about it in logs, but was quite a while ago09:21
malnot really09:21
T42<eugenio_g7> Yea some months ago and a screenshot09:22
T42<eugenio_g7> Got UI and wifi09:22
T42<eugenio_g7> Would like to rebase on pie09:22
malvknecht: I think otherwise your changed look quite reasonable but the way you wiped the whole git history is not very nice imo, just forking the original project and then renaming in there would be nicer09:23
T42<eugenio_g7> My stuff is here, although I think I have some local changes that I have yet to push:
vknechtah, was not sure how to do that09:24
piggz[m]no wonder latte isnt progressing!09:24
T42<eugenio_g7> piggz: heh! I don't have my fxtec to play on :P09:25
T42<eugenio_g7> mal: would you think rebasing on Pie would be an endeavour worth progressing?09:25
vknechtguess I can do that once I have the files content straightened09:27
mal@eugenio_g7 I have been planning on testing that09:27
T42<eugenio_g7> Nice09:28
vknechtmal, which version do you build ? ? and do you use classical OBS/localbuild or internal build infra ?09:30
malvknecht: previous build was just local build09:31
T42<eugenio_g7> 3.0.2 + localbuild09:31
T42<eugenio_g7> Oh sorry, thought it was directed to me :)09:32
vknechtand dcd specific branch ?09:32
malI think I haven't built for 3.0.3 yet09:32
vknecht@eugenio_g7: good to know, wondering if my troubles come from newer version09:32
vknechtso it could be the case you'll see that too if you try ;-)09:33
T42<eugenio_g7> Heh :P I guess we should set-up a shared project09:34
T42<eugenio_g7> I would like to try rebasing on pie though09:35
T42<eugenio_g7> Shared org*09:35
vknecht+1 for shared org09:36
malI doubt the reason is newer version but I'll see if I have time to build a new version09:38
vknechtwell, one difference with nile is I couldn't use recent/same dhc09:41
malvknecht: there is the upgrade branch for that09:42
T42<eugenio_g7> vknecht: created and invited you to org sailfish-on-loire09:47
T42<eugenio_g7> We should decide which repositories to move there :D Mine are forked from the loire repositories rather than nile09:48
vknechtnot sure09:57
vknechtcould be that forking nile is better to catch up on new structure and history10:00
T42<eugenio_g7> I guess we should fork ganges now :D10:02
vknechtgo on if you want, I'll first look at fixing what I have now ;-)10:06
T42<eugenio_g7> Cool10:08
T42<eugenio_g7> Will take a look tonight :D10:09
malvknecht: I think that would be more difficult10:20
malbut just my opinion10:20
T42<eugenio_g7> Pie?10:23
malthere isn't much difference in 8 and 9 bases for those repos, just some small things10:24
malI just mean that using f5121 as base repo would be nicer than copying anothet device repo10:25
T42<eugenio_g7> Yup mine are this way, cool that not much changed between 8 and 910:31
deathmisthello! what have people done with their notification sliders on SFOS? I'm thinking of making it switch between the first 3 ambiences from settings (if that's even possible). so far I've got a map of what happens when happens on eventX on different positions but no clue what I'd need to do next11:32
malnot sure what you mean11:35
deathmistmy OnePlus 5 has a 3 state notification slider on the left side top that by default goes between all notifications enabled, vibration only and everything off. I'd like to do something similar in Sailfish and ambiences allow me to do this, but right now the slider isn't hoooked up to anything11:37
maldeathmist: ok, not sure but kimmoli did some gesture things for oneplus x maybe something a bit similar could be done11:40
T42<elros34> deathmist:
malyes, that one11:45
deathmistelros34: thank you! I'll definitely look into that11:46
mal@adampigg could you create a mer bug for the droidmedia fix, I think this category is good
T42<adampigg> Mal, sure12:07
KALUBEHi all, I'm trying to get cellular to work, current status is when I insert a SIM card, the no sim icon on the staus bar dissapears but in the "pin code" section in settings it says no SIM card. Opening WLAN and going to "Connect to the internet" shows data as an option and it has my carrier12:34
KALUBEI also get a text (Doesn't show up on sailfish, when I put my SIM card back in my phone) from my carrier saying that they're sending internet settings12:34
malwhich android base?12:35
KALUBE./system/bin/rild is running. Logcat -b is empty, ofonod is running. Logs incoming12:36
KALUBEmal: los-14.112:36
T42<jgibbon> tiberius12:36
T42<jgibbon> sry. meant for other channel12:37
KALUBEdmesg: journal: logcat:
KALUBEWell... [grilio-socket] ERROR! Can't connect to RILD: No such file or directory12:38
KALUBEwell, /dev/socket/rild does exist. Strace time!12:41
deathmisthow would one remap a physical recents button to back using mce? I tried "KEY_APPSELECT=KEY_BACK" under [EVDEV] section in an /etc/mce/ ini file but it didn't change anything13:15
malshow evdev_trace -i13:17
deathmistI know the physical keys are under event4 as they show up by those names I tap then while running evdev_trace -t event413:19
malwhich ones of those?13:19
T42<adampigg> Key_back doesnt do anything in sailfish tho...unklless in AD13:20
deathmistmal: both of them (back and recents)13:20
deathmistKEY_BACK does actually go back and home button goes home13:21
T42<adampigg> Does it? Not here13:22
T42<adampigg> Only in android apps13:22
deathmistadampigg: for me the physical back button also goes back in SFOS apps everywhere13:24
T42<adampigg> Oh, id like that13:24
T42<adampigg> Maybe some more config is needed on mido then to enable that13:25
T42<adampigg> Mido report back, homepage and menu, but sailfish apps dont respond13:26
deathmistbut since the back button is actually mapped on the left button and I'm so used to it always being on the right since OPO, I'd like to just map it there too :p  am I looking at the wrong config files, adding it wrong or is this a rare occurance for back to work everywhere in the first place?13:28
KALUBECan anyone help out with ofono debugging? My phone knows there is a sim card inserted - phone app says no active sim card and there are no signal bars. However using the ofono log app it shows logs about getting a signal and ringing the phone also shows CALL_STATE_CHANGED. I'm not sure where to go from here to fix the issue14:29
malKALUBE: tell what you have done so far? looking at your logcat there was a lot of all kinds of issues14:31
KALUBEI realised ofono was saying "Can't connect to RILD: No such file or directory", adding a 10 second delay to the service fixed that, I think ofono was starting before rild had initialised14:34
malthat means android side service are not running properly, usually caused by either missing or broken mounts or not found firmware files14:37
malKALUBE: could you upload the adaptation repos droid-* to github so I can see what you have there now14:38
KALUBEmal: Fresh logs, I don't get the can't connect error anymore. journal: dmesg: logcat:
KALUBEI think they're the ones you mean?14:41
malKALUBE: so what is the problem now after ril is running?14:56
KALUBENo signal bars, can't make or receive phones calls (The phone app says "No active sim card inserted") - perhaps active is the keyword? But logs show that phone calls are being received14:57
malwhich ofono version do you have installed in the device, check with "zypper if ofono"14:58
malis there a pin query visible at all?14:59
KALUBEYes, in settings. It also says no SIM card, but it isn't there when I don't have a SIM card in the phone15:00
KALUBEmal: ofono verion 1.21+git54-1.2.1.jolla15:00
malhmm, it once again built a new version, not sure if that can cause issues15:01
KALUBEI think it got updated when I installed ofono-tests15:01
malcould you try to downgrade both ofono and libgrilio15:02
KALUBESure, what's the best way to do that?15:02
malzypper ref and then zypper dup15:02
KALUBEHuh, weird that a distribution UPGRADE downgrades those packages15:04
malwell it does if the newer packages don't exist anymore15:05
KALUBEah, i see15:05
KALUBEWell, it broke lipstick: This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "hwcomposer"15:06
KALUBEAh, zypper dub REMOVED qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin15:08
malyes, probably because it's not in any repo yet15:08
malmaybe zypper dup was bad idea15:08
malprobably zypper in ofono libgrilio would have been safer15:08
KALUBEI'm inclined to agree... I have to reflash my rootfs now right?15:09
malKALUBE: you can try to recover using zypper, you probably still see what it installed and removed, so revert those15:09
malbut maybe it's easier to rebuild and reflash15:09
KALUBEGrab the packages from my build environment?15:09
malyes, that is one way15:10
malrebuilding the image (only doing mic build again) is not that big of a thing15:11
KALUBEI still have the zip from when I last built it, I haven't made many changes so reflashing it would probably be faster15:12
malyes, but then you would have to downgrade the packages again15:16
KALUBEmal: Fair point.15:26
malKALUBE: a small hint for those git repos, do not use git add * to add everything, now at least config repo has files generated at build time: documentation.list, installroot and tmp, those should not be in git15:49
KALUBEI'll have to clean that up at some point... I'll add a .gitignore for now. Just dealing with some issues with wlan sparse files15:51
KALUBEmal: Current ofono version: 1.21+git44-1.19.1.jolla15:58
KALUBEWe now have: [grilio-socket] ERROR! RIL hangup15:59
KALUBEril_0 disconnected15:59
KALUBEFull journal
malKALUBE: probably ril then restarts16:29
deathmistsooo still no info about remapping recents to back in a sane way? I could just change the entire definition in the kernel but that seems kinda..... wrong :p16:51
malwhat recents?16:56
malyou can look if the event is here
piggzevening *16:59
piggzright, get Mal's picky commit history out of the way is first task16:59
deathmistmal: the physical recents button, which is KEY_APPSELECT (0x0244)16:59
piggzmal: done that17:09
maldeathmist: so why does the usual remapping work? I really don't know if back even does much, maybe check mce debug logs to see if it does anything17:10
piggzit doesnt do anything here17:11
piggzonly in android apps17:11
malpiggz: could you add it to both commits and also the reference the first line17:11
mal*to the first line17:11
piggzwhat do you mean, the first line?17:13
piggzoh, i c17:14
malpiggz: now the bug reference is on the second line of the commit message17:14
piggzyes i c17:14
malpiggz: btw, add bug for the qtbase changes17:14
electro5hi all17:16
piggzmal: if youre not happy, i quit sailfish!17:37
malpiggz: then I won't mention anything17:40
deathmistmal: here's what I have now just an ini file that should remap it in /etc/mce/, but when I do "journalctl -f" there's nothing about the back button either when I tap it (only home button), so it must not be handled by mce then?17:48
deathmistjust tried remapping KEY_BACK to KEY_POWER in the same way aaand it didn't do anything either. am I missing something?17:52
maldeathmist: have you tried with something like the example to see if it works17:54
maljust to be sure it's not the keycode that is the problem17:54
deathmistmal: which example? this remap from KEY_WAKEUP to KEY_POWER is required and works
deathmistmal: that does work (it also still lowers the volume)18:09
malso have you checked mce debug output what it tells18:09
piggzmal: qtbase done too18:13
maldeathmist: I think the issue might be that mce is not handling back key, it's handled at higher level via Qt so it's read directly from event device maybe18:15
malpiggz: thanks18:17
deathmistmal: I just assigned both back and the recents buttons to KEY_POWER and this comes up in journalctl when I tap them but it doesn't actually do anything (comared to the volume down remap): powerkey.c: pwrkey_datapipe_keypress_event_cb(): gesture(4)18:18
T42<elros34> deathmist: worth to check droid.kmap commits in droid-configs18:35
deathmistelros34: I just checked the file myself and 158 (KEY_BACK) has back assigned, but 208 (KEY_APPSELECT) isn't assigned to anything, so I'm assuming assigning it there should suffice and I'll test in a bit :)18:51
deathmist*580 for KEY_APPSELECT actually, no clue where 208 came from18:56
maldeathmist: 580? or 520?18:57
maldeathmist: hex vs dec?18:57
deathmistmal: it's defined as decimal in the kbmap file it seems, so 0x244 hex => 580 dec18:58
maldeathmist: where did you get that 208?19:01
deathmistI guess there was a key mapped to dec 208 so I just wrote that down instead for unknown reasons, no clue :p  I19:04
deathmist'll report back after adding the mapping tho19:04
piggzmal: what is needed to bring NfC to a port?19:06
piggzmal: probable nfcd-binder-plugin will help .... i wonder how i can test it....19:23
piggzi wonder if any kids phones have nfc19:23
Nokiuspiggz: isn't nfc standard in 2019 for phones19:26
piggzNokius: who has a 2019 phone?! i use a cheap xiaomi redmi note 4, no nfc!19:27
Nokiuspiggz: :P19:28
malpiggz: to test you need some simple text tag19:31
piggzmal: credit card?19:31
malpiggz: well if you want to read raw logs then maybe, but sfos so far has only support for some basic things, at least to UI level19:32
piggzmal: something like ?19:37
malpiggz: no idea really, I have just tested reading raw data using a self-made app19:40
malwhich reports the type of tag seen19:41
piggzmal: i installed all the nfc packages, and the binder plugin,and the tools19:44
piggzndef-read doesnt report anythng...19:44
Nokiusmh where the hack this pkg should come from droid-hal-tools20:19
Nokiusnever saw it before20:19
deathmistmal: even after defining the physical recents button as Back in droid.kmap it didn't change anything (checked that droid configs got applied too). anything else I could be missing? kinda tempted to just change the definition in kernel synaptics driver :p20:37
deathmistr0kk3rz: I'd like to get started w/ building things on OBS, project would be "nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:cheeseburger", thank you20:55
deathmistwelp, just remapping the KEY_APPSELECT to KEY_BACK in kernel synaptics driver shall do for now as it works perfectly for my needs xD I'll look into this a bit later once I may start doing something with android apps. right now I'll go sleep tho, cya!21:50

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