Saturday, 2019-07-13

mccrearypiggz: After poking at my HIDL trouble w/bootctrl, it seems all of the bits are open source. You ought to be able to write a simple tool to do what you need in SailfishOS without depending on the nasty Android treble indirection mess00:57
mccrearyCheck out and bootctl in
mccrearyYou'll also need stuff from gpt-utils, e.g.
mccrearyThat last bit is device-specific, but I think all Qualcomm devices use the same format01:08
mccrearyBut use vendor/qcom/opensource/recovery-ext/oem-recovery/gpt-utils.h in the fxtec tree for reference01:08
mccrearyFor that matter, you could just use hardware/qcom/bootctrl/ and system/extras/bootctl/ from the fxtec tree too01:12
mccrearyBut it would be safest to only use the public source code from googlesource01:15
mccrearyFor reference, another bootctrl implementation, but for recovery so without all the HIDL nonsense:
mccrearyThat implementation seems to operate on the misc partition though, and the Pro1 seems to store the info in the gpt02:36
T42<elros34> TheKit sicelo: glibc-2.25 for 3.0 kernel: So far works good on photon but there is another glibc upgrade pending.05:54
r0kk3rznice one elros3406:43
*** agander_ is now known as agander07:10
piggz_mccreary: thx!07:54
spiiroindeathmist: for button backlight, check /usr/share/lipstick-jolla-home-qt5/compositor/HardwareKeyHandler.qml - dconf /desktop/lipstick-jolla-home/sailfish_hw_key_enabled + button backlight feature in hw config (that csd thing) -> lipstick tells mce to activate button backlight. when and how long is then handled by mce side policy/settings08:18
spiiroindeathmist: /usr/share/csd/settings.d/hw-settings*.ini, section "[features]" value "ButtonBacklight=1"08:21
T42<NotKit> @elros34 thanks, would be interesting to try08:42
T42<adampigg> Mal, nfc works08:46
T42<adampigg> (Photo, 2160x1080)
T42<adampigg> (Photo, 2160x1080)
T42<adampigg> Ah, url tags trigger the ui10:40
mal@adampigg yes, that's what meant, simple tags do that11:14
mal*what I meant yesterday11:14
piggzmal: what other stuff can i write?11:15
malnot sure, I think it's just text or urls that might work11:15
piggzmal: text tags didnt trigger UI afaict11:15
malyou can always implement other things, it's open source11:15
piggzabdroid pay? :D11:16
piggzmal: mailto: urls work11:19
malI don't have any simple nfc tags so I don't know what is supported11:20
piggzid like to write some kind of business card, i guess that will have to go in the text area11:20
piggzmal: ebay is cheap, 2.50 for 511:20
malpiggz: ah, indeed such a feature that the tag would contain like vcard for contact info and UI would ask do you want add it11:25
malpiggz: just curious, when you added the text to which field did you add it?11:26
piggzmal: the text record11:27
malok, I think those are not currently supported11:27
piggzmal: i think it will have to be a small vcard!
piggzonly 144bytes11:28
malpiggz: ok, it seems the nfc-vcard makers do that is to have url to some cloud in the nfc which then contains the vcard11:29
malpiggz: there are bigger nfc tags also11:32
piggzyeah, these were cheeeeeeep11:32
piggzim sure i can write something useful11:32
piggzjst manually trimming the card11:33
malyes, probably possible to add the needed info, name, phone and email there11:35
piggzmal: is it txt or url, or can you store both?11:36
malpiggz: in theory smart poster type, which is not currently supported11:37
piggz_mal: what is the process of 'petternizing' ?12:16
piggz_on my fxtec repo, everything is built, but it hasnt been patternized yet12:17
vknechtyou can extract the files from droid-config-$DEVICE-patterms.rpm and put them in a _pattern package, removing .xml extension (not sure last part is really required)12:19
malpiggz_: it depends on when the person doing those is online12:28
piggz_mal: i meant what does it do, like what vknecht said12:28
vknechtfrom what I understand, it specifies the packages and packages groups mic has to put in the image12:30
malpiggz_: oh12:31
piggz_mal: any tricks for gps in android9?15:35
malpiggz_: not really, it should work with binder backend15:42
piggz_mal: is that a seperate package? need any configuration?15:43
malpiggz_: what issue do you have, maybe logs will help15:43
malpiggz_: geoclue-providers-binder15:43
piggz_i dont have that..15:43
malpiggz_: wait15:44
malpiggz_: geoclue-providers-hybris-binder15:44
malfrom same repo, just different spec15:44
malpiggz_: so rename the package on OBS15:44
piggz_i know! :O15:44
malI know, I have learned a habit to clearly tell what to do on this channel15:45
malpiggz_: also no need to change patterns, both use the same provided package name15:46
malpiggz_: there is a fun mismatch in the spec and package name15:48
piggz_ah, rogue s15:48
malpiggz_: geoclue-providers-hybris-binder vs geoclue-provider-hybris-binder15:48
malnot sure if one is typo or was there some idea behind it15:49
malbut it has been there all the time and nobody has bothered to do anything about it, would need fixing webhooks etc so not fun15:49
* vknecht was just reading about this problem with non-binder version...
malvknecht: where did you have a problem?15:53
piggz_mal: should test_gps work?15:53
malpiggz_: I think that doesn't have binder backend15:53
malpiggz_: so it might or might not work15:53
piggz_it says no interfaces found15:53
malso then no15:53
piggz_whats good test?15:54
malpiggz_: harbour-gpsinfo15:54
piggz_ive got messwerk15:54
malthat also work15:54
piggz_doesnt show any sateliltes15:54
malI personally like gpsinfo more when testing gps15:54
malpiggz_: are you in good enough place for satellites to be visible15:55
maloften might not work indoors15:55
vknechtwas just investigating about uninstallable provider for other packages15:55
malvknecht: you still have that issue?15:55
vknechtfor droid-config-f5121-sailfish and droid-config-f5121-bluez515:56
vknechtif I only put one of those in KS, they just get installed, no error15:57
vknechtlooks like there's a mutual exclusivity on those and the other droid-config-* packages15:58
malvknecht: just curious, why is there a folder kickstart-bak in config repo?15:58
vknechtthat's to disable the LVM-style build15:58
vknechtalso renamed the ssu board mapping dir so the classical community one is used15:59
malvknecht: this and the next line look bad, also you still have fpd in patterns which of course won't work in community build16:01
malvknecht: replace that with the one in pattern template and comment out the lines I mentioned from .inc16:02
malso no wonder nothing works16:02
piggz_mal: been outside for a bit, nothing16:03
malpiggz_: anything in logs16:03
malboth journal and logcat16:03
malpiggz_: maybe android side has some issues, there seems to be various potential errors there16:11
piggz_mal: Mister_Magister said it worked in android16:12
piggz_but, i cant be sure16:12
malpiggz_: I meant android side in sfos16:13
malpiggz_: hmm, did you use latest dhd submodule when building droid-hal rpms?16:15
piggz_mal: probably16:16
malpiggz_: you probably can see those chmod/chown errors in journal, those are because of that16:16
malI think that is the issue16:17
malpiggz_: could you try reverting that, also you have some android side daemons that die with signal 916:19
malpiggz_: maybe try adding selinux_stubs preload for those failing ones?16:19
vknechtmal, thanks a lot, seems better (686 packages pulled in by mic instead of 684)16:29
T42<adampigg> Mal,.ok,.thx16:47
mal@adampigg any luck?17:55
T42<adampigg> Mal,.out with wife and daughter ;)17:56
malok, no problem17:56
T42<adampigg> \o/ a live dj set using 2 Amiga 1200s!

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