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Danct12huh, looks like the binder is compiled only if it's android 903:30
enigma9o7I'd also like to understand that forum post about how to chroot ubuntu chromium?03:56
UmeaboyI ran into a little mishap following the Xperia X guide.10:42
UmeaboyHere's my result:
UmeaboyI don't know why I did wrong. I followed the guide step by step.10:42
UmeaboyEverything worked perfectly until then.10:43
UmeaboyI have to go. I'll leave this session active until I get back.10:43
UmeaboyHere's the guide I'm following:
malUmeaboy: it seems it doesn't like some character in your git email or something10:45
malr0kk3rz: yes, we can probably remove the requirement for registered nick for now but I don't have ops on this channel so I cannot do it10:58
Umeaboymal: If you take a look at the line with my emailadress, have you seen any illegal characters in it?11:47
UmeaboyWould it be sufficable to do git config --global "" in the HABUILD SDK or do I have to start over?11:49
malwell I only told what the error suggests, try setting the email again, it's easy to add hidden characters by accident11:50
malor maybe it combines name and email somewhere and that causes issues, not sure really11:51
UmeaboyIt still gives me the same problem.11:51
UmeaboyI'll change the emailadress11:52
UmeaboyNope. That didn't work as well.11:52
UmeaboySeems like the python script for the repo command is not functioning correctly.11:53
UmeaboyAnything else I can try?11:54
UmeaboyIs it related to my locale settings in the HABUILD SDK?11:57
UmeaboyI found this page mentioning it together with my error:
UmeaboyFixed it.12:02
UmeaboyRepo init doesn't allow non english characters in the setting.12:03
UmeaboyCan this be added to that guide for furture reference?12:03
UmeaboyI can't seem to login to edit the guide.12:06
UmeaboyCan any kind person do that for me, please?12:06
UmeaboyIt would be much appreciated.12:06
Umeaboymal: Can you change it?12:11
UmeaboyGotta go.12:58
electrohi all, how are you ?16:38
electroelros34, how are you ?16:43
electrohi mal, i can continue to debug my devuce startup17:03
electrodisable selinux, disable droid-hal-init, disable Mem, try echo V watchdog17:06
electroWhat can i do to continue debugging17:07
maldid any of those change anything? even in /proc/last_kmsg?17:08
electroi can send you my last_log17:09
electro575mal, the .zip is not signed, it's maybe that17:18
malelectro575: this doesn't look good "Emergency Remount R/O", when did you last time reflash rootfs? maybe it got corrupted during all the failures? reflash it, then add the systemd service disabling before you boot to sfos for the first time, so at least droid-hal-init and user@100000 should be disabled17:18
malelectro575: doesn't matter, twrp can install unsigned zips without issues17:18
malelectro575: not sure if there were device that wouldn't boot unsigned kernels17:18
electro575can you give me command to disable droid-hal-init and user@10000017:19
malelectro575: do you know how to disable those systemd service in recovery, use adb shell and there /data/.stowaways/sailfishos is the sfos root location17:19
electro575yes but i don't have the command17:20
malin adb shell, cd /data/.stowaways/sailfishos, then "ln -s /dev/null etc/system/system/droid-hal-init.service" and "ln -s /dev/null etc/system/system/user@100000.service"17:20
malthen install adb to your computer first17:21
electro575i have adb17:21
electro575thanks ^^17:21
maloops those commands I gave are wrong17:21
malcorrect ones: "cd /data/.stowaways/sailfishos", "ln -s /dev/null etc/systemd/system/droid-hal-init.service" and "ln -s /dev/null etc/systemd/system/user@100000.service"17:21
malmake sure each command works17:22
electro575ok thanks17:22
electro575ok good, i reboot17:25
electro575what is the test cmd for : Emergency Remount R/O17:26
electro575what can i send to you as log ?17:29
malif the device rebooted again then last_kmsg17:30
malyou of course need to make the boot stop in that case17:30
electro575again this17:31
electro575dispite of disable droid-hal-init.service17:31
electro575Emergency Remount R/O17:31
electro575and user@100000.service17:31
malshow the log17:32
malhow does /proc/cmdline look like now?17:33
electro575my device, reboot and i can do telnet17:33
electro575i have just the battery picture because my device is plug into my computer17:34
electro575this is strange too : [TIMA trusted boot]: SEAndroid MAGIC failure (boot.img)17:35
malbattery picture?17:35
electro575in the device screen17:36
electro575charging battery picture17:37
electro575if i do this command : echo "continue" >/init-ctl/stdin17:37
electro575my device reboot and i can do telnet, not bootloop because of /data/.stowaways/sailfishos/init_enter_debug2 presence17:38
electro575this comment "Emergency Remount R/O" disappear17:39
vknechtprobably you should unplug usb when the device reboots, so it doesn't go straight to charging/actdead mode17:41
electro575ok, i try17:41
malelectro575: what kind of battery image does the display show?17:44
electro575check battery level17:44
electro575i have reboot without the usb cable pluging17:45
electro575last_dkms :
malit's really relevant to know how exactly the display looks17:46
electro575busy to determine the battery level17:46
electro575now, i have Samsung GALAXY Note II GT-N7105 display text17:46
electro575audit: initializing netlink socket (disabled)17:48
malelectro575: are you sure you have the changes elros34 mentioned in use?17:49
malbased on last_kmsg it fails in preinit of sailfish17:49
electro575elros changes, yes17:49
electro575but if you know say it again to me17:49
mal100% sure? did you add the repo to .ks file when building the image?17:50
electro575i link it to you17:50
malcheck packages file to be sure correct versions have been installed to the image17:50
electro575how ? in the manifest.xml ?17:51
malin the folder where the sailfish zip is17:51
mal@elros34 it seems the boot of device electro575 ports reboots almost at the beginning of preinit of sfos17:51
electro575list of packages :
malwell I have no idea what repo you added so I cannot check if those are correct17:54
electro575i give it to you17:54
malelectro575: sfos repo, not android repo17:57
malsomething elros34 gave you17:57
electro575repo --name=glibc-kernel-3.0 --baseurl=
electro575humm ok, it's and me
malelros34 probably knows more of the issues you might have18:00
electro575elros34 is not connect18:00
electro575mal, where the file must be locate ?18:01
electro575or here ? /home/sailfish-dev/hadk/hybris/droid-configs/installroot/usr/share/kickstarts/Jolla-@RELEASE@-t0lte-@ARCH@.ks18:01
malfirst one18:02
electro575the repo of elros34 is not present in this file : /hadk/hybris/droid-configs/installroot/usr/share/kickstarts/Jolla-@RELEASE@-t0lte-@ARCH@.ks18:02
malthe versions in your packages file seem to match the repo18:04
electro575ok, so strengh !18:05
electro575so it's the preinit how fail18:06
electro575who fail18:06
electro575i don't know what to do anymore18:06
maldidn't @elros34 have some device that needed some changes, maybe check what kernel option he changed18:13
electro575where can i see this changed ?18:14
malshow the .config file you have somewhere in out/18:16
electro575location of this ? in the device ?18:17
malin $ANDROID_ROOT/out it's under there somewhere, use "find $ANDROID_ROOT/out -name .config"18:17
electro575this file ? /home/sailfish-dev/hadk/out/target/product/t0lte/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config18:18
electro575or this ? obj/busybox/full/.config18:18
malfirst one obviously18:19
malelectro575: elros34 gave some config earlier and it had quite strange set of changes, not sure if those should be used18:24
electro575humm, i don't know18:25
electro575where elros34 is ? ^^18:25
electro575107 guys on this channel, nobody have do changes for other devices ?18:26
electro575changes is for hybris-boot or sailfishOS ?18:27
electro575if it's hybris-boot, can we use topic of cm11 or last ?18:28
malelectro575: most device have newer kernel than you have18:29
electro575lineageOS14.1 or 16 work correctly on t0lte, so ^^ i suppose it's possible but18:29
electro575what kind of changes is specificaly ? it's about hardware ?18:30
electro575where it's possible to see what kind of changes can i do ?18:30
malelectro575: this is the link I found in log you might have to do some other changes if you would try those, to both init-script and kernel checker18:31
electro575init-script and kernel checker ?18:32
electro575this changes are to do with defconfig no ?18:32
electro575if i change defconfig18:32
electro575i just build hybris-boot ?18:32
malyes, but to be able to use those you need to make sure nothing else breaks, init-script verifies kernel configs and won't continue if those are not "correct"18:33
electro575i go to try this18:34
malyou can see there that some of the configs set to =n in the link I gave are required to be =y for boot to continue so you need to edit init-script in hybris/hybris-boot to make sure those do not prevent booting18:34
malalso kernel checker needs to be fix so it won't complain about those if it tries to prevent build18:34
electro575i don't understand all18:35
electro575simple sentence if you can ^^18:35
electro575i understand18:36
electro575but why : you need to edit init-script in hybris/hybris-boot18:37
electro575mal, do all changes of the pastebin ?18:38
electro575on the defconfig18:38
electro575but why edit init-script ?18:38
electro575to avoid booting18:39
malmake a backup of your defconfig, revert to original version, then add only those changes to the end and then make sure init-script accepts those settings meaning check the lines I linked againsta the kernel changes, then build18:40
electro575ok thanks18:41
Danct12good night18:42
Danct12anyway, back to porting18:42
electro575where can i find original version of lineageos_t0lte_defconfig18:42
electro575good night Danct1218:43
Danct12calls doesn't work, the phone does make calls, the other phone i have ringed, but i can't hear anything on my phone18:43
malDanct12: using the old image or new?18:44
Danct12i just updated the target and recreated the rootfs hours ago18:44
malelectro575: from the original android repo or you can just reset sources you have already18:44
Danct12so it's new18:45
electro575reset sources ? how18:46
electro575repo reset ?18:46
electro575mal, do you know how reset source ?18:52
UmeaboyI read the warning box about renaming the tooling and that worked, but as soon as I did sdk-assistant create $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH it said: FAIL: unknown option --18:56
UmeaboyWhat am I missing?18:56
electro575sdk-assistant create SailfishOS-3.0.0
electro575humm ok18:57
electro575sdk-assistant create  $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH
electro575try this18:58
malelectro575: can't you really search anything online yourself? git reset --hard HEAD in kernel sources, just make sure you take backup of the changes you have done18:58
malUmeaboy: you haven't set the .hadk.env correctly or otherwise it's not being used18:59
malUmeaboy: check the changes related to that18:59
Umeaboysource .hadk.env ?18:59
UmeaboyWould that work or mnake it worse?18:59
maljust check all changes related to that19:00
malthere were those other files created or edited in the same section of hadk pdf19:00
Umeaboymal: Here's a screenshot of my .hadk.env:
UmeaboyI'm no expert, but it looks OK to me.19:03
UmeaboyI'll be off for an hour or two.19:05
malI said look at the other files also19:06
Danct12anyway, here's logs for calls doesn't work/silent calls19:07
piggzmal: given that ive so far not managed to get t5 paternised ... whats the change of latest updating to
malDanct12: did you check the old image for any pulseaudio related changes?19:08
Danct12i haven't,19:10
Danct12i already knew about this issue for a day now or two, but wanted to get other stuffs working before going to get calls working19:11
malDanct12: the "unknown ril command 130" in logs might not be good, monich can tell more about that probably19:12
electro575when you said : then build -> just make hybris-boot ? or make all19:14
malmake hybris-boot should be enough19:15
electro575yes, but when you say see init-script19:16
malelectro575: did you make the changes to that?19:17
electro575init-script accepts those settings meaning check the lines19:17
electro575what do you want to say ?19:17
electro575if the line in init-script is correct -> what's up19:19
electro575# writes to /diagnosis.log if there's a problem19:19
electro575mal, all settings must be Y for this log19:20
electro575 /diagnosis.log19:20
electro575it's that ?19:20
malwhat did you change in the init-script19:21
malgo to hybris/hybris-boot in sources and run git diff19:21
electro575no changes on init-script19:22
malelectro575: I told you to fix it19:23
malFIX IT19:23
malI told you what to do, make sure none of the things you manually set to =n in defconfig are in the =y list of init-script and same for the other list19:24
electro575for the other list ? in init-script19:25
electro575to pass all init19:26
malhow can a simple thing be so difficult to understand19:26
electro575i understand19:27
electro575with this, init will be okey so19:27
electro575if i fix it19:27
malshow what changes you did19:29
malusing git diff like I told19:29
electro575what changes you did -> in my defconfig19:33
electro575using git diff in hybris/hybris-boot -> sure ?19:33
malI will soon give up, this is going nowhere19:34
electro575i have just fix this CONFIG_... for this line in init-script19:37
electro575ok, this is good for changes19:42
electro575i git diff19:42
electro575this for defconfig change :
electro575mal, with what log have you seen the init-script is not correctly launched ?19:59
malelectro575: so you didn't fix init-script?20:30
electro575i compile all20:32
malelectro575: based on the changes you gave you did nothing to init-script20:32
electro575because of just flash hybris-boot is not enought20:32
malyou don't seem to understand anything I say20:32
electro575maybe, but if the log appear20:33
malthis is enough for today as this is really not going anywhere because you don't do the changes I ask20:33
malelectro575: you don't have to care about logs, the changes to init-script are purely based on defconfig changes, nothing else20:34
malI told you what to do20:34
maland you didn't do it20:34
T42<Harsh18262> @Mal was irc chats active from morning?20:35
malwhat do you mean?20:35
T42<Harsh18262> There was no msgs on telegram from 9:2620:36
T42<Harsh18262> Might be possible it was just me20:36
malthere was no talk on this channel all morning20:36
electro575mal, sorry but my english is soso20:37
T42<Harsh18262> Oh ok then20:37
electro575i fix it in defconfig20:37
malelectro575: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!120:38
malelectro575: you fix init-script so it accept the values you have in defconfig20:38
electro575ok, now i understand20:38
malI said many times to fix init-script20:39
electro575possible yes, but so long sentences20:39
malelectro575: also the defconfig changes you just linked do not match the link I gave20:39
electro575so i take my old_defconfig20:40
T42<elros34> Harshwardhan: telegram bot was broken due to server mainntenance20:40
electro575and do changes with the link20:40
malyou take original defconfig from lineage, then add the lines in the link I gave ( to the end of the original file20:41
malI'm going offline now20:42
electro575and fix init-script20:42
electro575with ? the defconfig20:42
electro575sorry mal20:42
electro575make sure none of the things you manually set to =n in defconfig are in the =y list of init-script and same for the other list20:44
maldo you understand that or not?20:45
electro575but if the kernel checker give ERROR20:47
malthen you fix checker like I told20:47
electro575ok, i will try yes20:47
malyou do anything you need to use the changes I gave in the link20:48
electro575have a nice night20:48
electro575and after check what on device ?20:48
T42<elros34> I will simplify it for you, you already used that defconfig changes and it has all needed changes by init-debug. I created it when we had no telnet connection, bootloop and misleading last_kmsg.20:49
mal@elros34 try to make him do what is needed20:51
T42<elros34> I am not sure what is needed right now, this changes was only too get telnet. Looks like selinux=0 is ignored by kernel and selinux is initialized anyway so SECURITY_SELINUX=n or AUDIT=n might be good idea. Also based on last_kmsg it stops printing right after "Welcome to Sailfish*". Next line in /sbin/preinit writes to watchdog so I20:57
T42advised him to disable watchdog at all for now.20:57
electro575i must go sleep, sorry20:59
T42<elros34> It would be useful to know when excatly it reboots so commenting out "exec /lib/systemd/system*" in /sbin/preinit could confirm where it fails20:59
mal@elros34 last thing in last_kmsg was the first print from preinit21:03
malah you noticed that already21:04
T42<elros34> yes and it should print info about BOOTSTATE before starting systemd21:05
vknechtpreinit plugins ftw21:44

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