Saturday, 2019-08-03

deathmistmal: no need to worry about last issue from yesterday, fixed it by just running build_packages -c & other steps again, now building my first 3.1 rootfs! :)08:17
electro5752@elros34 : hi, i have 3G/4G but i obtain connection error08:17
electro5752maybe you know how to fix it ?08:17
T42<elros34> sure i know:) You need to be more verbose and as always provide logs08:21
T42<austenite> does the back button work in anbox10:16
T42<austenite> I have a hw home key that i can use as back button in sailfish, but it doesnt work in anbox10:17
T42<austenite> nvm wrong question..10:23
deathmistmal sledges: I found the definition for qt5-qpa-surfaceflinger-plugin mw build (which caused my build_packages to fail for SFOS 3.1 target on 15.1 base) in dhd submodule: maybe it should be removed from future versions if it does the same for others too?10:50
Nokiusmal THANKS!!!10:54
Nokiusr0kk3rz: where is you pattern less ks file :D10:55
Nokiuswanna see how it works :P10:55
Nokiusthanks in advance10:55
r0kk3rzNokius: on the ci11:03
r0kk3rzworks just like a pattern11:03
r0kk3rzjust with a metapkg instead11:03
deathmist this shall do for now :p11:16
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electro5752is it possible to fix this ?11:43
electro57525:statefs_udev: Even capacity values are not supplied! Fix power_supply driver!11:43
malprobably some way11:48
electro5752i will fix 3G/4G, i reboot my device11:49
malyou probably need to show what is under /sys/class/power_supply so run "ls -lR /sys/class/power_supply"11:49
electro5752but it's strange, when i disable flying mode, the SIM card is not taken11:49
electro5752i will do this, i'm waiting for the device11:50
electro5752it is slowly, ...11:50
malelectro5752: is there any other path than /sys/class/power_supply/battery under /sys/class/power_supply/12:05
electro5752for LTE12:09
electro5752i debug with ssh12:09
electro5752i suppose LTE is in error12:10
electro5752yes mal12:10
electro5752Failed to mount Droid mount for /storage/usbdisk0.12:11
electro5752Failed to mount Droid mount for /config.12:11
electro5752@elros34 : my log
electro5752to debug LTE12:13
malignore those mount errors12:13
electro5752wifi is not register12:13
electro5752when i restart, my wifi is not auto detect12:13
electro5752MTP too : /dev/mtp: unknown filesystem type 'functionfs'.12:14
electro5752mal, bluetoothd[11729]: Failed to access management interface12:16
electro5752how can i fix bluetooth ?12:16
electro5752Oofff : Aug 03 14:02:50 Sailfish lipstick[11710]: *** Error in `/usr/bin/lipstick': free(): invalid pointer: 0x0095e350 ***12:17
T42<elros34> a lot of issues to fix! for mtp I already gave you the patch yesterday, you just need to adapt it little. Instruction for bluetooth its in faq-hadk12:21
T42<elros34> for connman errors I guess you need to apply more (connman related) changes to defconfig mentioned by mer-kernel-check12:24
electro5752@elros34 : bluetooth it's for qualcomm and broadcomm, i have another cpu12:25
T42<elros34> I bet your bluetooth is broadcomm but confirm it in your device spec12:26
electro5752thank you12:27
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T42<elros34> for udevd spam apply this patch to your rpm/dhd/ and rebuild droid-hal packages: rpm/dhd/helpers/ —droid-hal12:31
electro5752@elros34: what i must configure for connman ? in this defconfig warning
electro5752@elros34 : for bluetooth, i have cortex A9 or SoC Samsung Exynoss 4412
T42<elros34> now that your device booting without issue you can try to fix every warnings/errors in mer-kernel-check except audit, yama, memcg and watchdog but make sure to create backup of your defconfig first12:44
electro5752okey, thanks12:45
malelectro5752: make sure you have correct bluez version installed, check pattern files and you can see something mentioning bluez5 or bluez4, you have so old kernel it needs bluez4 I think13:12
electro5752okey mal, thanks13:33
electro5752if i just recompile my kernel and android-hal package, i must create a new image (.zip) ? and flash14:19
electro5752or just upgrade my device with files14:19
electro5752mal, where can i check my kernel version ?14:20
electro5752i don't know how check my bluez version too14:20
deathmistwell if you only had to deal with kernel stuff you can just flash hybris-boot.img => your boot partition and test, kernel version should be at the top of your defconfig14:21
electro5752okey, thanks and for droid-hal package14:24
electro5752i don't arrived to fix it : CONFIG_CHECKPOINT_RESTORE14:39
electro5752Linux/arm 3.0.101 Kernel Configuration14:42
electro5752@elros34 : failed to install gps pure ->
T42<elros34> it's question for #sailfishos channel. Why do you even install it manually? You should always use storeman to install apps from openrepos14:48
electro5752what store ?14:48
electro5752openrepo store ?14:48
T42<austenite> storeman in openrepos14:49
electro5752my journalctl14:50
Nokiusr0kk3rz: coolio15:09
electro5752it's normal ?
electro5752root to install a market ?15:10
T42<linusdan> electro5752: Try using sudo15:11
electro5752i must install sudo15:12
electro5752it's a little strange to install rpm with sudo15:13
electro5752why a store need root privileges ?15:14
electro5752mal, do you know why ?15:14
T42<linusdan> try sudo zypper in <name of package>15:15
deathmistlinusdan: sudo is not installed by default, you need to use devel-su15:15
electro5752i can install with this session ?15:15
T42<linusdan> deathmist: I did not know :D15:16
deathmistelectro5752: you need root to install ANY packages, it would be quite the security flaw to let a regular user install anything without supervision15:16
electro5752ok, why i don't arrived to install an app ?15:20
electro5752we must have an account to download app ?15:21
T42<austenite> no15:21
T42<austenite> pkcon install-local (path to storeman.rpm)15:21
electro5752i have use zypper in harbour-storeman15:22
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T42<austenite> ive never used zypper on phone so i dont know15:25
electro5752sailfish-code or sailfish-fingerprint ?15:25
electro5752what is the correct identitie15:27
electro5752@elros34 : what is the correct user to install a package ?15:27
electro5752zypper in devel-su15:27
electro5752or in user nemo -> pkcon install-local (path to storeman.rpm)15:27
T42<elros34> tap on it and install or use devel-su it can't be that hard15:29
electro5752@elros34 : no possibilities to install an app with store installed by devel-su15:29
T42<austenite> enable developer mode from settings, type root password and save , devel-su on phone , install package15:33
electro5752my 3G/4G is not available, how can i see the connection ?15:47
electro5752it's connman15:47
electro5752@elros34 : how can i fix 3G/4G on my device with connman ? with the defconfig ?15:54
electro5752i can send sms15:55
T42<elros34> You still did not explain what is the issue15:56
T42<austenite> you need to choose the sim card in settings to use the internet,15:56
electro5752austenite ? what is this settings, on desktop sailfish ?15:58
electro5752i don't have sim card selection15:58
T42<austenite> you use sailfish on desktop?  or  you are asking with ssh ?15:59
electro5752desktop and ssh15:59
electro5752@elros34 :
electro5752i can send sms, no call, no sms16:00
electro5752network orange problem16:00
electro5752with the SIM card16:00
T42<austenite> if camera is not working too then you need to do 13.2 and 13.3 in hadk16:03
electro5752for mms16:11
electro5752mal, i have kernel 3.0.101, my bluetooth is 5.16:42
electro5752it's compatible with my kernel ?16:43
malelectro5752: I said already that it's not, you need to check pattern like I said and fix it to use bluez416:44
electro5752sorry, but how check pattern ?16:45
malopen pattern file in config repo and look for mention of bluez16:45
electro5752ok thanks16:45
malin the hw pattern file16:46
electro5752do you know mal how it's possible to fix 4G connection ?16:46
malshould be easy to find it, ask someone else if you can't find it, I can't help now16:46
electro5752thanks, i know where it is with hadk pdf16:47
T42<austenite> electro5752 i asked you to do 13.2 and 13.3 , maybe thats not what you need now16:49
electro5752i have made this16:50
electro5752i will compile and test16:50
electro5752thanks austenite16:50
T42<austenite> ok16:50
electro5752austenite, camera and sound call not work with chapter 13.2 and 13.319:44
deathmistelectro5752: what did you do exactly? did you do everything that HADK said in the chapters, run build_packages again & flash a new zip on the device?19:46
electro5752yes deathmist19:47
electro5752all hadk said19:47
electro5752build packages again19:49
electro5752and flash the new zip yes19:49
deathmistyou probably just copy pasted the commands, "$PORT_ARCH$(gettargetarch)" would be at the end of the make commands then (notice without space like HADK shows!), i don't know if that will affect things as I just ran "gettargetarch > lunch_arch" and ran the make commands without the "$(gettargetarch)" param19:50
electro5752i will see19:52
electro5752i recompile all19:52
electro5752i have a trouble after compilation, i must have EGL_PLATFORM=fbdev19:53
electro5752rather than hwcomposer19:53
deathmistelectro5752: how have you still not changed that? didn't you figure that out like weeks ago with elros at this point? go change it in your file like so and push it to github while you're at it to include it in the next build you do19:58
electro5752yes, thanks20:02
electro5752@elros34 : i have no camera, no sound with call, no bluetooth with bluez v4 and no 3G/4G20:37
electro5752i have done chapter 13.2 and 13.320:37
electro5752bluetooth -> Failed to init gatt_example plugin20:40
electro5752now, i'm just asking if you don't have jolla account, if we can download same app they provided by default20:42
deathmistwhy wouldn't you have one? if you want to use the apps you might as well make an account20:43
electro5752if we don't have an account, maybe it's better for privacy20:44
electro5752of personal data20:44
deathmistbruh this isn't google, they collect minimal user data as per, you gain practically nothing by not making an account especially if you want to use Jolla apps20:45
electro5752yes, maybe not jolla apps, but if you want have sailfishOS update ! You must have Jolla account so ?20:46
electro5752i don't arrived to fix another thing ^^20:47
deathmistfor camera, did you run "droid-camres -w" yet on the device?20:48
electro5752no, just run the app20:48
deathmistsooo you didn't follow it fully.... it's at the end of hadk chapter 13.320:49
deathmistignore the part about mk-cam-conf as it seems to be deprecated and unneeded now20:50
electro5752install gstreamer1.0-droid-tools20:51
deathmistactually since your device uses kernel 3.0 and most likely has camera HAL version 1, I wonder if that would be useful... mal?20:52
electro5752i will just find list of app20:55
electro5752and compare to sailfishOS20:55
T42<diego_topow> Hi everyone. I am a enthusiast and I am thinking to buy a Sony Xperia X (F5121), so the question is:21:13
T42<diego_topow> If I download the Jolla Sailfish X trial to this phone, is there a tutorial to use the android apps in it?21:13
T42<diego_topow> I read on the internet about something called: AlienDalvik. It really works?21:13
Mister_Magisterno it doesn't21:16
Mister_Magisteronly in paid ones21:16

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