Sunday, 2019-08-25

r0kk3rzthat, and lack of deps usually08:55
TheKitalbertus1, for the sake of experiment, you could launch XWayland + Linux distro chroot (there are instructions for this on Maemo forums), but unadapted apps won't be much usable09:44
rinigusDon't want to get into that rabbit hole, but have been wondering about it for a while... With XA2 and Xperia 10, is the main work to get AOSP 8/9 support working or is there some major hardware-specific tuning as well? For example, how hard is it expected to be to port to XZ2/XZ3 platform based on Xperia10 work?12:02
T42<adampigg> Rinigus, is pure maps.working best witb light themes atm?12:16
rinigusadampigg: pure maps is working best on anything that is not SFOS EA 3.1.0.x due to the icon button issue introduced by that update (
r0kk3rzrinigus: it should be ok if the base aosp works well from sony12:19
rinigusr0kk3rz: that was my suspicion as well. at least while skimming through xperia 10 mer repos. with the prices of xz devices steadily reducing, it maybe a decent target for ports. also looks like its possible to get compact/full phones through the same platform.12:23
malrinigus: other sony devices with aosp8 or 9 base should be quite simple, some tinkering is needed at least on older devices as those don't have the separate vendor partition12:55
malrinigus: 3.1.0 is already officially released, not EA anymore12:56
rinigusmal: according to (release history), it seems to be in EA12:58
rinigusmal: as for xz2/xz2c/xz3 - that should be reasonably similar platform to xa2 and x 10, I guess. don't know about xz1... but it all sounds encouraging.12:58
T42<meierrom> @rinigus [mal: according to …], That's outdated. One week later it was officially released. 😁13:07
rinigusmeierrom: are 3.1.x. targets available at obs for ported devices?13:09
malrinigus: it seems someone forgot to update the release notes13:26
malrinigus: yes13:26
malrinigus: target is on OBS13:27
rinigusmal: so we should be able to make updates for our devices, right? I guess we'll have to factor that into the schedules for onyx13:29
malI will make new release for fp2 soon13:30
maljust thinking whether to finish proximity sensor calibration tool before that or not13:31
rinigusI'll wait for your update, it's way easier to follow your lead. And getting swamped with the mapping work as well, while enjoying it :)13:37
r0kk3rzi didnt have to change anything for 3.113:44
rinigusr0kk3rz: so just enabling new target at obs and ota is ready?13:45
r0kk3rzis all i did13:46
r0kk3rzyou can do the usual bumping of submodules and rebuilding middleware stuff if you like13:46
malrinigus: I have been using on my main phone for more than 2 weeks13:47
malrinigus: submodules and packages can be updated also when doing 3.1.013:48
malrinigus: check fp2 devel OBS for the versions I use13:48
rinigusmal and r0kk3rz: thanks! I usually rebuild, but let's see this time.13:51
electro575@elros34 : Hi, if i want to add files to /root of my devices, i add straggles files ?14:02
maldepends on where those files come from14:06
electro575mal, okey14:07
electro575mal, this /home/sailfish-dev/hadk/out/target/product/t0lte/root/fstab.smdk4x1214:07
electro575mal, have you an idea ?14:10
electro575mal, error: File not found: /home/sailfish-dev/hadk/installroot/init.zygote32.rc14:28
malelectro575: you don't need fstab on device14:36
malalso zygote rc files cannot be added to straggler files, those are handled automatically14:37
electro575on samsung t0lte ?14:37
maldevice or android base has nothing to do with those14:40
electro575okey but be appear it's this two files who are missing to mount all partition14:41
electro575i have add fstab.smdk4x12 on straggles files14:44
electro575but i don't arrived to add init.zygote32.rc14:44
malyou do not need those on device14:49
malthe issue is something else14:49
malwhat error makes you think you need those?14:49
electro575i don't know what is the correct solution for this, i have not all14:50
electro575i will send you my log14:50
electro575maybe later14:50
maljust as I said, there is never need to have fstab on device14:51
electro575i try to find my last log14:52
electro575after continue, my device reboot and i can redo an ssh session14:53
electro575this main error in my last paste mal14:55
malthe output of "mount" doesn't match the logs, either one is wrong, journal log says it mounted for example firmware partition but your mount doesn't list it so one of those is not correct14:56
malnone of those mount failures in last one are a problem, those are normal14:57
malso you are focusing on non-existent problems, the real issue is something completely different14:58
electro575okey, what is the main problem14:58
electro575do you suppose14:59
electro575first is the droid-hal-init14:59
malhow soon does the device reboot15:00
electro575i must mask usb-modem15:01
malwhat do you have in straggler files?15:01
malelectro575: didn't you already have that device booting correctly before?15:02
electro575property_contexts and fstab.smdk4x1215:02
electro575yes, but i redo this step for better understand15:02
electro575and to enable the minimum of things15:02
malso you need to check channel logs how fixed it before15:02
electro575i'm sure if i have not at all15:03
electro575what i doing before15:03
electro575i have done all LineageOS 14.115:03
malwhat does android version have to do with any of this?15:04
malI assume you used same version before15:04
malbased on the logs you might not have /system partition mounted15:04
electro575yes !15:06
electro575i give you all my steps15:06
malyou just need to figure out if /system is mounted or not15:07
electro575i must go out sorry15:07
electro575sorry, i must come back15:07
T42<meierrom> rinigus: everything should be ready for you and all puremaps users look forward for this button fix of yours :) Looking forward using dark ambiences again :)15:11
rinigusmeierrom: I will look into it. would like to ensure it works on older SFOS as well15:20
T42<meierrom> rinigus: it better :) Thanks!15:40
Umeaboymal: If you are awake I find the part of creating the target a bit confusing as to actually WHEN to make the targets.23:29
Umeaboy"Instructions are found on Sailfish OS wiki (“Quick start” section is enough, do not install SDK Targets yet):"23:29
UmeaboyAnd then you're linked to just install the Platform SDK which you do from the beginning.23:30
UmeaboyI wish that the next update for the HADK would tell the user when to create the targets.23:31
UmeaboyNot just how to name them.23:31
UmeaboyI know THAT part.23:31
UmeaboyBecause when I follow this guide it doesn't tell you when to actually create the targets:
UmeaboyI've been having trouble getting the command ./ --mb working.23:36

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