Tuesday, 2019-08-27

T42<adampigg> Back in the UK!00:50
T42<austenite> has anyone tried hybris15 with multirom with oreo?05:59
electro575why i have this ? https://dpaste.de/giJZ08:26
T42<birdzhang> you are in PlatformSDK08:27
T42<birdzhang> and hybris 14.1 manifest has libxml2 now08:28
electro575O, okey08:28
electro575humm, i don't know08:28
electro575i don't have this libxml2 in my manifest08:29
T42<birdzhang> cat /home/sailfish-dev/hadk/.repo/manifest.xml|grep "device/samsung/t0lte"08:29
electro575the issue is this : AudioSystem: AudioPolicyService not published, waiting...08:29
electro575i have no output08:30
electro575it's the camera problem08:31
T42<birdzhang> https://github.com/sailfishos/droidmedia/pull/11 this pr already fixed that08:31
electro575i do files changes ?08:32
electro575@elros34 : have you an example of your ril_subscription.conf ?08:52
electro575i have network error for call and mms08:52
*** birdzhang1 is now known as birdzhang09:06
electro5751Who can help me about audiopulse issue ? https://dpaste.de/k4eb10:57
electro5751during a call i have this10:57
electro5751Aug 27 12:52:27 Sailfish pulseaudio[11463]: failed to set source 'source.primary' port to 'input-voice_call'10:57
electro5751pulseaudio[11463]: can't set profiles/ports to source voicecall10:57
electro5751audiopolicy is fix10:58
jusaelectro5751: does call work though?11:02
electro5751three songs11:04
electro5751and finish call by software11:04
electro5751sometimes i have too notice network problem11:05
electro5751E NetlinkListener: recvmsg failed (I/O error)11:05
electro5751logcat : https://dpaste.de/NcHD11:07
jusadid you check if you need csd client?11:09
electro5751how can i check this ?11:10
electro5751jusa, i don't check this11:12
jusacheck first if you even have that lib, find /vendor /system -type f -name "*csd*"11:12
electro5751i'm on cm 14.111:12
electro5751  /system/lib/libcsd-client.so11:13
electro5751yes i have11:13
jusarun pulseaudio with strace and see where it tries to load the lib from11:13
electro5751humm, okey11:13
electro5751how run pulseaudio ? with strace11:14
electro5751this -> pulseaudio -vvvv -n --file=/etc/pulse/arm_droid_default.pa ?11:14
jusaas nemo strace -f pulseaudio -n --file=/etc/pulse/arm_droid_default.pa11:14
electro5751i come back in 30 min, i go to eat11:16
jusastop pulseaudio first, systemctl --user stop pulseaudio11:16
electro5751yes i have done this11:16
electro5751i must come back11:18
electro5751re jusa11:35
T42Bobby %lastname% was added by: Bobby %lastname%11:35
electro5751jusa, my full log -> https://dpaste.de/bf9y11:41
electro5751@elros34 : have you an idea ?11:55
T42<elros34> test libcsd-client.so from different devices to get rid of "system/lib/libcsd-client.so: has text relocations" or you could try to comment out this https://github.com/libhybris/libhybris/blob/master/hybris/common/n/linker.cpp#L4219 but I am not sure it will help11:59
electro5751@elros34 : okey thanks12:00
electro5751@elros34 : have you fix home button and double tape ?12:01
T42<elros34> I don't have home button and double tap support in touchscreen ic12:03
T42<elros34> I think mce handle double tap12:05
electro5751be appear with pdf yes12:05
electro5751@elros34 : audioflingerglue is needed or not ? chapter 13.3 camera12:09
electro5751it's include in pulseaudio-modules-droid-glue ?12:10
r0kk3rzsometimes yes12:13
electro5751@elros34 : for t0lte, the bluetooth is bluez4 i believe12:17
r0kk3rzye olde kernels need bluez4 yeah12:31
electro5751strange, this bluez4 not work properly12:31
electro5751my 3G/4G not work with mms12:32
electro5751this is necessary to do ?12:34
electro5751hls streams and other codecs on FAQ12:34
electro5751ssu ar experimental http://repo.merproject.org/obs/nemo:/devel:/hw:/experimental/sailfish_latest_armv7hl/12:34
electro5751zypper ref experimental12:34
electro5751zypper dup --from experimental12:34
T42<ArixElo> Hi, I have a problem with creating kickstart file.12:42
T42<ArixElo> I'm giving a link with log12:42
T42<ArixElo> https://del.dog/kickstartproblem.nginx12:42
T42<elros34> @ArixElo you are missing  ">"  between $KS $KS12:47
electro5751@elros34 : have you an example for ril_subscription.conf ?12:48
electro5751i must fix ofono and pulseaudio for 4G/mms and call12:49
T42<ArixElo> https://del.dog/maybefixed.shell @elros3412:49
T42<elros34> electro5751: fix your csd error, audiopolicy first, make sure pulseaudio not segfault like in you earlier logs then focus on ofono12:49
T42<ArixElo> Is it ok?12:49
electro5751okey, audiopolicy is fix12:50
T42<ArixElo> @elros34 did you checked my latest log?12:51
T42<elros34> there is nothing to check, show created file but if sed finished without errors and your local repo is included in ks file then you are good12:52
r0kk3rzmal: seen the fp3?12:55
malr0kk3rz: yes, if course :)13:01
mal*of course13:01
electro5751how can i debug this csd error ? dlsym:Error:(null) Loading csd_client_start_voice13:04
r0kk3rzmal: looks good!13:06
electro5751what mean this -> write(2, "/system/lib/libcsd-client.so: ha"..., 50/system/lib/libcsd-client.so: has text relocations) = 5013:08
malr0kk3rz: hopefully should not be too difficult to port once sources (and devices of course) are available13:11
electro5751must i install this libpulsecore ?13:11
electro5751zypper in libpulsecore so ?13:12
malwhat are doing now? that makes no sense, that is pulled in automatically if you have pulseaudio installed13:14
maland pulseaudio is always installed13:14
electro5751debug why call not work properly13:14
electro5751check that13:15
electro5751dlsym:Error:(null) Loading csd_client_start_voice13:15
T42<ArixElo> Now I have problem with surfaceflinger plugin xD13:15
T42<ArixElo> https://del.dog/surfaceflingersuccs.makefile13:15
electro5751the lib is present but , ... /system/lib/libcsd-client.so13:16
electro5751the Strace -> https://dpaste.de/bf9y/raw13:16
T42<elros34> electro5751: why don't you just try what I told you hour ago?13:17
electro5751i try so13:17
electro5751test libcsd-client.so from different devices = ?13:18
electro5751where can i download13:18
electro5751from other devices13:19
T42<ArixElo> Anyone have the solution for this surfaceflinger error?13:20
mal@ArixElo skip building it, it's not needed13:23
T42<ArixElo> but I need libc.so.6 for hwcomposer xd13:23
malsurfaceflinger != hwcomposer13:24
malwhat do you mean by "I need libc.so.6 for hwcomposer"?13:25
electro5751mal, can we do an update and upgrade with zypper as a standard linux ?13:27
r0kk3rznot really, theres slightly different steps to update13:27
electro5751i have seen bluetooth v4 is fix with this chapter hls streams and other codecs of FAQ13:27
malelectro5751: how many times do I have to say DO NOT read the thing about "hls streams and codecs", that is obsolete13:30
malelectro5751: you seem to be doing completely random things13:31
malso we cannot really know if you have broken something because of the things you have done13:31
electro5751no, i do really minimum things now13:31
electro5751after redone all of my project13:31
malbut you just said you are doing hls things and stuff13:32
electro5751no, i was asking for !13:32
malthen how did you not remember that I specifically told you earlier not to use it13:33
malyou really should keep personal noted about what you have done13:33
electro5751because i have restart all things, i don't can remember all of things13:33
electro5751i know, ...13:33
electro5751but why the URL is not up to date ?13:33
malwe really don't want to waste time fixing everything many times13:34
malwhat url?13:34
electro5751i know, ... the FAQ13:34
electro5751why this chapter is again available13:34
malit has many things, nobody really checks what is needed and what is not13:34
electro5751okey, so i aske13:34
malbut you would have seen that in channel logs also, why do you never look at logs13:35
T42<ArixElo> mal, I mean this:13:36
T42<ArixElo> Warning[08/27 13:35:36] : repo problem: nothing provides libc.so.6(GLIBC_2.28) needed by qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin-,13:36
malare you sure you have correct and working target?13:37
T42<ArixElo> yes, I'm sure13:37
electro5751@elros34 : is it possible to identify the correct rpm after compiling libhybris and send it to my device ?13:37
electro5751or i must build new image ?13:38
T42<ArixElo> I'm compiling to j5nlte, and I have samsung-j5nlte-armv7hl target13:38
T42<elros34> @ArixElo platform sdk also need to be
T42<elros34> electro5751: what do you mean? you have all compile packages in $ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-repo/. It's just few dirs13:39
T42<ArixElo> how can I check the version of platform sdk?13:39
T42<elros34> ssu re13:40
electro5751@elros34 : i build new image13:41
mal@ArixElo it's actually, I mean the community build target13:42
T42<ArixElo> my bad xd13:42
T42<ArixElo> I was using the old13:42
T42<ArixElo> I'm learning from HADK13:43
T42<elros34> electro5751: if yoo have too much free time then sure you can build new image everytime but usually people just scp rpm packages or edit files on device first13:43
mal@ArixElo you can check platform sdk version by running "ssu re" in platform sdk13:43
T42<ArixElo> mal: I've checked, and i'm stupid af13:44
Mister_MagisterArixElo: yes you are13:44
T42<adampigg> monich: how goes the miband 3 ?13:45
T42<ArixElo> Thanks, now it's working13:47
electro5751@elros34 : yes i know but i don't know how to do with libhybris package13:50
electro5751@elros34 : do you know other device for libcsd-client.so ?13:55
T42<elros34> no I don't know but you can easily find it in github. I would first try to patch libhyris, scp it to device and install via rpm -U "package"13:57
malelectro5751: what is the problem with libcsd-client.so? why are you talking about that?13:58
electro5751this file is not found by pulseaudio13:59
electro5751or found but13:59
electro5751the problem is this : write(2, "/system/lib/libcsd-client.so: ha"..., 50/system/lib/libcsd-client.so: has text relocations) = 5014:00
electro5751and i can have sound during a call14:00
electro5751this error is present in this strace of pulseaudio -> https://dpaste.de/NcHD/raw14:01
electro5751dlsym:Error:(null) Loading csd_client_start_voice14:05
electro5751dlsym:Error:(null) Loading csd_client_switch_device14:05
electro5751select_mode: set voicecall route: voicecall_default_disable14:05
electro5751First, i have network problem14:08
electro5751i must send a sms14:08
electro5751@elros34 : csd_client init now14:12
electro5751with comment false14:12
electro5751@elros34 : pulseaudio[11459]: failed to set source 'source.primary' port to 'input-voice_call'14:14
electro5751pulseaudio[11459]: can't set profiles/ports to source voicecall14:14
electro5751same problem14:14
electro5751now input-voice_call is not present14:14
electro5751realcall solution ?14:14
electro5751i don't know14:15
electro5751okey, call is okey but i have this message14:16
electro5751sound is to be okey14:16
electro5751but when a person call me, the UI don't want to disappear14:17
jusaelectro5751: you can ignore thpse can't set profiles/ports14:23
electro5751jusa, sorry ?14:25
electro5751but how can i fix the problem ? if i don't know the project14:26
electro5751i can receive call but not send call14:30
electro5751i must come back14:30
riniguskimmoli: sent PR for config and uploaded droid-hal into devel. would you mind to accept pr and do your magic with promoting hal to testing?15:11
riniguskimmoli: then we can open new target in testing and see if all works via OTA15:11
riniguskimmoli: gst-droid is updated as well, but that it reads from my github repo (as it is with onyx specific changes). gst-droid is tagged as well, may require manual push for obs in testing15:12
kimmoliok. rinigus , later today15:29
riniguskimmoli: thanks!15:31
electro5751mal, how can i fix the problem of csd_client ?16:57
electro5751i don't arrived to set a profile16:57
electro5751for audiopulse16:58
electro5751how can help me to debug pulseaudio ? in particular libcsd-client.so ! jusa maybe ?17:02
electro5751with this strace : https://dpaste.de/bf9y/raw17:04
malmaybe your device needs some shim lib variable or something17:05
electro5751i don't fluent with log strace17:06
electro5751but yes maybe17:06
electro5751so i install this with zypper ?17:06
electro5751on devel-su17:06
malno, nothing to do with zypper17:06
malnot even sure if the issue you think is causing the actual problem and if you are just focusing on some random message17:07
electro5751okey , yes but who can help ?17:07
malwell first thing is to fogure out if that is the real problem or not17:08
electro5751on systemctl -> failed to set source 'source.primary' port to 'input-voice_call'17:09
electro5751pulseaudio[11459]: can't set profiles/ports to source voicecall17:09
electro5751when i do a call17:09
electro5751E audio_hw_primary: Entering IN_CALL state17:12
electro5751so, comment the problem is not the good idea17:12
electro5751maybe it's better i uncomment the modification17:15
maluncomment what?17:16
electro5751this line17:16
electro5751said by elros3417:16
electro5751to avoid the problem17:16
electro5751i return to the original version17:17
maldon't do anything yet17:18
T42<elros34> based on you strace you change nothing anyway17:18
electro5751hum, okey, it's my old strace17:19
electro5751a lot of files have not present17:27
electro5751@elros34 : what do you think about my new strace ?17:32
T42<elros34> at least it open this csd library, logcat should contains more information17:33
electro5751@elros34 : https://dpaste.de/Zoo517:37
electro5751E CSD_CLIENT: csd_client_init: Error -1 opening device control17:37
electro575117:20 is the last call17:40
electro5751what can i do with that !17:48
electro5751i'm broken, maybe can i passed to ofono17:48
electro5751how search a string into files in few folder ?17:50
T42<elros34> sometimes init fails but there is one CSD_CLIENT: csd_client_init done in log17:52
electro5751yes but it's when i receive a call17:53
T42<elros34> do you see any difference now?17:55
electro5751between ?17:55
electro5751the patch of libhybris?17:55
T42<elros34> sure17:55
electro5751i can receive call with sound17:55
electro5751but when i send a call, i can't17:56
electro5751and two sound17:56
electro5751then finished call by software17:56
electro5751it's the end of the log17:56
electro5751E CSD_CLIENT: open_device_control: QMI - result 0, error 0, CSD - valid 0, status 017:57
electro5751E CSD_CLIENT: csd_client_init: Error -1 opening device control17:57
T42<elros34> so to clear it up :now you can receive call and hear other person but earlier you couldn't?17:58
electro5751but jusa said : you can ignore those can't set profiles/ports17:59
T42<elros34> so why  you wanted to revert that change few minutes ago if it works partially?17:59
electro5751cause maybe i think it's not the good way no ?18:00
electro5751humm, maybe it's good if the file is loaded18:00
electro5751yes, but now how send a call18:01
electro5751but when i receive a call, the GUI not finished the call when i cancel18:01
T42<elros34> I think this relocation errors are because you use 14.1 base but some of you vendor libraries (like libcsd-client.so) are still from kitkat18:01
electro5751yes maybe18:02
riniguskimmoli: I bumped gst-droid by touching _service in testing. rest is yours :)18:21
electro5751@elros34 : what can i try to debug this error ? E CSD_CLIENT: csd_client_init: Error -1 opening device control18:28
electro5751strace pulseaudio ?18:28
T42<ArixElo> Hi again. My build was complete, but not seem to boot.18:38
T42<ArixElo> Stays at the bootlogo.18:38
T42<ArixElo> Device: Samsung Galaxy J5 (2015, j5nlte)18:38
T42<ArixElo> And it displays: "KERNEL IS NOT SEANDROID ENFORCING" at the red color18:39
T42<ArixElo> @ArixElo [Hi again. My build was complete, but not seem …], I have flashed base, and SailfishOS18:39
T42<elros34> elector5751: you could flash lineage kernel and compare sfos vs android logcat. Maybe it normal that it fails sometimes18:39
electro5751but i don't arrived to do a call18:40
electro5751it's a little amazing18:40
T42<ArixElo> But without sfos, base is booting perfectly18:41
electro5751i have resurrection remix OS @elros34 , it's the same ?18:41
electro5751on another device18:41
electro5751@elros34 : logcat RRemix https://dpaste.de/1GO6#L18:48
electro5751the profile of pulseaudio is not set i suppose18:50
r0kk3rzelectro5751: you dont have lineage base image?18:51
T42<ArixElo> Can I use a los-based rom as a base to test if this gonna boot?18:51
electro5751i have i do18:51
T42<ArixElo> Or this must be LOS?18:52
electro5751@elros34 : https://dpaste.de/KrEU19:03
electro5751be appear CSD_CLIENT : enable_device(7,4)19:06
electro5751for a call19:06
T42<elros34> just to confirm, you built audioflingerglue and it's working on device?19:07
T42<ArixElo> If anyone can answer my question?19:07
electro5751i build it yes, i go to see19:08
electro5751@elros34 : nano /home/sailfish-dev/hadk/external/audioflingerglue/19:08
T42<elros34> @ArixElo read 9.2 in HADK19:08
electro5751i paste to you my jolla-hw-adaptation19:09
T42<elros34> no19:09
electro5751i have done all command on chapter 13.2 and 13.319:09
electro5751so i suppose it is on my OS yes19:09
T42<elros34> just check yourself on device whether mini services are running and not restarting19:09
electro5751but i must flash sailfishos19:10
electro5751@elros34 : or i stay on lineageOS19:11
electro5751to check thi19:11
T42<ArixElo> @elros34 i doesn't have pc to use dmesg19:11
T42<ArixElo> I've ported using Google cloud instance19:11
T42<elros34> no way to make ui work blindly without pc and telnet access19:12
kimmolirinigus: testing built and disabled19:13
electro5751@elros34 : test on sailfish OS if mini services are running ?19:13
riniguskimmoli: thank you!19:16
electro5751@elros34 : how can i find service of this file ? https://dpaste.de/DLPp19:31
electro5751how know if it's active19:32
electro5751with systemctl status19:32
electro5751how to check if mini services are running ?19:33
malyou did that already earlier, ps aux | grep mini19:35
electro5751mal : https://dpaste.de/faro19:36
electro5751@elros34 : they are running i suppose so19:36
electro5751Sl state19:36
kimmolirinigus: also CI build done, https://gitlab.com/sailfishos-porters-ci/onyx-ci/-/jobs/28150695719:37
riniguskimmoli: I'm still updating via OTA...19:40
kimmolii need to charge my device19:41
electro5751@elros34 : audioflingerglue is present -> /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib/libaudioflingerglue.so19:41
electro5751jusa, have you an idea ?19:47
electro5751is it possible to do strace of pulseaudio to debug this lib ?19:49
electro5751it's maybe my lib is of cm 14.119:49
electro5751@elros34 : https://dpaste.de/NKzU19:55
electro5751logcat, you have right19:55
electro5751i think it's another problem now19:57
electro5751no good profile to set the good peripheral for an output call19:57
T42<ArixElo> Can I post photos here?19:58
electro5751i don't, i suppose19:58
electro5751i don't know19:58
T42<ArixElo> (Photo, 960x1280) https://irc.thaodan.de/.imgstore/bl8nfZZwg0.png This shit happens when I try to boot sfos20:00
electro5751be appear no error in journalctl -> https://dpaste.de/wXmS20:02
electro5751@elros34 : telepathy-ring[11376]: call create request to "06XXXXXXXX" failed: org.ofono.Error.InProgress: Operation already in progress20:04
electro5751@elros34 : https://dpaste.de/LZqf20:08
electro5751@elros34 : sorry, it's this https://dpaste.de/kRqZ20:14
electro5751this two lines are again here20:14
electro5751Aug 27 22:11:41 Sailfish pulseaudio[12470]: failed to set source 'source.primary' port to 'input-voice_call'20:14
electro5751Aug 27 22:11:41 Sailfish pulseaudio[12470]: can't set profiles/ports to source voicecall20:14
T42<elros34> just told you to not focus on that20:14
T42<elros34> I mean just told you *20:15
electro5751@elros34 : ofono now20:15
electro5751@elros34 : strace to debug ofono ?20:17
electro5751i don't have call, data 4G and mms20:17
T42<elros34> I don't know what how to fix it so don't ping my constantly. You could  search for this: "Failed to find firmware mfc_fw.bin ". Maybe it's loaded to early:20:17
electro5751where do you find that "Failed to find firmware mfc_fw.bin " ?20:20
T42<elros34> in your journal log, you didn't read them, just paste?20:21
electro5751nono but try to search and not found pattern20:21
electro5751@elros34 : can i try to load this manually ?20:25
electro5751@elros34 : how can i fix this -> add sleep !?20:27
electro5751@elros34 : i don't know if it's a problem, but my usb_moded.service do for my device a reboot system20:28
electro5751and after start GUI20:28
riniguskimmoli: after update it doesn't boot anymore. just blinks green led - some kind of morse code with longer and shorter sequences.20:29
rinigus... no gui, I mean.20:30
electro5751@elros34 : last log journalctl -> https://dpaste.de/Ndyw20:39
electro5751@elros34 : last logcat -> https://dpaste.de/J24420:40
electro5751with no call no action20:40
electro5751just reboot20:40
electro5751sometimes i have this : ofonod[11031]: [grilio-socket] ERROR! Can't connect to RILD: Connection refused20:44
electro5751and my SIM card is detect but not present20:44
electro5751firmware[11259]: Loading firmware /vendor/firmware//setfile.bin20:45
UmeaboyI have looked in .hadk.env, but I can't find any mistakes. Yet I see this:22:31
Umeaboybash: /home/kristoffer/.hadk.env: line 9: unexpected EOF while looking for matching `"'22:31
Umeaboybash: /home/kristoffer/.hadk.env: line 10: syntax error: unexpected end of file22:31
UmeaboyShould I remove the quotes for export ANDROID_ROOT="$HOME/hadk"22:34
T42<ArixElo> Umeaboy: try22:34
UmeaboyMade no change.22:36
UmeaboyArixElo: Any idea?22:37
UmeaboyI CAN make a new user account, but I'd prefer to NOT redo this HADK once again.22:38

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