Sunday, 2019-09-22

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piggzmal: comment from p-o-v user on openrepos ... doesnt like when taking a picture that it re-focuses, as he already tapped to focus.....i have 3 options:08:51
piggz1) if focus lock, dont re-focus08:51
piggz2) if tapped to focus and focus lock, dont focus08:51
piggz3) leave as-s, but add option to change behaviour to one of above08:52
piggzmal: actually, focus mode manual should have that behahviour, but doesnt, so, thats the bug09:02
T42<meierrom> Piggz: a bit OT here but what would really be cool is to enable the two stage camera button.09:44
rinigusIn light of , how many cameras are expected to be supported on Xperia 10 plus? I presume that the main only...11:47
mal@adampigg yes, it shouldn't refocus in manual mode12:08
T42<adampigg> @meierrom yes.....there is a PR that takes pics on the focus button .... but, jolla hook the camera button to start the camera app, id id really like to use the camera button12:14
T42<adampigg> mal: yeah, the issue seems to be that the camera rejects manual mode12:16
T42<adampigg> i think, if the user selects manual, i will set the mode to auto, and keep a flag to indicate manual ... or soemthing like that!12:18
mal@adampigg hmm, needs some checking12:19
malrinigus: probably only what aosp has support for12:19
rinigusmal: that was my understanding as well. I wonder whether anyone with sfos on x10 has tested it.12:48
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