Wednesday, 2019-10-09

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rinigusthose look like partition sizes for sony xperia 10 at . are those expanded later to fill the storage? if they are then what's the end-config? (assuming that I guessed right)17:41
vknechtiirc those are "partitions" in the LVM, which is created on userdata real partition17:47
vknechtiirc again, there's a "first boot" script or systemd unit which resizes those to fit userdata, don't remember the details17:49
rinigusvknecht: looks like it. as many complain about / partition size on official devices, maybe it should be made larger. although, at this stage, I guess it doesn't matter really :)17:49
vknechtnot to be confused with this resize which is to shrink images so the final doesn't get too big :
vknecht*final ZIP17:53
vknechtfirst boot resize :
vknechtfrom droid-hal-img-boot-sony-ganges-pie (adapt name)18:01
rinigusvknecht: will have to get to that... still in config18:04
rinigusI suspect that this has to be cleaned up -
rinigus... in general, this "sparse" is rather populated.18:05
vknechtI just adapted ssu board mappings, but obviously alien won't install ;-)
vknechtalso I suspect it's mostly for Jolla specific build system18:07
rinigusI wonder whether we should just remove all those files in that folder. or will the build system fail on that?18:08
vknechteither you adapt it and set define provides_own_board_mapping 1 in droid-config, or you get the generic community one iirc18:11
vknechtseems I kept those files, but commented the provides_own_board_mapping18:11
rinigusSo, should be no harm done if those files are deleted... I guess there is nothing wrong with community default18:14
rinigusnow I do wonder why do we need and what are the numbers after PART_ for?18:37
piggzvknecht: mal: rotation code ready for review again!18:48
vknechtrinigus, it's needed so those partitions can be flashed/updated ; not sure but number seem to follow partition numbers, except for the actual boot partition which is always 1 afaik18:49
vknechtpiggz, thanks, will have to check tho not tonight I fear18:50
piggzvknecht: its a bit unweidly ... try and get your head around the focus point rotation!18:51
rinigusvknecht: thanks! I guess this is when we update kernels18:57
rinigus... via OTA18:57
rinigus(just guessing here)18:57
rinigusI am getting "build/make/core/combo/ error: Unknown ARM architecture version: armv8-2a." as a response to `lunch aosp_$DEVICE-user` for sony xz2.19:43
riniguslooks like we miss
rinigusand this commit is in sony's repo_update.sh19:48
malpiggz: I'll try to check that tomorrow, it had too much changes for me to check it today19:58
malrinigus: which android base are you using?19:59
rinigusmal: sorry. its aosp9, following instructions for xperia 10 and changing accordingly for xz220:00
rinigusmal: used the same aosp9 base as for ganges, but I guess that patch didn't make it into the ones that are applied from
rinigusforked that repo as it looks to be mainly pie-oriented, not ganges20:02
malrinigus: which device what that?20:04
mal*was that20:04
rinigusmal: sony xperia xz2 / tama / akari20:05
T42<adampigg> mal, thx,changes arnt huge, mostly indentations becuase of a new outer element, and a load of stuff got moved around20:09
T42<adampigg> main change is the outercontainer, videooutput and focus handling20:09
T42<adampigg> i should write that in the pr actually20:10
mal@adampigg but still I need to focus that the changes look correct20:11
T42<adampigg> mal: sure, was just explaining the main points20:12
T42<adampigg> also, a change in behaviour with the focus circle, i now only show it when focuspointmode is manual20:12
T42<adampigg> in focuspointmodeauto it doesnt make sense20:12
rinigusmal: getting late over here, I'll try to catch you tomorrow...20:30
malrinigus: I know why that happens, just need to see if there is some mistake or just an oversight20:36
malrinigus: I also know how to fix that but need to see first some details20:37

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