Monday, 2019-10-14

T42<adampigg> mal: ok, i only handled them because it was doing some weird things like setting the zoom slider in odd position, but i can look to make it do nothing05:50
r0kk3rzstill, you could probably put sailfish on an x86 touchscreen laptop, i dont know why you would though06:43
T42<adampigg> still, its not hugely diffferent to an x86 tablet with bt keyboard07:11
masha11My SD card is not visible in settings->storage on the device, although in telnet it is mounted in /run/media/nemo/SD... to vfat. And there are many annoying lines "Unsupported SAMSUNG memory card" in settings->storage.08:18
malThaodan: about your latest changes in that 10 branch, are those really correct? some look questionable14:41
piggzmal: weird thing .... when trying to do 'nothing' on faceup/down ... the zoom slider behaved sddly still20:47
piggzand it shouldnt, im not chaninging its rotation20:47
piggzoh, i know why20:49
piggzmal: seriously, its _so_ much easier to set the face up/down orientation to portrait, than do nothing!21:21
piggzto do nothing, i have to somehoe save the last rotation value and use that ... but then i ge binding loops21:21
piggzits a minefield!21:21
malpiggz: that sounds odd21:34
malmaybe there is something else fishy in the code that causes the issues21:34
T42<adampigg> Mal, its the code in the rotation: property of the slider. ...21:39
T42<adampigg> In 2 orientations,.it needs to be controlsOrientation -9021:40
T42<adampigg> In faceup/down, ie, 5 or 6, it needs to stay as the old value, and the other 2 cases are controlsOrientation21:41
T42<adampigg> Saving the old value causes binding loop21:41
T42<adampigg> However, i fixed the focus bug u mentioned21:42
mal@adampigg the new commit, what's with the mixing of | and || in panelOpen21:44
T42<adampigg> Oops21:44
T42<adampigg> Thats a tomorrow fix now!21:45
mal@adampigg also you might be able to somehow use same function for panelOpen and buttonPanel.opacity those are just opposites21:47
T42<adampigg> Sure,.that ocurred to me21:48
mal@adampigg maybe for example using the panelOpen in the opacity line21:51
malno need to have a function in that case21:51
xreactx[m]__ I cannot figure out this error "libxz_intermediates/export_includes'"22:46
xreactx[m]__Can anyone help me figure out this problem?22:46
malxreactx[m]__: uncomment the line containing xz in manifest xml, or add the line to local manifest22:53
maland after uncommenting it run "repo sync external/xz-embedded"23:09
xreactx[m]__mal: should I set "ALLOW_MISSING_DEPENDENCIES=true"23:21
xreactx[m]__mal: You may not remember me, but you were a big help with assisting me port SFOS for the OnePlus 5.  I am at it again, but this time with the OnePlus 7 Pro23:22

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