Saturday, 2019-11-09

spiiroinrinigus: I'm inclined to think that: useless udev event spamming = main problem; and having wakelocks / suspend issues is just logical result from that04:42
rodrigosolarimy friends06:07
rodrigosolarii have a question06:07
rodrigosolariin the platformsdk06:07
rodrigosolarinot include the lib "netinet"06:08
rodrigosolarithis error06:14
rodrigosolarifatal error: netinet/sctp.h: No such file or directory06:14
rinigusspiiroin: I agree. I will look for differences in kernel and other configs, maybe I'll find something06:39
rodrigosolarii trying to build openssl 1.1.1d06:49
rinigusrodrigosolari: not sure how you do that. Sounds like you miss dependencies06:53
rodrigosolariYes, the dependency is called gecko-dev that is in git of MER, but I can't use and install pkcon install gecko-dev, and I don't know how to install that dependency, I already probe adding the "includes" to the folders, but always the same I'm missing libraries06:57
rinigusrodrigosolari: if you use spec file for compiling it, you could add that as a dependency07:00
rinigus... not sure this belongs to porters channel. Unless you work on some port that requires it07:01
rodrigosolariI'm wanting to compile the openssl, because I want to start working on an app based on yowsup, (whatsapp), but little by little I'm learning07:04
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lbtPSA: / going down for maintenance later08:31
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rodrigosolarihelp me?18:19
rodrigosolariin the platformsdk18:19
deathmistdo RTC alarms work with SFOS in any way or should I somehow disable them fully? they're broken on my OP5 after hybris-16.0 rebase and logs get spammed with stuff like this especially when touching the screen23:01
TheKitdeathmist, I assume you need RTC alarms to work for alarms in Clock app at least23:11
r0kk3rzpretty sure they work23:15
deathmisthuh, RTC stuff didn't seem to cause issues on 15.1 for me then as I didn't see anything like this before the rebase. I took a look at the dts files, but enabling qpnp-rtc-alarm-pwrup didn't change anything (simply flashed new hybris-boot.img). enabling qpnp-rtc-write instead just causes the kernel to crash early :/23:59

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