Tuesday, 2019-11-12

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malrinigus: do you want to update the commit message in that hybris-boot PR?07:33
rinigusmal: how would I do that? new PR?07:34
rinigusmal: I don't mind to do that ....07:34
malrinigus: "git commit --amend" then edit the commit message, then force push to same branch on github you used for the PR and then PR will automatically update itself07:35
rinigusmal: thanks, will do! a bit later today07:37
rinigusmal: done07:57
malrinigus: merged07:58
rinigusmal: thank you very much!08:04
riniguswho should I bug to get libhybris PR merged/reviewed?08:04
T42<nitin_3> RIL is up10:11
T42<nitin_3> IMEI showing up10:11
T42<nitin_3> I am getting incoming calls10:11
T42<nitin_3> but no able to make outgoing calls10:11
T42<nitin_3> It is getting ended and giving this error10:11
T42<nitin_3> Call 1 ended with RIL cause 260 -> ofono reason 310:11
T42<nitin_3> Nov 12 15:24:43 Sailfish ofonod[3850]: Call 1 ended with RIL cause 16 -> ofono reason 210:11
mal@adampigg irisradio plugin got support for the fmsmd_set init/deinit10:31
spiiroinrinigus: I was kind of entertaining idea about rate-limiting autosuspend attempts unconditionally myself too but wondered if it could have adverse effects under some conditions. Doing it both on failure to suspend and "anyways" seems a bit overkill - have yout tested whether it would be enough to make issues go away to do it only on failure path?10:32
T42<adampigg> mal, pr link/ or it didnt happen10:39
monichnitin_3: RIL cause 260 => CALL_FAIL_ACCESS_CLASS_BLOCKED, interesting..10:49
mal@adampigg https://github.com/mer-hybris/qt5-qtmultimedia-plugin-mediaservice-irisradio/pull/710:53
rinigusspiiroin: I did test failure only. Then I was getting sequence fail -> success -> fail -> success. As such, I don't think we save much by dosing in 1 or sub-ms delay after wakeup. probably 250ms is overkill and I could reduce it10:58
rinigusspiiroin: as such, I don't think there are any bad side-effects. its still has suspend 90%+ (on wifi bit lower)10:59
riniguswill have to test suspend % it when I start using it as a main device, but the indications are good10:59
T42<adampigg> mal, is that done in a thread to remove the possible race condition?11:08
mal@adampigg what race condition?11:09
T42<adampigg> mal: i thought the problem with my approach was a possible race iirc11:10
T42<adampigg> see the commits in my repo11:12
T42<adampigg> also, i allowd the path to be overridden with an env var :)11:13
mal@adampigg well depends on the driver, maybe check the driver in some newer kernel like sony kernels, those have some changes11:16
T42<adampigg> in any case, atleast i dont have to maintain my version...will update my mido build for 3.211:16
spiiroinrinigus: ack11:33
Mister_Magistermal: 3.2 on obs when :P12:08
malMister_Magister: that depends on when lbt has time to add it13:52
Mister_Magisterlbt: plz13:52
T42<dontatmepls> im at the cahpter six now, and i tried the test command for scratchbox 2, but it fails as follows, can someone help? `sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH gcc main.c -o test14:09
T42<dontatmepls> sb2: Error: Invalid target specified, aborting.` thanks14:09
T42<nitin_3> check your target and tooling folder in /srv/mer14:11
T42<nitin_3> and reply with what is in there14:11
T42<dontatmepls> PlatformSDK ptgms@ubuntu:~$ ls /srv/mer/targets/14:15
T42<dontatmepls> SailfishOS-latest-armv7hl14:15
T42<dontatmepls> PlatformSDK ptgms@ubuntu:~$ ls /srv/mer/toolings/14:15
T42<dontatmepls> SailfishOS-latest14:15
T42<dontatmepls> PlatformSDK ptgms@ubuntu:~$14:15
T42<dontatmepls> did i miss something?14:15
T42<nitin_3> copy the command from pastebin and run it14:18
T42<nitin_3> https://pastebin.com/GniXTHU414:18
mal@dontatmepls you forgot to use the target names mentioned in the warning box in chapter 6 of hadk pdf15:29
lbtmal let me know when should be default :)17:48
lbtit's there as a target now17:48
Mister_Magisterlbt: THANKS!17:49
Mister_Magisterlbt: btw obs is getting 500 ise on search you know that right?17:49
lbtMister_Magister:  fixed search I think18:07
Mister_Magisterlbt: good job!18:21
coderushi there! anyone have knowledge where to get or how to build img2simg compatible with intel fastboot? :)19:24
piggzmal: lbt: does latest == 3.2 ?19:34
rinigusspiiroin: when reduced obligatory wait between suspend exit & entry to 50ms, I am getting about 20% of attempts failing. as far as I remember, on 250ms wait, it was rather close to zero.20:21
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piggzmal, why does dhd fail with20:39
piggzERROR: CONFIG_HOTPLUG is invalid20:39
piggzwhen config_hotplug hasnt existed since 3.7 !!20:39
piggzi sppose i should update mer-kernel-check and retry....20:42
piggzah, thats better :)20:43
piggzvknecht: is that a custom effect?21:29
vknechtbits of shader applied to viewfinder, not sure how to get that recorded21:29

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