Monday, 2019-11-18

rodrigosolarisorry friens03:45
rodrigosolarii have a problem to build on x8603:45
rodrigosolarirelocations in generic ELF (EM: 40), this error03:45
spiiroindeathmist: out of curiosity: what are you trying to accomplish with that gesture daemon thing?06:31
spiiroindeathmist, mal: mce complaining about unknown audio sinks = should be fixed, but IIRC it matters only for "xxxforcall" type sinks that are *not* headset i.e. earpiece is used but proximity blanking logic does not get activated06:34
deathmistspiiroin: I'd like the ability to execute a user-defined script and assign it to any gesture my phone can detect. currently it's kind of the same as what kimmoli has done already (toggle enabled states for pre-defined gesture actions), but his implementation goes deeper than what I expected and it's also written in C (good) while mine is in bash06:48
deathmist(very bad) :p  currently it's broken in my 16.0 port because it's written poorly so I'll have to rewrite it soon properly in a proper language06:48
rinigusdeathmist: on mer wiki, how do you fill device hardware support? I can see there is a function Hadktablerow, but where does it take the data from?07:06
deathmistrinigus: I kind of just started playing around and figured it out by myself ^^07:08
deathmisthere's the one for my device(s) 5/5T:
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rinigusdeathmist: thanks!07:14
spiiroindeathmist: basically the "least likely to cause problems" way would be: have kernel emit EV_MSC:MSC_GESTURE events, add suitable config for mce so that they get passed on dbus to some service, most likely one residing in user session e.g. what kimmoli did07:16
spiiroindeathmist: which makes me wonder: why not take what kimmoli had and continue from that code base?07:18
deathmistspiiroin: I probably will (just like I did with ), I just couldn't understand it before but I'll look into it today and see if I can cook up something that works. my device can detect a bunch more gestures tho so I wonder if that'll be an issue07:22
maldeathmist: you should show output of evdev_trace -i (from mce-tools package)07:32
malno sign of gesture events in there07:38
deathmistthe gestures are currently sent and recognized as "EV_KEY" like KEY_F4 and KEY_RFKILL etc, it's weird imo07:38
deathmistmal: spiiroin: there they are07:41
kimmolideathmist: i hacked also the touch driver07:50
kimmolito add one that was disabled07:50
deathmistkimmoli: I see, the down_vee which seems to be present for me already :)  I'll probably end up implementing something similar to your MSC_GESTURE event stuff
spiiroindeathmist: using gesture events preferred over key events because: a) well, it is called gesture event b) it is clearer who ought to handle the events (gestures = mce, keys = ui, power key = is an exception and is handled by mce, random custom keys = ???)08:20
rinigusI have rearranged patterns for xz2, but the change is not reflected in . Do I need somehow bug cibot to make it happen?08:50
r0kk3rzpatterns suck10:20
r0kk3rzuse metapackages10:20
T42<adampigg> Copy pro1 or pine10:24
Mister_Magisteri didn't change patterns since ages so xd10:24
rinigusr0kk3rz: by metapackages you mean just package with dependencies?10:34
rinigusadampigg: will look later into pro1 tonight.10:34
rinigusBut as patterns seem to work usually, why change? Is it something that will bite me on CI?10:35
r0kk3rzbecause they suck10:36
rinigusWell, they clearly don't get updated at obs for some reason. Is that what's behind 'they suck' or something more?10:42
rinigusI don't even know where the ones at obs are used...10:43
malrinigus: nothing in #mer-boss so maybe pattern updates are not working now, I contacted the maintainer10:52
T42<adampigg> Rinigus, meta packages remove developer dependancy on sailors creating magic configs on obs10:58
T42<adampigg> We can therfore be in control of our own builds10:59
rinigusadampigg: thanks, I'll check out your configs11:00
T42<adampigg> My pinephone and watch are enroute :)11:07
T42<dontatmepls> soo I'm having a Problem:12:16
T42<dontatmepls> I managed to get into sfos terminal using telnet but no screen is working12:16
T42<dontatmepls> System is for some reason not mounted even though I made a systemd service to do so, so I'm kinda lost here. If you want any logs lemme know12:16
T42<elros34> so that is your problem, you should not make custom system.mount. Correct one should be created by droid-hal12:21
T42<dontatmepls> system_root/system works12:22
T42<dontatmepls> There is actually the real system because AB logic12:22
T42<elros34> so what rpm -qf /lib/systemd/system/system.mount prints?12:23
T42<dontatmepls> I'll try later, will ping result12:23
T42<elros34> its simple system_root.mount mounts your system partition to /system_root and system.mount mounts /system_root/system to /system. Check content of this mount units12:25
rinigusadampigg: I can see that you have jolla-configuration-t5 and jolla-hw-adaptation-t5 as packages. where are those used when generating KS? or whatever is used to make images by mic?13:05
rinigusI was looking into pro1 config at obs and github13:05
deathmistmal: I've been an idiot once again, libexec "logcat -b radio" WORKS on SFOS when ran as ROOT, I've ran it as nemo always... that's why I got output from Android, I instinctively went to a root ADB shell '=D  maybe we can figure out why cellular data is not working after all!13:32
deathmistalso confirmed finally that my RIL is v15 :p  monich: I get this in logcat -b radio regarding my cellular data issue when I toggle it on full journal (the 'Unexpected data call status 4100' ofono situation)13:40
deathmistcalls and SMS already work btw, just cellular data is an issue on 16.013:54
T42<adampigg> Rinigus, in the kickstsrt file iirc14:36
rinigusadampigg: have been reading one of mine and cannot figure it out where some specific package or pattern is pulled.14:37
rinigusadampigg: what I can see, it does go through some ssu modes and commands. maybe, together with ssu features/board mapping, that defines what is pulled? but would be good to know what's going on before making changes14:43
T42<nitin_3> I am having some problem with gallery..Low res pics are opening but high res images don't..thumbnails show such issue with videos14:51
deathmist@nitin_3 not sure if it's related, but I assume you'd need this? you can try on device first ofc15:04
T42<nitin_3> deathmist thanks..I will test it15:07
deathmistspiiroin: so I'm attemping to implement MSC_GESTURE event stuff in my synaptics driver as per but now none of the gestures show up in evdev_trace in any form :/  check and latest commit for what I've done so far15:36
deathmistupdate: I forgot a line, now I see "Type 0x04 (EV_MSC)" & "MSC_GESTURE" under "synaptics,s3320" :)  assuming I'm good to go now and will test more things16:29
deathmistspiiroin can I start the gesture defines from 0 (or 1) instead of 4? I'd need a few more entries in mce either way since I have 14 total gestures and mce has 11 (gesture[0-10]) configured to "unblank" by default16:38
vknechtrinigus, as a workaround, you could still extract XML files from droid-config-$DEVICE-patterns RPM and update/put them (without .xml extension) in your _patterns directory with osc16:49
rinigusvknecht: thanks, sounds simple enough17:20
T42<dontatmepls> @elros34 it still prints 2 things instead of one, but since compile didnt fail its not a problem someone told me, just tried your command17:31
T42<elros34> but it is problem, you created custom system.mount which I assume is wrong. You only need custom vendor,  why don't you just show your config repo, that system.mount and so on17:32
T42<dontatmepls> i have tried it with vendor only, but the result was still the same17:34
T42<dontatmepls> system wasnt mounted17:34
T42<elros34> if you don't provide repo and content of system.mount we can guess what is wrong for next few days17:36
rinigusvknecht: but do you know where are those files in _pattern used?18:55
spiiroindeathmist: basically you are free to assign gesture codes in 0-15 range. 4 is assumed to be doubletap -> if hw+fw supports doubletap use 4 for that19:00
spiiroinwhat happens with each event code is configurable19:01
spiiroinbut as mce is system service -> ui actions are not directly possible -> this is what that user service is needed for19:02
deathmistoh ok, but I only get gesture[0-10] and dbus[1-10] currently, how can I add more for the rest of the gestures?19:03
deathmistand I assume the mce gesture[0-3] entries aren't used for anything?19:05
spiiroindeathmist: use latest mce. fp wakeup uses gesture config + logic, as a side effect the number of supported configs got upped to 2019:06
spiiroindeathmist: basically all gesture stuff is hw specific, so you can freely to assign meaning to values - defaults assume that there is doubletap=4 (and now also "synthetic" fp wakeup=16) but you can always override those19:08
vknechtrinigus, no sorry, didn't go deeper19:15
rinigusvknecht: no problem. :)19:28
deathmistinteresting, I actually got them to work out on current version, it'll just ignore the "line swipe" gestures which are inconsistent at best even when they work, so I can wait :p  does this indicate preparation for community build FP MW or just improvements for XA2 / official devices still? I'd love to have FP sensor working on SFOS especially when19:28
deathmistHAL seems to be ready to go19:28
vknechtrinigus, I guess patterns are used by mic19:48
rinigusvknecht: when searching archives, that's an impression I am getting as well20:02
vknechtfrom what I read, switching to metapackage is not such a chore, but still have to do it, and this should minimize problems20:07
vknechts/such/that much of/20:09
T42<adampigg> (Photo, 2560x1440)
piggzkimmoli: ^^ car electronics reverse engineering :)20:17
vknechtthat's the remote key lock ?20:26
piggzvknecht: yes, i made it ... did you see my initial prototype?20:31
kimmolipiggz: 6E66FA ?20:32
piggzkimmoli: ??20:33
kimmoliyour encoding code20:33
piggzlemme work it out :D20:34
piggzi have hhlnhnhhnn20:35
vknechtpiggz, yes iirc a few months back ?20:35
piggzh igh, l ow, n ot connected20:35
vknechtyou're having fun it seems :-)20:36
kimmolipiggz: ok, i got a few wrong then20:37
rinigusmal: I should be ready for renaming the repo to tama. forked and added
rinigusgenerated ks seems to be what's needed20:47
piggzrinigus: did you figure out how to use meta packages?21:07
riniguspiggz: just by adding dependencies, right? but, I don't know which package/pattern is pulled by mic.21:09
piggzrinigus: mic uses the kickstart file21:09
piggzso, just edit that21:09
piggzreplace patter with package21:09
riniguspiggz: which pattern should I replace?21:10
rinigus(can't find relevant line)21:10
piggzthe @ is a pattern, usually @Jolla configuration <device>21:12
rinigusyes, indeed. it was so short that I missed it - @Jolla Configuration h821621:13
riniguspiggz: so, you just use the same KS all the time, right?21:14
piggzrinigus: pretty much, just change the device packages21:15
rinigusthat KS looks to be for devel. then for testing you probably need another one21:16
riniguspiggz: (thank you for the guide on meta packages)21:16
piggznp, i learned from r0kk3rz !!21:16
riniguslooks like I have, for now, managed to get it up with patterns and generated KS. I guess I'll stick to it until it starts failing too much :)21:17
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