Sunday, 2019-11-24

r0kk3rzrinigus: arent you already in the group?01:06
r0kk3rzrinigus: if not just request to join through gitlab01:08
rinigusr0kk3rz: request sent06:36
rinigusfaenil: there is still lot to do. see issues in the project. issue for xz2c was opened tonight. xz2c specifically needs check in respect of touch device, for example06:38
T42<singhnsk> @elros34 & @deathmist, I used your script to generate the fixup. I had to mod it  abit to use it in regular root mode instead of TWRP.07:08
T42<singhnsk> Anyways, the outcome looks identical. Any further course of action, please? The outcome of the script is:
deathmist@singhnsk well the script definitely got your codename wrong somehow lmao, it's meant to be "Daredevil"07:48
T42<singhnsk> @deathmist no it got it right 😜 It is shortened and used as DDV_sprout (sprout is added to all Android One phones). The full internal name was Daredevil and I decided to go with it only 😅07:49
T42<singhnsk> I'm still stuck with an error in the build. I'll send it here if anybody has any idea what it could be.07:50
deathmistmaybe you should make another entry for all "_a" / "_b" entries by taking the "_a" one and simply removing that "_a" part from the end e.g. like
deathmistbut pretty sure the codename on that script needs to match your $DEVICE variable as you defined it beforehand07:51
T42<faenil> rinigus: great, where can I get started? :D I need some n00b starter guide... I worked on Nemomobile for a few years since before Jolla was born, but I have been out of the contributors circle for 3 years now and I haven't played with HADK yet.09:15
T42<faenil> I assume I need some hadk setup? Or are we already at the point where it's just about pure linux issues?09:15
rinigusfaenil: start with reading readme and hadk at . that would give you some intro. do you own xz2c?09:31
T42<faenil> rinigus: cheers. Yes I do. I have been planning to port sfos to it for a year, but needed a new laptop and some spare time. Now I am kind of ready, but it seems it's too late and most of the fun has been stolen already :D09:34
rinigusfaenil: I wouldn't count on 'most fun' part. its not polished yet and will surely require some work09:35
T42<faenil> I will have a look at the readme possibly today. First need to set the new laptop up :D09:35
T42<faenil> rinigus: :)09:36
rinigusfaenil: help will be very much welcome!09:36
T42<faenil> rinigus: happy to help, I want to resume my efforts, at least to some extent09:36
rinigussailfish on tama - currently xz2 only - has been released. published at tmo and xda09:59
T42<elros34> @singhnsk have you tried make clean and then make hybris-hal again?10:04
T42<faenil> rinigus: oh, that's great10:08
T42<faenil> Is it going to be an officially supported device? As in, with a port sold and supported by Jolla10:09
T42<faenil> ?10:09
T42<singhnsk> @elros34 [@singhnsk have you tried make clean and then m …], I tried :((10:38
T42<singhnsk> I'm stuck at another error. I'll share later10:38
TheKitpketo, could you please add fxtec-t5 to the store? IMEI is reflected in device UID and stays after reboot10:42
rinigusfaenil: no, i don't think so. It's community port10:46
rinigusAlthough, it's made using the same pattern as xperia 1010:47
pketoTheKit: what is the ssu device model line?11:24
TheKitDevice model: Pro1 (t5 / t5)11:26
Mister_MagisterTheKit: we didn't change to qxshit?11:27
pketoTheKit: added11:32
TheKitthank you11:35
deathmistspiiroin: is there a way to soft-reload MCE? planning to add a "vibrate on detection" toggle for the gesture settings plugin by editing the gesture config file during runtime :p
deathmistdoing a "systemctl restart mce" brings you to lockscreen which is kind of extreme imo, but also has the desired effect in the end12:04
rinigushi! as far as I know, fingerprint support is not available for ported devices. can someone chip in and tell why? as hardware support is on aosp side, what's preventing it to be supported on ported devices?12:06
deathmist^ same, on my device HAL looks to load properly so MW seems to be the missing piece to make it work for me12:21
malthe fingerprint middleware is currently closed source, I will try to talk about that again with those deciding about those things12:27
rinigusmal: please do. its rather silly to have these ported devices without it. or maybe we should program an open source alternative to the mw implementation.12:33
malthat would require some kind of public API for the lower level adaption, doing the whole thing again might not be very good idea12:42
rinigusmal: true. sounds like waste/duplication of the effort12:44
malrinigus: a bit like my gps implementation before the official one became public12:48
rinigusmal: I suspect I wasn't on sfos when it happened :)12:49
malrinigus: that was back in 201512:50
malI got annoyed for miussing gps so I implemented it :D12:50
malrinigus: you can see the project still in mer-hybris13:02
rinigusmal: will have to look... As for fingerprint, does that mw implementation contain some hardware specific bits?13:09
malrinigus: yes, you can see that xperia x has fingerpring support so it has of course different implementation than xperia xa2 and 10 which have binderized backend13:12
rinigusmal: I presume that for tama devices it would mean binderized backend as well, if its possible13:14
vknechtrinigus, what's your thoughts about forking repos esp. android/manifests one and modify them, vs. only having a local manifest to make adjustments ? were there un-workakable-around things with only local manifest to mod gange repos ?17:17
rinigusvknecht: you mean for xperia builds?17:20
vknechtyep, looking at rebasing loire on pie rather than oreo17:21
vknechtwas using nile port doc as a guide, and only needed a local_manifest for differences, but I see you got as far as forking mer-hybris android...17:22
rinigusvknecht: I think I did better than xperia 10 instructions. as for xperia 10 by Jolla, I generated (see commands in the comments for the first commit)17:23
rinigusvknecht: then, if you see my hadk, I used sony scripts to patch it, as they do for aosp17:23
rinigusvknecht: so, I could bump to the last version with all the patches17:24
riniguscompare that part in hadk. mine is at
vknechtyep, saw you was on 9.0.0_r46 instead of mer-hybris r37 ; so, better fork/reuse your manifests ?*17:25
rinigusvknecht: probably would work. there is nothing tama specific there, I think.17:26
vknechtI guess most difference don't matter too much for Loire, like dtbo, vbmeta and vendor-partition17:27
rinigusvknecht: not sure. when using sony's patches, we don't need these hand-picked fixes as done by jolla to patch our trees. so, while in xperia 10 instructions, you use those, I am using sony's ones. and looking now in my repos, cannot find relevant place17:34
riniguswill look into it later, would have to go for some time17:34
rinigusvknecht: see
vknechtah, this (sony) vs. droid-src/ --mb ?17:36
vknechtiirc i did have/applied neither of those for aosp8-base (and maybe that's part of the problems I had)17:39
vknechtso gotta choose now for pie port17:39
T42<eugenio_g7> vknecht: which problems did you have on aosp8?17:40
T42<eugenio_g7> (I only got to the UI-and-wi-fi works phase, but didn't develop it further)17:41
vknechtmostly no usb connectivity, broken bt, high battery consumption, and on latest build no camera (instead of just buggy)17:42
T42<eugenio_g7> Ok17:43
spiiroindeathmist: those are settings. as in "things you can change via api" - no need to restart anything ...17:53
spiiroinref: around
spiiroinand more info via mcetool, e.g. run: "mcetool set-touchscreen-gesture-actions set-powerkey-dbus-action set-display-on-single-powerkey-press-actions"17:57
rinigusvknecht: you still make apply-patches, but they include only ones that are pushed on sfos side (selinux related, as far as I remember). all android patches needed for sony aosp are applied from sony's side18:28
rinigusin my repo, I removed all android patches that were picked by jolla's devs and just applied the ones from sony.18:30
rinigusvknecht: see
vknechtrinigus, I see the spec in your droid-src is still named after gange, is it not used, or no need to rename it ?18:31
rinigusvknecht: not sure its used. don't remember why its there18:32
rinigusvknecht: actually, do you expect many differences in between xz2 and x on sfos side? there are several 'knobs' in config where those can be handled. so, I wonder whether those repos can be used for all sony devices?18:41
rinigusvknecht: the main differences seem to be boot devices (and hence we have your first internal storage as sdcard); absence of dtbo and vbmeta. latter two can be handled in non-requiring them for the build18:43
rinigusfor storage we can make some #define in
vknechtnot sure loire has those problems, since there's no /dev/sd[a-z]*18:47
vknechtbtw, since you're in lmk woes, did you see ? dunno how backportable it is, but it may help18:51
rinigusvknecht: no, you don't have it with storage. just when I when comparing resulting repos, I suspect we will have very many things in common19:14
rinigusthanks for PR. I will see how much will lmk bother in real life. if too much, will look into it. maybe by that time we will be planning 4.14 update anyway19:15
T42庄妮幄 %lastname% was added by: 庄妮幄 %lastname%21:58
edp17Hi guys.22:40
edp17I need a little help with my port.22:40
edp17Nexus5 (hammerhead) CM-12.1 base, Sailfishos version
edp17I have three problems: 1. bluetooth doesn't turn on, 2, Video recording/playback doesn't work, 3. the date and time cannot be changed until I manually re-install the timed-qt522:43
edp17Any help is very much appreciated! Thank you!22:44

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