Friday, 2019-12-06

rinigusr0kk3rz : manual copy of pro1 meta package and manual check that all patterns were covered + corrections/additions. Didn't know about the script... Fortunately, it's a single time investment06:05
Mister_Magistermal: @NotKit i added/subtracted values from these 2 lines but that didn't do any change. I tried reporting less height in get screen size but that caused it to fail validation07:15
r0kk3rzrinigus: yeah its not bad, but would have been nice to test the script a little nvm07:39
vknechtrinigus, good idea about using official recovery, thanks ! now I see /vendor symlink and /fstab.loire are missing...08:52
vknecht(despite taking measures so they're in out/ before packaging droid-hal)08:53
T42<adampigg> R0kk3rz, hand crafted09:10
rinigusvknecht: hopefully it help to add those10:23
riniguslooking into logs, seems like my message was skipped. so, let me ask again10:49
rinigusfor those blessed with lvm/ext4: how do you backup and restore partitions? as when I want to flash new sfos or aosp image, test something and then restore old install.10:49
rinigusI presume that combination of flashing old image and ext4 dump/restore should work.10:49
vknechtrinigus, guess good old 'dd' should do the job11:36
rinigusvknecht: you mean with full lvm pe data?11:37
rinigusbut I do wonder if something like it has been thought about. as we cannot rely on twrp11:37
vknechtafaik dd doesn't care about what it reads/write11:38
vknechtother option could be EDL mode with emmcdl utility ; requires having programmer file for the device tho, don't know it's that's available on sonys11:40
rinigusvknecht: it should be something simple and available through hybris-recovery, I think. then it would be useful for such tests11:42
rinigusanother issue that was raised last night: looks like on couple of devices, NFC gets re-enabled after reboot (if user disabled it in settings). is this SFOS bug or issue with the ports?11:56
vknechtjust an idea, maybe a permission problem like for manual access point config some years ago ? ?12:04
rinigusvknecht: maybe. note that nfc does get disabled when you toggle it in the settings.12:06
rinigusso, its at least not permissions for nfc switch12:06
vknechtyes, but maybe just for the state-remembering file or whatever12:08
rinigusvknecht: yes, but then its a general SFOS issue12:12
vknechtrinigus, didn't you get that sort of build dependencies errors for droid-hal-img-boot, where it requires cryptsetup, initrd-logos, openssh-{clients,server} and droid-hal-$HABUILD_DEVICE-{kernel,tools} ?
vknechtpreviously I installed them with sb2, but now I've reset the target and wonder if I really should have done it16:47
rinigusvknecht: probably I did. did you run sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -m sdk-install -R zypper in --force-resolution droid-hal-$HABUILD_DEVICE-kernel-modules ?17:15
rinigusvknecht: as I am building boot image at OBS, check the dependencies there. had to add few packages to my obs for it, if I remember correctly17:16
vknechtyes, I ran it for droid-hal-suzu-kernel-modules, but it looks as if installing droid-hal-suzu-kernel and droid-hal-suzu-tools is required too17:21
vknechtjust build the others with build_packages like that:17:22
vknechtrpm/dhd/helpers/ --mw=
vknechtrpm/dhd/helpers/ --mw=
vknechtrpm/dhd/helpers/ --mw=
vknechtthe ones you had to add were probably yamui/initrd-helper/hw-ramdisk (the ones built locally by
mautzoneHi! I'm trying to make a new cm14.1 based port for the Nexus5. I'm stuck at hybris-hal: external/bouncycastle: Invalid LOCAL_SDK_VERSION '9'17:27
mautzoneCan anyone point me in the right direction?17:27
vknechtmautzone, mentions the problem, apparently solved by downloading/updating a prebuilt17:38
mautzonevknecht: Thanks, was reading it at the moment :)17:40
rinigusvknecht: don't you run it after `rpm/dhd/helpers/ --droid-hal`17:41
vknechtrun what ? sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -m sdk-install -R zypper in --force-resolution droid-hal-$HABUILD_DEVICE-kernel ?17:43
vknechtor you mean that --droid-hal should do it already ?17:44
rinigusvknech: I mean whether droid-hal-suzu-kernel and droid-hal-suzu-tools are installed already during --droid-hal stage?17:45
rinigus(not sure about it though)17:45
vknechtdoesn't look like it installs them, just have the -devel and -kernel-modules:
vknechtfrom rpm/dhd/helpers/, building dhd has a do_not_install flag (like configs and version)17:56
rinigusvknecht: but I wonder why doesn't it pull the required dependencies? as they should be defined in img spec?17:57
rinigusopenssh ones, for example. I may have installed them manually, though. with sb2 for local build17:57
rinigusat obs it looks to be pulled17:58
vknechtmaybe a shortcoming of local builds17:58
vknechtfor openssh, only had to build it like other mw17:58
vknechtmaybe I should switch to obs already17:59
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vknechtain't it ?23:26

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