Sunday, 2019-12-08

T42<elros34> do you have /dev/ion in out/*/ueventd.rc?00:04
KALUBEDeathmist helped me sort it, pulled the ueventd.rc from lineageos vendor and generated udev rules00:05
KALUBEthey're in sparse no00:05
KALUBEAnd we have graphics :D00:05
T42<elros34> could you show your  ueventd.rc?00:08
T42<elros34> that one generated during hybris-hal not from vendor00:08
malKALUBE: did you check output on "make modules" for ueventd*00:09
KALUBEthe original one in out?00:09
malKALUBE: never copy udev rules to sparse like that, that is just wrong00:10
KALUBEoriginal ueventd.rc:
malans I mean you run that "make modules" in same environment where you run make hybris-hal, some device need a special target to build the uevent*.rc file00:11
KALUBEmal: You're right, I'm confused because I can't find the file ueventd.rc anywhere00:11
maldo what I said00:11
KALUBEIt's not mentioned00:13
malnothing about ueventd in that output?00:13
KALUBENothing at all00:14
malpastebin the output just in case, also run in ANDROID_ROOT "grep -RI ueventd device/*"00:14
maldo you see any files with ueventd*.rc on the device?00:25
mallike in vendor partition or elsewhere00:25
KALUBEyeah, the file I needed was /vendor/ueventd.rc00:28
KALUBEreplacing the existing ueventd.rc in out/target/product/enchilada/root/ and then rebuilding droid-hal-enchilada*.rpm generated a different 999-android-system-rules.rc that worked in conjunction with the original00:29
* vknecht is annoyed, orders a usb-ttl cable10:18
rinigusKALUBE and mal: as its the same chip as on sony tama, maybe this is needed: . although, I am not sure its the same issue as I had10:25
deathmist@rinigus he just had missing udev rules which caused no graphics before, for now we just got the ueventd.rc from his /vendor on-device and planted a supplementary 999-android-vendor-rules.rc in droid-configs10:31
deathmistcurrently he gets the welcome screen but gets stuck after the "Starting Sailfish OS" part and essentially soft-locks on the lockscreen being unable to do pretty much anything10:31
rinigusdeathmist: then that's not that, indeed :)10:37
malrinigus: sounds like it10:43
malrinigus: did that libhybris thing cause whole graphics to fail?10:44
rinigusmal: for me, yes. as far as I rememeber10:44
malbut it could be related to such a graphics hang, if wayland side is not working correctly10:45
rinigusmal: I presume its easy to test using the hybris with this PR incorporated10:47
deathmistmal: I don't think the graphics hung for him, but instead of going to the part asking for lockscreen password and whatnot after "Starting Sailfish OS" splash it just dumps him into the lockscreen after a few seconds. he can't unlock but still can pull down the quick actions and shut down from GUI for example11:01
maldeathmist: well I might have used the wrong word, but I meant that if nothing works well in UI then it could wayland issue11:21
deathmistright, we'll check out that PR in a bit and see if it helps11:22
NeoChapaymal: what i do wrong on my android 8 port if in logcat i got android.hardware.light@2.0::Light: getService: defaultServiceManager()->getTransport returns Status(EX_TRANSACTION_FAILED): 'FAILED_TRANSACTION: '13:50
NeoChapayand  Invalid address 0xbec82d50 passed to free: invalid page index13:50
malNeoChapay: we don't use lights api afaik13:50
NeoChapaymal: i got many simmilar errors13:51
malshow full logs13:51
NeoChapaymal: it looks like libc error13:55
pketorinigus: added h943616:34
riniguspketo: thank you very much!16:50
vknechtfinally getting some logs... device stays on sony logo (no led, no usb), getting journald kills and flooded by "power_supply usb: driver failed to report `sdp_current_max' property: -22" after line 96417:00
KALUBEmal: rinigus: this patch fixed an issue where jolla-setupwizard would crash and softlock the phone
vknechtstrange, looks like /usr/bin/droid/ only contains &, nothing from sparse...18:03
deathmistvknecht: check droid-config RPMs, you may have forgotten a build_packages -c :)18:06
vknechtdon't think it's that, rebuilt it recently and the missing files are listed by rpm -qpl droid-config-f5121-1-1.armv7hl.rpm18:09
vknechtand other files from spares like eg. /etc/gst-droid ones are there18:09
malKALUBE: ok, good to know18:30
rinigusKALUBE: nice!18:56
KALUBEI'm currently stuck trying to fix issues with wifi, we've noticed that for OnePlus5 in device repo there is a prebuilt directory that contains vendor parts however on the oneplus6 repo there is not such directory, the missing files include ueventd.rc as well as some other init.rc files that seems to deal19:05
KALUBEwith wifi and bluetooth19:05

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