Friday, 2020-01-03

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rinigusr0kk3rz: badly. I went for qtwayland solution and avoided mixing it with some other compositor. Want to get it out first. Also this would be easier if we get newer qt.06:51
rinigusNo idea when Qt update will land. Repos seem to have no recent work on it06:52
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lbtPSA: will be down briefly for an update later this evening17:57
T42<adampigg> lbt: any neat updates?18:01
lbtnah - just a security release18:05
lbtit may fix a bug with the API which I'm hitting wrt Maintainers - that's why I'm doing it tonight18:05
KabouikHey birdzhang, are you here?20:42
KabouikI'm having issues playing videos, and trying to troubleshoot on the web, I found your pastebin here:
KabouikSeems we have exactly the same issue. Did you manage to solve it?20:43
KabouikOr birdzhang[m] maybe?20:43
KabouikFound that one too:; it seems you managed to play videos by removing this 999-droid-vidc.rules?20:44
KabouikMaybe mal or Mister_Magister would know too, since I see here ( that you have been talking about that file too.20:56
KabouikBut that was long ago, and definitely not for the Pro¹ port. :<20:56
Mister_MagisterKabouik: ls -la /dev/video*20:57
Kabouik Mister_Magister20:58
Mister_Magisterhmm couple additional videos20:58
Mister_Magisterat least venus is here20:59
Mister_Magisterdunno about other ones20:59
KabouikDo you observe the same on your preprod Pro¹?21:00
malKabouik: which android base are you using?21:06
KabouikIt's a F(x)tec Pro¹, so I guess Android 9? I'm not a porter, just a SFOS port user21:07
KabouikMister_Magister contributed to this port21:07
malKabouik: btw, a hint for future, you can click the time in the channel logs to get a link to a specific line21:08
Mister_Magisterwelp i would debug but i'm on vacation :P21:08
KabouikVacations are overrated in 2020, you didn't get the memo21:08
malmakes finding the relevant part of log much easier21:08
KabouikOh thanks mal, I actually just ctrl+f "vicd" and there was only one occurrence, but good to know for next time21:09
Mister_Magisterhi mal21:09
malKabouik: if I read that log correctly we were talking about removing the file from device repo because it comes from submodule and porters don't need to think about it21:09
KabouikMaybe it has nothing to do with my issue mal, but those two pastebins from Birdzhang that I found seem to indicate otherwise. Now I have no idea what devices he was using.21:10
malMister_Magister: hi21:11
malKabouik: what pastebins?21:11
KabouikThis mal:
malKabouik: more relevant output would come from "GST_DEBUG=droid*:5 jolla-gallery" and then try to play a video21:13
malalso logcat from the same attempt21:14
KabouikBrb then, the phone is in another room21:14
KabouikNot sure how to use logcat however mal :<21:16
Kabouikmal: this is the output (but I haven't use logcat yet):
malKabouik: output of /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat21:24
Kabouik mal21:25
malKabouik: you probably should try to get new log after reboot so we can any codec initialization errors in logcat, so reboot, then soon after that try to play a video and get logcat after that22:28
malKabouik: actually the previous logcat shows "SimpleDecodingSource: No matching decoder! (mime: video/avc)" which means it cannot find the codecs22:30
malor the initialization of those failed earlier and those are not seen anymore22:30
KabouikI'll try right now mal, thanks22:30
malMister_Magister: btw, these are not needed anymore (unless you have some issue getting correct supported features from android side hal which should not happen)22:32
Mister_Magistercamera wasn't workign without them22:32
malMister_Magister: also the symlinks pointing to /vendor are not needed in /etc22:32
malMister_Magister: really?22:33
KabouikCamera recording does not work for me either, if that helps22:33
KabouikIt creates files but I think there is nothing into it.22:33
Kabouik(Video recording, photos work fine)22:33
malKabouik: probably video encoder fails due to same reason decoding fails22:33
malMister_Magister: the dconf file is needed but those gst-droid ones should not be needed22:34
Mister_Magistergood to know22:34
Kabouikjolla-gallery output and logcat (all in the same hastebin) mal:
malKabouik: so same issue, codecs not found, something is wrong in android side then22:36
malMister_Magister: the poin of the symlinks in /etc is that in some cases /system/ is root in android and therefore android side would be confused if some things in /system/etc are not symlinked, this is not the case with /vendor as that is always in correct place22:38
malMister_Magister: you can check ganges config repo how it does things, it actually removes the broken symlinks completely in
Mister_Magistermal: i know22:39
Mister_Magistermaybe it was needed idk22:39
malMister_Magister: the broken symlinks could in theory cause issues, not sure if it does but could22:39
KabouikSo you mean the issue is not with the port mal? Other people running Android on the same device have no issue though22:40
Mister_Magistermal: what about absolute symlinks udev rules?22:40
malKabouik: most likely porting issue, just not sure yet what22:40
malMister_Magister: did you try what I suggested, the ugly way of using external script for symlinking?22:41
KabouikFor what it's worth, youtube works in the browser, not sure if they can help pinpoint the cause22:41
Mister_Magistermal: you didn't say anything about that22:41
malKabouik: youtube now uses software decoder22:41
malMister_Magister: I did mention it here couple of times22:41
Mister_Magisterwell i have no memory of that22:41
Mister_Magisterlast time i remember you said "there should be a way" or smth like that22:42
malanyway udev rules can call external script which then could create proper symlink based on parameters you give the script22:42
KabouikWell thanks for helping me troubleshooting mal, really appreciate. Unfortunately I have no skills to debug that! I'll keep talking with Mister_Magister when he has time for that and other porters.22:43
malKabouik: can you grab the xml file with the avc codec in /vendor/etc/media_codec*.xml22:44
KabouikI don't see any with avc in its filename22:45
Kabouik /vendor/etc/media_codecs.xml, /etc/media_codecs_google_telephony.xml, /vendor/etc/media_codecs_google_video_le.xml, /vendor/etc/media_codecs_vendor.xml, /vendor/etc/media_codecs_google_audio.xml, /vendor/etc/media_codecs_google_video.xml, /vendor/etc/media_codecs_performance.xml, /vendor/etc/media_codecs_vendor_audio.xml22:46
malgrep the files for that22:46
KabouikThey almost all contain avc except the *telephony.xml, do you want all these files?22:50
KabouikSee here:
malI found the files on github already22:53
malKabouik: a hint how to do that in an easier way "grep avc /vendor/etc/media_codecs*"22:54
KabouikHa, I knew while doing it one by one that something was wrong :p22:54
T42<birdzhang> Kabouik: yeah, delete that file and add
T42<birdzhang> it’s working on my device23:24
KabouikWhere should I add this T42?23:24
KabouikT42, are you here? I'm not sure where I should put gstdroidcodec.conf23:40
KabouikI'm guessing in /etc/gst-droid/, I'll try23:41
KabouikT42, birdzhang, nope, putting that file in /etc/gst-droid does not work for me on the Pro1.23:45
KabouikBut thanks for suggesting!23:45
T42<birdzhang> need reboot23:46
KabouikI rebooted23:46
T42<birdzhang> okay, deleted 999-droid-vidc.rules?23:47
T42<birdzhang> or move to another place23:48
KabouikI did not have this file in /lib/udev/rules.d/ birdzhang T4223:48
KabouikSee discussion above, apparently it is not necessary for porters so it was removed from the image23:48
T42<birdzhang> ok, i have no idea now23:49
KabouikThanks for trying anyway birdzhang. Is there a place where you posted what you did when you did those pastebins? Github issue maybe?23:49
KabouikOr maybe a discussion here in the logs?23:50
malKabouik: if you want to highlight someone using that telegram bot then highlight like this @birdzhang23:51
maldo not use the bot name23:51
KabouikOh that's a telegram bot, I did not even know what was going on, thanks mal.23:51
malbut instead the nick after it23:51
KabouikI would have expected the bot to be named something-bridge23:51
malKabouik: it was selected to be short so it takes less space on IRC23:51
T42<birdzhang> Kabouik
mal@birdzhang Kabouik has the problem in lower level, his logcat says it cannot find matching codecs so something is wrong in there23:52
T42<birdzhang> if that can help you23:53
KabouikThank you23:53

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