Sunday, 2020-01-05

deathmistis still getting merged to silence the chmod/chown journal spam?00:13
malprobably at some point, I was testing it just a while ago00:15
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Kabouik_rinigus did you try installing Atom flatpak?15:19
rinigusKabouik_: no :)15:20
Kabouik_This will be the first app I try when we get your Flatpak support working on the Pro¹, would be great to be able to keep my projects in sync on all my devices while on the move15:22
Kabouik_Unfortunately I cannot run it in chroot because Atom does not support ARM devices. Wondering if Flatpak somehow removes this limitation?15:22
Kabouik_Thanks for your answer on Github15:24
rinigusNo, looks like Atom is x86 only:
rinigusno miracles here... but I hope that Pro1 will get flatpak support as well15:26
Kabouik_Sad news, but there are still othre Flatpaks I'm eager to try :p15:26
Kabouik_Yes, that would be wonderful, hope a porter picks your PR #433 the next time they dive into the port15:26

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