Thursday, 2020-01-16

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rinigusmal: I looked into linker due to curiosity of why we have that egl loading warning. Nothing fixing in particular05:26
rinigusBut, from the look of it, it seems to be an error with loading ld.config.txt file instead of expected ld.config.28.txt05:28
rinigusmal: As for symlink, I tried to make ld.config.txt -> ld.config.28.txt, but that didn't load (bit unimportant right now, though - just a warning)05:31
rinigusUnfortunately, with that file fixed, I am still getting the warning regarding libs loading in wrong namespace.05:32
spiiroindeathmist is gone, but slow display wakeup from suspend can be caused for ex by (combination of) things like: high memory use, compositor related code pages are discarded and need to be paged in again; some app/service running amok, making avalanche of dbus ipc and thus creating a lot of io, scheduling and processing activity; lots of critical/persistent/logging06:33
gnome71hello from austria08:02
gnome71could someone point me to install instructions for the Nexus5 (hammerhead)? Espacially wher to get the needed Roms?08:12
T42<edp_17> @gnome71: that link is for cm13 base. If you need cm12.1 use this:
T42<edp_17> There are a few benefits of using the cm12.1, you can read about in the topic. 😉08:21
gnome71thanks a lot08:27
gnome71seems my nexus fails on boot.08:52
gnome71my init.log shows, that /data//.stowaways/sailfishos cannot be mounted08:53
gnome71also, : Failed to boot init in real rootfs :-(08:53
gnome71so, i can telnet to the device, but it's stuck at the google screen at boot08:58
gnome71does anyone have an idea, what the problem can be?09:07
r0kk3rzif data isnt mounted, then thats a major problem09:34
r0kk3rztry manually mounting it09:34
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T42<adampigg> Woop, the daily spam09:58
T42<CYB3R0ID694> Someone stop them from spamming or make me Admin.. I will take care of it..10:04
T42<edp_17> @gnome71: what android base are you using?13:38
deathmistmal: so disabling developer mode even on my porters CI build (perhaps should be disabled by default too?) causes the entire OS to erase all it's packages... here is log when I started Settings app from home screen, went to Developer options, simply disabled developer mode and just waited:
deathmisthere is my droid-config repo if there is something horribly wrong (hybris-15.1 is the correct branch. I'm back on Oreo base for now to have a working initial XDA build at least, don't judge me :p)15:35
vknechtdeathmist, iirc that's due to developer mode being part of a pattern, so when devel mode is uninstalled, whole pattern is wiped too15:38
deathmistvknecht: CI uses my meta-package stuff from rpm/ instead ( it didn't even build before since I never patternized the OBS repo15:42
deathmisteither way I guess not requiring those packages will make it function then. also won't disabling developer mode remove vim (and remove droid-configs with it if it's "Required") since it's required and seemingly part of that pattern? I'd like some of those packages to just be pre-installed, but not "Required" by droid-configs15:47
vknechthmm, maybe would have to just add them to kickstart file, without mention of them in droid-configs15:48
deathmistyeah I guess adding a few under %packages would do the trick, but how about enabling and re-disabling developer mode, would that still wipe vim for example?15:52
maldeathmist: do not remove developer mode16:03
maldeathmist: if you have developer mode package listed as requirement in either patterns or your metapackages then removing it can cause a lot of issues16:04
deathmistit's literally a "break my entire SFOS install" toggle straight in the settings app :/16:05
malI know, that has been known for a long time16:09
deathmistcouldn't it be fixed by not making porter-tools such a core part of the OS? I mean even the comment says "early stages of porting benefit from these"16:10
maldeathmist: porter-tools in meant for early porting, most porters never remove it16:15
deathmistso there is no fix for it? I may just apply a patch that removes the toggle then as it just breaks the OS16:17
maldeathmist: what do you mean fix, I told you fix it to remove porter-tools16:18
mal*fix is16:18
malfrom patterns16:18
malthen patterns won't get removed if user removes developer mode16:19
deathmistoh I read your message wrong, I thought you meant removing it from patterns/meta-package would cause a lot of issues as you also said "do not remove developer mode" before that16:22
malI was reading the backlog when I wrote that16:22
malI meant that if you have it in patterns/meta-package then do not remove it16:23
mal*remove developer mode via UI16:23
deathmistyeah I know, just reading the log first thing it removes is "jolla-configuration-cheeseburger" since it requires the porter-tools. disabling developer mode from settings UI seems to do a force-remove or something instead of gracefully trying removal and simply failing if it can't do so (unless there is a reason it's forced)16:25
mallike I said, it's meant for early porting but most porters don't remove it and it causes this issue16:28
deathmistunderstood, would making droid-configs require say openssh-clients still make disabling dev mode (after enabled) also remove droid-configs? I can just add them to %packages in KS and deal with them getting removed either way, as long as the OS doesn't break :p16:42
malwell you need to test what is removed with developer mode by default (meaning when it doesn't remove patterns)16:55
deathmistdecided to make a compromise: I'm installing dev mode by default, but in KS so it's not required by the adaptation :)17:56
deathmistbtw what does jolla-rnd-device do exactly? I tried dropping it before from my meta-package and when plugged in to my devbox the USB selector popup came up before the UI was even properly loaded when booting up, it was kind of strange18:02
deathmistseems adding wanted packages from sailfish-porter-tools pattern to KS under %packages was the perfect solution! now disabling it doesn't break anything and ONLY removes jolla-developer-mode as expected :) that's real nice19:43
deathmistactually I may be able to just install jolla-developer-mode in KS and put the rest back in meta-package and patterns, now I'll need to try that out too lol19:44

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