Tuesday, 2020-02-11

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lanodanAnyone tried to get NFC working on the OnePlus One? I just realised it wasn't ported few days ago while it definitely has NFC (used it few times on Android).12:55
lanodanAlso looks like the Telegram bridge forgot WTF is Unicode?12:55
lanodanOr maybe just the usual broken-encoding linked to SPAM®12:56
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KALUBEI'm stuck on building with OBS kickstart file: Unable to find pattern: Jolla Configuration enchilada16:34
maldid you generate patterns using the process patterns command mentioned in hadk pdf16:44
KALUBEmal: I changed to using metapackages, image built and works :D17:28
KALUBECan I get a testing project on OBS for enchilada? I have also built an image for the OnePlus 6T which has been tested as working so it would be good to get an OBS testing project for Fajita too17:31
r0kk3rzlanodan: afaik you need to have a really new adaptation base to use that nfc middleware22:06
r0kk3rzlike android 8+22:07
lanodanOuch, well at least OnePlus probably updated it to Android 8+ but I guess it's going to be too much of a mess for just NFC.22:08
piggzmal: for the Pro1, we are running another fork of nemo-qml-plugin-systemsettings, similar to rinigus but with a different expression to filter the internal partitions22:22
malpiggz: like I said it should made configurable somehow22:23
piggzmal: i could make a version that read an env variable, not sure how ideal that would be22:24
malr0kk3rz: depends on the chip22:24
malr0kk3rz: https://github.com/mer-hybris/nfcd-pn54x-plugin22:24
piggzinfact, i kinda have that already, just not tested22:24
mallanodan: check the link above, you need to check what nfc chip the device has22:25
malpiggz: give a link to the code so I can have a look tomorrow22:25
piggzmal: https://git.sailfishos.org/piggz/nemo-qml-plugin-systemsettings/commit/32b45729c182318fa598929b0e115a0246133ecf22:26
piggzi will test it when i get my pro1 rebuilt22:26
r0kk3rzmal: interesting, i might have to check what scorpion has22:27
r0kk3rzmal: so if i have one of these - PN547C2 - i dont need binder to use nfc?22:30
malr0kk3rz: if that chip is supported then no22:31
r0kk3rzi'll have to try it out22:31
malr0kk3rz: I didn't check which chips that supports22:31
malnot sure if all pn54x22:31
malcould be22:31
r0kk3rzworth a try i think22:32
lanodanWell it has a /dev/pn54422:32
mallanodan: maybe you can try that22:33
malr0kk3rz: at least readme has example of pn547, https://github.com/mer-hybris/nfcd-pn54x-plugin/blob/master/README22:34
r0kk3rzso it does22:34
malalso has a note about 64-bit vs 32-bit22:34
r0kk3rzmines not a 64bit device, so i should be ok22:35
malr0kk3rz: https://github.com/mer-hybris/android_kernel_sony_msm/commit/69ce5c975fbed7c11da6328b5bd3ac563351ab2a22:35
malr0kk3rz: ok22:35
mallanodan: is your device 64-bit?22:36
r0kk3rzoneplus one, definitely not22:36
malI was too lazy to check logs what it was22:36
T42<edp_17> Hi guys! Can somebody help me with the TWRP recovery and SailfishOS kernel, please?22:37
malwhat is the problem with it?22:40
T42<edp_17> This is still my galaxy S2 (i9100) port.22:40
T42<edp_17> So on the device I couldn't use the hybris-boot.img, because the phone didn't boot with that.22:41
lanodanWhere can libnci be found? (building it directly on the device btw)22:41
T42<edp_17> I needed to flash the file called kernel into the KERNEL partition. But this way I have lost the TWRP.22:42
lanodanMaybe you can boot into flashboot mode and flash twrp.img from there?22:43
T42<edp_17> Now, the device boots into sailfish but I cannot boot into TWRP to make backup or restore. Or if I re-flash the TWRP that overwrites the sailfish kernel and I cannot boot into sailfish anymore until I flash the kernel again.22:43
lanodanSounds weird… like you do not have a recovery partition and mode?22:44
T42<edp_17> @lanodan: Yeah, this is what I am doing but it would be more convenient if I can combine the sailfish kernel with the TWRP and I can boot into TWRP or sailfish without flashing images with my PC.22:44
T42<edp_17> Just like how it worked on the hammerhead or the galaxy s7.22:45
mallanodan: there are two nci repos here https://github.com/mer-hybris?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=libnci&type=&language=22:45
mal@edp_17 I have a devide which has recovery in sailfish kernel22:46
T42<edp_17> @mal: What's that device?22:46
malxperia pro22:47
malI had to hack a bit22:47
T42<edp_17> How did you do that?22:47
T42<edp_17> On the hammerhead it just worked. (Though the hammerhead was able to use the hybris-boot.img.)22:48
malI just added the recovery to init ramdisk and then modified the first script in there to detect based on button presses which one to boot, recovery or sailfish22:48
malso I had both the sfos init script and another simpler init script for the selection before it22:48
T42<edp_17> At the level this sounds a bit difficult for me. 😳22:49
T42<edp_17> Plus, the recover I have has another kernel (isorec) embedded and even if I unpack the tar file there is only one file in there. So the android kernel and the twrp is in one file.22:50
malI did manage to use sfos kernel with recovery xperia pro22:51
malI need to find the scripts that I used to make that22:51
T42<edp_17> I think the biggest problem is me. As I am very unfamiliar with that.22:51
T42<edp_17> Thank you for helping me out.22:51
T42<edp_17> Now I have managed to create a backup but this is a very clunky way and I need a PC involved. (With PC I flashed the twrp, booted into it then I did a backup and then with PC I flashed the sailfish kernel again.)22:53
malback when I did that I had no idea how init script or anything really worked but still managed to do it22:53
T42<edp_17> Okay, so maybe I can do that too. 😄22:54
T42<edp_17> What I am trying to do now is putting back the stock partitions. Before Sailfish I have used Android 8.1 (Oreo) on my S2 but needed to re-partition to be able to install it. This means now the data and system partitions are too large and do not have much left for my own data in sailfish. So I am trying to revert back to the stock parti23:00
T42tions but for a reason the device doesn't let me to flash that pit file.23:00
lanodanLooks like it sort of works in `nfcDemoApp poll` \o/ but doesn't into NFCLogger application…23:03
T42<edp_17> Interesting. When I try to put back the original partitions, it says invalid partition configuration for 'system': system=0.5G  However the stock system partition size is 0.5G. Hmm.23:13

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