Sunday, 2020-02-16

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piggzmonich: ping11:32
xboxni am a bit confused about some of the requirements11:38
monichpiggz: ugh?11:51
piggzmonich: amazfish will not kinds work with mi band 3 for u12:26
monichpiggz: no problem, I'll write my own app :)12:27
piggzmonich: sorry, s/ now kinda12:27
piggzits confirmed as working by someone12:27
monichI can try too12:28
piggzapparently weather sync doenst work12:28
piggzpls :)12:28
monichpiggz: is it in jolla store?12:30
monichprobably not12:31
malopenrepos at least12:31
piggzmonich: no, openrepos12:33
piggzcant go in store, breaks too many rules :D12:33
monichpiggz: I remember that I deleted it for constantly crashing ion the background12:39
monichand requiring some weird things12:39
piggzmonich: its not known to crash, but does use some kde libs....which arnt that weird12:40
monichpiggz: reinstalled it, it says "connecting to watch..." for over a minute12:40
malpiggz: I ran store validator on amazfish rpm, nice amount of errors :D12:40
piggzmonich: select disconnect from watch ... delete from the sailfish BT dialog12:40
piggzand pair from the app12:41
piggzif bluez has another watch listed, even if it doesnt exist, it iwll try and pair it12:41
* monich tries again12:41
monichFound: QVariant(QString, "Mi Band 3")12:43
monichBluezAdapter::deviceName:looking for: "/org/bluez/hci0/dev_E3_E7_06_BF_0A_3F"12:43
monichpair:137 - Pair result:12:43
monichpiggz: that's it ^12:43
monichui still says "connecting to watch..."12:43
piggzis that the mac address of the band?12:43
monichin "pair device" view12:43
monichmac addr is ok12:44
monichI know it :)12:44
monichfrom my own testing12:44
piggzand u havtn factory reset, that changes the address?12:44
piggzdo journalctl | grep amazfish12:45
piggzfor the real logs12:45
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piggz^^ i have another user saying it works ;)12:47
piggz(v 1.1.2 on store has the lower case i fix)12:48
monichpiggz: the watch never becomes "connected" on the bt settings page12:49
piggzwhat you could try, while pariing, click the device in the bt page to force it to connecy12:50
monichpaired and connected it on the bt settings page, let's see...12:51
piggzu should do that while pairing in the app page....12:51
monichno luck :/ still "connected to watch..." and nothing interesting in the log12:52
piggzlogs should have something like "Creating bipdevice...."12:53
piggznot the UI logs, the daemon logs.....12:53
piggzi presume daemon is enabled/started ?12:53
piggzharbour-amazfishd is running12:54
* monich runs harbour-amazfishd from the command line12:54
piggzand settings page in UI shows "stop service"12:54
monichoh, now the ui shows signs of life12:55
monichpiggz: why do you the service btw?12:55
piggzthe UI doesnt do anything, except send commands to the service12:55
piggzmonich: so it can run all the time in the background12:55
piggzoriginally it just ran in the UI, and users wanted it as a service12:56
piggzwas quite an effort to abstact it all away like that, but im quite happy with it12:56
monichpiggz: and if I just need to check things up, I have to run the service from the command line?12:57
piggzno, from the UI settings page, there is 2 buttons12:57
piggzenable/disbale service12:57
piggzand start/stop service12:57
piggzso, if you enable and start, it will run after a reboot12:57
monichhmm... it the ui needs to the service, shouldn't it start it automatically?12:58
monichand stop it when it exits12:58
piggzwell, you want it all the time for notifications12:58
piggzand it downloads your activiity data on the hour12:58
monichpiggz: ah, so the watch only has storage for on hour of the activity, right?12:59
piggzno, the watch can store loads .... but its nice to sync your data regulalry for steps/sleep analysis13:00
piggzyou get graphs in the UI13:00
monichwhat I expected was something like - you wear the watch normally and then sync it whenever you feel like looking at the graphs13:01
piggzyes, you can do that too13:02
piggzi cant remember if auto sync is the default or not13:02
piggzbut thats how i do it13:02
monichhaha, 25559650 steps! is that for real?13:02
piggzoh, give it a few seconds13:02
piggzive got that as a current bug, not sure when it got introduced13:03
piggzit usually sorts itself out13:03
piggzso, i guess it connected and authenticated ok?13:03
monichit did the bzzzzz thing13:04
monichpiggz: you give it a hardcoded key, right?13:05
piggzi will accept a PR that subclasses BipDevice, into a Band3Device, and gives the correct suported features ;)13:05
piggzmonich: on the 3 yes, its fixed13:05
piggz4 and GTS use the server pairing13:05
monichpiggz: server pairing is the one that requires registration?13:07
piggzmonich: yes, server pairing requires the amazfit app13:10
piggzto pair those, you first have to pair it in amazfish, then extract the key13:11
piggzmonich: initialize step count to 0 so that it doenst momentarily show a crazt value while it reads it fromt he watch ;)17:32

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