Friday, 2020-02-21

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T42<GrandChien> Another day, another problem ;) After upgrade into 3.2.1 I don't hava sound (from the beginning I think) - no ringtones, no music - but the phone calls works (I can hear and talk - and it works).I tried to install audio and video codecs - can it broke my sound?Thanks for your help :)07:14
T42<GrandChien> and there is always "silent" in this menu. where is wifi, airplaine mode etc - and I can't change it11:18
T42<GrandChien> after pacmd - Daemon not responding12:23
T42<GrandChien> - it doesn't work, sadly12:43
T42<edp_17> So in sum, with base los14.1 you don't have bluetooth and with los15.1 you don't have sound?14:40
T42<edp_17> How about if you try build your own image with base los15.1? Will you have sound or can you tweak your build to have sound?14:41
T42<GrandChien> Miklos: I've got sound (in phone calls), earlier (before update to 3.2.1) I also have sound (ringtones, music, ogg) - now it's gone17:00
T42<GrandChien> (I've got sound on 14.1, before update to 3.2.1)17:01
T42<GrandChien> I had sound (ringtones) earlier, on 14.1 with :)18:08
T42<edp_17> @GrandChien : I would go back to los15.1 before the upgrade. You had sound an bluetooth, right? What was that version
T42<Harryfisher> Turn you 0.001btc to 1 btc in 5 days... DM me for more info21:36
tortoisedocanyone with a hw device available for some testing?21:51
tortoisedoc*hw device keyboard I mean21:51
T42<GrandChien> @edp_17 [@GrandChien : I would go back to los15.1 befor …], I've got sound even on speaker (when I try handsfree mode) , during the talk, so it must be software problem23:15
T42<GrandChien> and 15.1 - I don't know, It didn't booted etc... :)23:18

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