Sunday, 2020-03-08

T42<samwellho> Hi @adampigg00:57
T42<samwellho> Can I use Sailfish withow depend on Android?00:58
T42<samwellho> I mean can I build Sailfish from scratch, withow use any lib, components of Android?00:59
T42<samwellho> In cases I have all kernel and drivers source code.01:00
T42<meierrom> Depends on device hardware. Most devices currently depend on android. Exceptions are eg Latte and Pinephone.01:06
OksanaaaHello! Jolla web browser doesn't seem to work well with website - Sign Up and Sign In buttons are equally unclickable, nothing happens.01:22
OksanaaaAnd I have already tried zypper refresh, zypper update. Sailfish OS, if I remember correctly.01:23
T42<NoemRa> No one will ever take you to a promise land if you fail to show some interest. Join now using this link  below to start earning just like I and and others on the platform. Can't compare this platform with any other , there instant payment marvels me the most.02:23
T42<meierrom> Yep. Same here. Native browsers won't do. Maybe you get lucky using browser on AD?05:46
T42<adampigg> @swellho if u can bring up the ui with mesa drivers, and native sensors then yes11:03
T42<Szancso %lastname%> All the basic features work on Redmi Note 5A, and the ROM is available on XDA. Thanks to everyone.13:19
T42<Szancso %lastname%> About two weeks was. :)13:21
T42Winfred %lastname% was added by: Winfred %lastname%15:58
T42<edp_17> Szancso : Congrats!16:59
T42蔡卡斑 %lastname% was added by: 蔡卡斑 %lastname%18:02
T42<Szancso %lastname%> @edp_17 [Szancso : Congrats!], Thank you! :)18:22
T42<Szancso %lastname%> You are M*****Miklos from hup?18:22

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