Friday, 2020-03-13

jusapiggz: what pketo said07:33
pketoor maybe propose suitable times to have a chat if you really want synchronous discussion?07:51
T42<adampigg> Jusa: available? I had to patch the pa meego volume plugin because it crashed with an invalid number of channels...08:52
T42<adampigg> So far i made it not crash, but its also not.working to control the volume08:53
T42<adampigg> wondered if u had any thoughts what could cause it08:55
T42<adampigg> device is pinephone, so not hybrs based08:55
piggzrinigus: mal: can either of you create new projects on obs?19:56
riniguspiggz: looks like I can:
riniguspackage as well19:58
piggzrinigus: can you create  nemo:devel:hw:fxtec:QX100019:59
riniguspiggz: no, I don't think so. I don't have permissions for that.20:04
malI can20:05
piggzmal: \o/20:05
malpiggz: aren't codenames usually in lower case?20:05
piggzthey changed the device name of the Pro1 between the dev kit and the release20:05
piggzmal: not this one20:05
piggzhang on, ill check what device says20:05
malpiggz: you can have different codename in hybris-hal build and rpm packaging20:06
mallike I do on fp220:06
piggzmal: so, i shoul stick with the t5 repo?20:06
malyou can if you want20:06
piggzwould be easier than copying all the packages over20:06
malor we can create qx1000 for example20:06
piggzmal: in settings/about it is capitals20:07
piggzand in usdk, £device is QX1000 for the lunch command20:07
malpiggz: well at least when I was porting fp2 packaging scripts didn't like capital letters in codenames20:07
piggzin the t5 repo on obs, should I add droid-hal-QX1000 ?20:09
piggzand associated -config- and -version- ?20:09
piggzor some other way?20:09
malprobably easier to do a new repo if you are doing to rename things20:17
maland use qx1000, not QX100020:17
piggzmal: how will that work when the actual name is QX1000 when it comes to the flashing checks?20:22
malpiggz: install script is created in hybris-hal build meaning it uses the codename from android side20:25
malpiggz: why don't you trust that I know what I'm talking about :)20:26
piggzmal: I do trust you, im just wondering where the case issue is, just obs?20:26
piggzpackages can use upper?20:27
malI think somewhere in dhd, dhc or dhv20:27
malor something like that20:27
malcan't remember where20:27
piggzso, $device has to be lowercase in build sdk, but upper in android sdk?20:28
malandroid side can be anything20:29
malour scripts are just limited somehow20:29
piggzpls make lower case repo, and ill make some changes here20:30
malpiggz: if you want to check how to do the separate codenames check my fp2 repos20:32
piggzmal: mer kernel checker fails becuase it looks for out/target/product/qx1000/...... and not QX100020:46
malpiggz: are you sure you are doing things correctly20:48
piggzis that where the rpm_device comes in?20:48
malpiggz: you need to export DEVICE=QX1000 in habuild_sdk20:48
malpiggz: I don't have any issues with fp2 build but I export the android side device codename in habuild20:49
piggzyeah, the habuild (android_ side is fine, the platform sdk doesnt find the correct folders.....20:51
malwondering what is wrong20:52
malupload the repos20:53
piggzthink i fixed it20:53
malwhat was wrong?20:53
piggzin spec, device is QX1000 and rpm_device is qx100020:53
malyeah, what did you have there20:56
piggzi didnt have rpm_devce20:56
piggzand device was lowercase20:57
malah, so you didn't check the link I gave :)21:08
piggzmal: i had to understand the link u gave21:22
piggzmal: you didnt tell me about export HABUILD_DEVICE :)22:54
malpiggz: ah, never remembered that, I use old way on fp223:07
malhmm, it seems I have it now, forgot about it anyway23:08
piggzmal: without that, i had issues with packagin droidmedia, on investigating i found that the script checks that variable23:08
piggzmal: what is DROID_AUDIO_HAL_ATOI_FIX for?23:09
malpiggz: that is an old thing, enabled by default on android >= 523:10
malI probably should cleanup my repos a bit23:11
malpiggz: that was enabled by default already back in 201723:12
piggzive never used ised it, just saw it in your spec23:13
piggzmal: is the tama branch of in libhybrs main yet?23:38
piggzah, its for flatpak23:39

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