Monday, 2020-03-23

T42<elros34> these patch might be more suitabe for old kernel
T42<edp_17> Thanks @Elros00:03
T42<edp_17> @elros34 : Thank you, it worked!00:29
T42<RealDanct12> i have a problem while build MIC images08:10
T42<RealDanct12> Warning[03/23 08:07:41] : repo problem: nothing provides pulseaudio >= 12.2+git7 needed by pulseaudio-modules-droid-hidl-1.3.0-1.armv7hl08:11
T42<RealDanct12> how can i reload the repo or something to make sure this is fixed?08:11
T42<birdzhang> what is your adaptation-community-common repo url?08:14
T42<RealDanct12> @birdzhang [what is your adaptation-community-common repo …], not really sure, which one was that?08:15
T42<birdzhang> show your ks file08:15
T42<birdzhang> Jolla-@RELEASE@-$DEVICE-@ARCH@.ks08:16
T42<RealDanct12> repo --name=adaptation-community-lavender-@RELEASE@ --baseurl=file:///home/danct12/Work/secondary_hdd_v2/SailfishOS/hadk/droid-local-repo/lavender08:16
T42<RealDanct12> repo --name=adaptation-community-common-lavender-@RELEASE@ --baseurl=
T42<edp_17> @RealDanct12 : Are you using the update3.2.1 branch for dhd?08:34
T42<RealDanct12> i have always using that08:34
T42<edp_17> Ok. I thought that could be because I got similar error when I was not aware of that branch.08:36
T42<RealDanct12> mic was still working yesterday08:37
T42<RealDanct12> then when i go sleep and came back, i rm'd the finished zip because i forgot to add ril config file08:37
T42<RealDanct12> after that the error shows08:37
T42<Nebrassy> @RealDanct12 [repo --name=adaptation-community-lavender-@REL …], You using same stuff on ubports-lavender org?, I'm working on jasmine08:51
Nebrassy[m]so for me it can't find , that's in vendor/lib64, I tried copying it to vendor/lib and now it complains that it's 64 bit, does it require 32 bit everything?11:08
T42<RealDanct12> @Nebrassy[m] [so for me it can't find …], yes, you need 32-bit libs11:11
T42<elros34> that is unlikely your main issue. Your android services fails for some reason. Have you check things I told you earlier?11:12
Nebrassy[m]hm, well that's gonna be a headache, I checked ueventd, it is identical11:12
T42<elros34> what about dhd branch?11:13
Nebrassy[m]why does chmod fail though11:13
Nebrassy[m]nah I didn't try dhd yet11:13
T42<elros34> probably because path doesn't exist, there is patch for it but it's unmerged since eons11:14
T42<elros34> for failing android side check logcat11:21
Nebrassy[m]well could it be that those services are all 64 bit?11:30
Nebrassy[m]here's a log after placing 32 bit libsdm-disp-vndapis
T42<elros34> cmon it's probably not even needed, everything fails way before this lib is loaded11:38
T42<elros34> have you tried test_hcomposer or test_hwc2 like explained in faq?11:40
T42<elros34> but first use correct dhd branch otherwise testing is pointless11:41
Nebrassy[m]I'm not really sure which of those services are critical, I'm guessing vendor.qti.esepowermanager@1.0-service and cas11:42
Nebrassy[m]sh-3.2# test_hwc211:43
Nebrassy[m]failed to get hwcomposer service11:43
Nebrassy[m]I'll try dhd11:43
Nebrassy[m]btw is there a need to clean build, and can I just use the zip generated by instead of making th e zip manually?12:26
Nebrassy[m]now I got the same issue as @RealDanct1212:49
Nebrassy[m]Warning[03/23 12:40:12] : repo problem: nothing provides pulseaudio >= 12.2+git7 needed by pulseaudio-modules-droid-12.2.84-1.armv7hl,12:49
T42<RealDanct12> you can fix it manually by cloning mer-core/pulseaudio12:49
T42<RealDanct12> and then build it that way12:49
Nebrassy[m]rpm/dhd/helpers/ --mw=
T42<RealDanct12> yeah12:50
Nebrassy[m]Yeah I already need to do that for libnciplugin and nfcd12:51
T42<RealDanct12> in fact this error only existed today12:51
T42<RealDanct12> someone at jolla should rebuild pulseaudio 😉12:51
Nebrassy[m]how do i clean build12:54
malthe more correct way is to build older plugin, not whole pulseaudio12:54
malNebrassy[m]: are you sure you aren't doing something else wrong?12:56
Nebrassy[m]no idea12:57
malso you are trying to build for 3.2.1?12:59
piggzmonich: ping ... i have an error in ofono....13:23
piggzMar 23 12:12:28 Pro1 ofonod[3585]: Register Profile interface failed: /bluetooth/profile/hfp_ag13:24
piggzany thoughts?13:24
monichpiggz: no, not really13:25
monichit's a bluez question13:25
piggzwhos the bluez guy13:25
monichjusa is the one touching it most often recently13:26
piggzi already rebuilt my kernel with RFCOMM enabled, but that didnt help (but did get rid of the rfcomm errors)13:27
monichalthough there's me in the log too :)13:27
monichnothing I can come up with off the top of my head, sorry :/13:28
monichI would try taking dbus log and see what the error is13:28
monichor set a breakpoint in bluez13:29
monichif that error is persistent13:29
monichand not a random hiccup13:29
piggzwell, i cant gonnect to my car13:29
monichoh you need a car for testing :D13:30
jusapiggz: which device?13:30
piggzjusa: fxtec pro 113:30
piggzuse bluebinder13:30
piggzso, mal is impleicated13:30
jusapiggz: ofono, bluez and pulseaudio logs? :)13:31
piggzthought i pasted...
piggzline 4523 is hfp error13:33
jusapiggz: does the registering work if you restart ofono now?13:34
piggzno, i jut tried that13:34
piggzsame error printed13:34
piggzMar 23 13:31:45 Pro1 ofonod[15360]: Initializing Alien binder plugin.13:34
piggzMar 23 13:31:45 Pro1 ofonod[15360]: Register Profile interface failed: /bluetooth/profile/hfp_ag13:34
piggzMar 23 13:31:45 Pro1 ofonod[15360]: [mce] ERROR! Failed to attach to system bus: Exhausted all available authentication mechanisms (tried: EXTERNAL) (available: EXTERNAL)13:34
piggzMar 23 13:31:45 Pro1 ofonod[15360]: [gbinder-radio] Connected to
jusapiggz: ah, you don't want that13:36
jusapiggz: no.. wait a moment :)13:36
malpiggz: did you forget this
piggzhang one, stand down13:37
piggzit bloody worked when i tested just now!13:37
piggzit didnt connect automatically, so i initiated a connect from the kit, and it did13:37
piggzthen i power cycled and it connected automatically13:38
piggzmal: yes, i have those lines from mido too13:38
jusapiggz: re-check the ofono/bluez startup13:39
piggzjusa: there was an error mal pointed out about bluebinder terminating13:40
jusawe have a bug about ofono/bluez startup where ordering matters, I don't remember the details right now13:40
jusapiggz: ok13:40
piggzok, would be good to know the order13:40
jusaI'll try to find the bug13:41
jusapiggz: if ofono starts before bluez then things probably won't work13:42
piggzim gonna reboot the phone and try in the car again to be sure!13:43
monichthat reminds me of
piggzjusa: that MR starts ofono after bluez :D13:45
piggzwhich is it ? :)13:45
monichthat's not the right thing to do13:45
monichbut in the comments to the bug a better fix was proposed I think13:46
monichwhich was never submitted as a patch13:46
* monich opens bugzilla13:46
piggzi cant see that bug can i13:47
monichno it's internal13:48
monichneochapay: are you going to submit the right fix for that ^ problem?13:48
jusapiggz: I guess the issue was always there but it manifested itself when ordering of services changed due to home encryption13:48
piggzso, it my be ordering related, as ive just ben out to my car and its not working again...13:49
piggzwould you like logs?13:49
piggzin this case, ofono started before bluez13:51
piggzrestarted ofono, back to car and it connected automagically13:54
piggzmal jusa monich^13:55
jusapiggz: ok13:56
* monich kicks neochapay in telegram13:57
piggzjusa: can the propsoed fix be implemented in a port now?13:57
jusapiggz: I'm not sure, I'll have to take proper look13:57
monichneochapay promised to take another look some time this week13:58
piggzis it 3.3 specific?13:58
monichI don't think so, it's probably just timings changed14:03
monichbecause the whole thing becomes slower and slower with each release14:03
piggzmonich: heh, like windows updates?14:04
monichnot that bad yet14:04
Nebrassy[m]mal: still can't fix that pulseaudio error, what else can I do?14:12
piggzmonich: mal: jusa: i added /etc/systemd/system/ofono.service.d/bluetooth.conf with an After= line to start after bluetooth .....14:24
piggznow, my car connects ok14:24
piggzbut, the hfp_ag error is stil printed!14:25
walidhwhat can i do for this error : repo problem: nothing provides pulseaudio >= 12.2+git6 needed by pulseaudio-modules-droid-12.2.84-1.armv7hl14:25
Nebrassy[m]welcome to the club14:25
malthat version of pulseaudio in on 3.2.114:30
T42<elros34> @Nebrassy you were supposed to build only droid-hal14:30
malso no idea what you are doing wrong14:31
Nebrassy[m]@elros34 droid-hal is also affected by dhd?14:31
T42<elros34> dhd is droid-hal and thats the only package you should rebuild if you change dhd submodule14:32
walidhwhat version of bluze used in sfos 3.1 ?14:35
Nebrassy[m]I'm confused, the dhd has the build_packages script in it so I thought it affects everything14:37
Nebrassy[m]mal: this when built manually
malis your device using bluez4 or bluez5?15:09
malmeaning what kernel version does the device have15:09
maland which android base15:09
Nebrassy[m]kernel 4.4, android 915:12
malso bluez515:14
malsb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -R -msdk-install zypper in bluez515:15
maland then select the one which will install bluez5 and uninstall bluez415:15
Nebrassy[m]already installed15:22
Nebrassy[m]No update candidate for 'bluez5-5.50+git3-1.10.2.jolla.armv7hl'. The highest available version is already installed.15:23
malso what is trying to install bluez4 then15:29
Nebrassy[m]mal: should I just isntall the dependencies like fdupes intltool etc..?15:29
Nebrassy[m]mal: it's trying to install bluez-libs-devel15:29
malwhat are you talking about15:29
malbut what is trying to install bluez-libs-devel15:30
Nebrassy[m]last part of that paste, failed build dependencies15:30
malyou are not even showing what you are building and using what command etc15:32
Nebrassy[m]rpm/dhd/helpers/ --mw=
malI told you already before that there should not be any need to build pulseaudio15:33
malthe real issue is something else15:34
walidhsame error15:34
malno need to build pulseaudio15:36
malwhat does this return sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -R -msdk-install zypper if pulseaudio15:36
malalso sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -R -msdk-install ssu re15:37
walidhmal: this is for me
walidhand for second command : Device release is currently:
malso are you sure the problem is not that you built pulseaudio manually15:50
malRepository     : @System15:51
malwhich means it sees the local version of pulseaudio and not the one from jolla repos15:51
malvery difficult to help when I have no idea what kind of things you have done15:52
walidhmal: her is the initial error we got
walidhwhen ran build_packages.sh15:58
malwalidh: why are you trying to build sfos
malyou should be building
malanother example that you should look at the command you run16:02
malthe RELEASE you set just before running mic build16:03
walidh cat /etc/os-release  show me VERSION=" (Seitseminen)", so have set RELEASE to
walidhbut just verified now sdk version is
Nebrassy[m]I have this16:06
Nebrassy[m]Warning[03/23 15:42:07] : repo problem: nothing provides pulseaudio >= 12.2+git7 needed by pulseaudio-modules-droid-12.2.83-1.armv7hl,16:06
Nebrassy[m]and building
malwalidh: Nebrassy[m] RELEASE variable is not the same as sdk version16:09
T42<RealDanct12> i've ssu re to before, still have the same issue16:10
malwell it should be but you can use wrong RELEASE if you don't be careful16:10
malcome on, can't you read what hadk pdf does16:10
malin chapter 8.5 you set RELEASE to some version16:11
malthe value in the that is an example16:11
mal# Set the version of your choosing, latest is strongly preferred16:12
mal# (check with "Sailfish OS version" link above)16:12
malso instead of what you have in the hadk pdf you instead set that to
T42<RealDanct12> yes, this was the RELEASE i set to,, it is in my hadk.env16:13
malbut if you blindly copy stuff from hadk pdf you might have reset it16:17
malthere no way this nothing provides pulseaudio >= 12.2+git7 needed by pulseaudio-modules-droid-12.2.83-1.armv7hl can happen unless you have wrong RELEASE16:17
T42<elros34> I guess they just built puleaudio 12.2+git7 manually and rebuild pulseaudio-modules-droid against it but I might be wrong cause they provides one line logs16:21
T42<elros34> then "nothing provides comes from ks image creation"16:22
Nebrassy[m]mal: I did set the RELEASE variable to
Nebrassy[m]pulseaudio never got built, those aren't build errors but the happen when packaging16:25
mal@elros34 yeah, very difficult to know what they have done16:27
malNebrassy[m]: you claim pulseaudio was never built but this says otherwise
T42<elros34> @Nebrassy @RealDanct12  downgrade pulseaudio to 12.2+git6 in your target then rebuild pulseaudio-modules-droid16:28
malNebrassy[m]: so it seems people here have two different issue, some use from RELEASE and some have built wrong version of pulseaudio16:28
mal*wrong RELEASE16:29
Nebrassy[m]this was the original issue
Nebrassy[m]after that, I tried building pulseaudio manually, which failed to build16:31
malso wrong RELEASE16:31
malah, no sorry16:31
malbut how can that have "nothing provides pulseaudio >= 12.2+git7" it's git6 in
malonly way is that you had already built pulseaudio16:32
walidhmal: i can confirm that its RELEASE setting pb , now  work and got zip filz16:33
Nebrassy[m]when I run -m it never asks if it should build pulseaudio, when building all it also doesn't build it ( nothing in droid-local-repo16:34
malNebrassy[m]: I really have no idea when you built it but you did16:35
malso remove it16:36
maland install the correct version16:36
Nebrassy[m]how, with zypper?16:39
malwell first remove the wrong pulseaudio rpms from the droid-local-repo and then build something some repos are updated16:50
malthen use similar commands I gave earlier to install the correct version of pulseaudio16:51
walidhmal: so i return back to cm-14.1, no gui yet, got this error HWRotator::Open: open /dev/mdss_rotator failed err = 13 errstr = Permission denied17:33
T42average_italian was added by: average_italian17:44
walidhis this file needed to make gui work ? 10-hw-settings.ini17:48
malbut needed for sensors for example17:58
malwalidh: did you make sure you have the script from hadk faq successfully run and that .rc symlink like are present on the device17:59
walidhmal: yes i ran it and script is symlink18:16
maland those are in correct place on device?18:16
walidhher logs18:17
malyou need to show full logs18:19
mallogcat is also needed18:29
malwalidh: so you didn't fix the issues that were mentioned earlier18:29
malfor example Timed out waiting for device dev-block-bootdevice-by\x2dname-sns.device means that you are missing things from fixup-mountpoints18:30
walidhi will add sns and mtp18:34
walidhand test18:34
walidhmy device has same kernel version as oneplus 3, is this commit needed?
malwalidh: difficult to say, maybe18:37
T42<elros34> walidh selinux is not disabled correctly, disable it like explained in hadk 9.3.118:41
T42<elros34> is that 14.1 base or 15 and you mix up faq instruction about rc files?18:46
walidhT42: its cm14.1 based,18:52
walidhi read the faq and ran the script18:52
T42<elros34> ok I thought you changed to 15.118:54
walidhwhen changed fixup-mountpoint we need just recompile kernel ? or rebuild rootfs ?19:01
T42<elros34> You need to build droid-hal so: --droid-hal then you can copy droid-hal*rpm to device and install them manually or create new image. For selinux changes you can make hybris-boot and flash kernel to device. BTW do you use upgrade-3.2.1 branch for dhd submodule?19:08
T42<elros34> That might be still required until 3.3.0 is released  so switch to that branch, rebuild droid-hal and create new image19:15
Nebrassy[m]it builds now19:20
Nebrassy[m]but I keep getting this when I build hybris-hal19:21
Nebrassy[m]build/make/core/ error: FindEmulator: find: `tools/metalava/manual': No such file or directory19:21
walidhhow can i switch to upgrade-3.2.1 branch for dhd submodule19:46
Nebrassy[m]this is weird, no changes at all, even synced source in a new directory, still same error19:59
malNebrassy[m]: what are you trying to do now20:08
Nebrassy[m]just building hybris-hal20:08
malso how did it work before?20:08
Nebrassy[m]I have no idea20:08
maldid you run the breakfast command and other things before trying make20:09
Nebrassy[m]source build/envsetup.sh20:09
Nebrassy[m]breakfast jasmine_sprout20:09
Nebrassy[m]mka hybris-hal20:09
walidhmal: how can i debug graphics ? or what i must check , still no gui20:16
T42<edp_17> I am still struggling with bluetooth. The 'brcm_patchram_plus' is always running at the background. If I kill it then turn the BT on in settings, the bt turns on for a second then off again. The journalctl shows this:

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