Wednesday, 2020-03-25

UmeaboyI think I have.00:00
T42<birdzhang> seems good00:01
UmeaboyWhen I get to the point of using the Samsung sources, what repo do I use? I know that there's a Lineage build for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.00:02
UmeaboyUnofficial one though.00:02
T42<birdzhang> no idea about ubu-chroot, as my host is ubuntu00:02
T42<birdzhang> unofficial is okay, flash and test first00:03
UmeaboyUuuuuuuuuuhm. Rooting it is quite a hassle. I'm working on a root script on Github to make it easier.00:04
UmeaboyIt can be done, but it's a matter of timing to be able to boot into TWRP.00:04
UmeaboyWho here has write priveligies to edit the HADK pdf?01:28
T42<birdzhang> you can create pr01:29
UmeaboyI have problems finding Gears 4 Android at since the website doesn't seem to exist anymore.01:29
Umeaboybirdzhang: To what repo?01:30
T42<birdzhang> Oh, you mean HADK pdf, then only jolla guys.01:32
T42<birdzhang> We have a HADK FAQ
Umeaboybirdzhang: The only problem as I see it when it comes to following the HADK for my device is that there is no hybris branch for Android Q.01:46
UmeaboyAOSP needs to be patched, right?01:46
T42<birdzhang> There is no Q branch yet, Thaodan is working on it afaik01:48
Umeaboybirdzhang: OK, but according to Thaodan's commit log the latest commit was on 14 Oct 2019.01:58
T42<Sid_48> there were many errors earlier but removed most of them by enabling the required packages in default.xml theseare the ones im not able to find07:10
T42<Sid_48> Fwd from Sid_48:
vknecht@Sid_48: maybe try setting ALLOW_MISSING_DEPENDENCIES=true07:17
T42<Sid_48> whats my thought is that the errors are of system/update_engine but the build is unofficial can i ignore them? only the system/update_engine ones ?07:19
T42<Sid_48> ok will do that07:19
vknechtwould be good to know if lineage builds fine or not, maybe the rom builder has local mods07:21
T42<Sid_48> i didnt build lineage ever this is my first time07:39
T42<Sid_48> if you mean the working status of the build yes it works very fine07:40
vknechtmeant building lineage yourself, can be useful if only to learn (much easier than sfos since everything is already setup), and sometimes can be useful to fix things in android base07:42
T42<Sid_48> may i know how to set that setting "ALLOW_MISSING_DEPENDENCIES=true" and where07:42
T42<Sid_48> just write that setting in of vendor files?07:43
vknechtjust "export ALLOW_MISSING_DEPENDENCIES=true" in terminal I think07:43
vknecht(just found a note about it when searching for unrelated stuff: )07:44
T42<Sid_48> yeah setting iton terminalusing export worked07:46
T42<Sid_48> but the "libawk_main" which was an error in my previous terminal log is needed07:48
T42<Sid_48> just a sec07:48
vknechtyou can add really required repos in your local manifest once you found their address07:51
T42<Sid_48> can i add in default.xml? if found?07:53
vknechtafaik it's better to only modify your local manifest, so all changes/overrides required for sfos are centralized07:55
vknecht*for your sfos build07:56
T42<Nebrassy> @Sid_48 [], Clone one-true-Awk, puffin, fsck_msdos, puffin from lineage and xz-embedded from aosp08:01
T42<Nebrassy> I need those too08:01
T42<Sid_48> yeah got one_true_awk after a lotos googling08:23
T42<edp_17> Can you advise what service and/or config files are responsible for the notification LEDs, please?09:27
T42<RealDanct12> hw-settings.ini09:27
T42<edp_17> Thanks09:28
spiiroinwell, that hwsettings.ini is for "device has led" config. led patterns etc -> mce.service & config files under /etc/mce09:30
T42<edp_17> Thanks.09:31
walidhtest_hwcomposer work but still no gui10:17
walidhHWDevice::Init: open /dev/graphics/fb0 failed err = 13 errstr = Permission denied10:17
walidhwith EGL_PLATFORM=fbdev got : failed to open the framebuffer module10:22
T42<Sid_48> @Nebrassy [Clone one-true-Awk, puffin, fsck_msdos, from l …], btw everything is in the default.xml file we should uncomment and enable the required packages10:22
vknechtwalidh, please post complete journalctl/dmesg, might be something else10:22
walidhEGL_PLATFORM=fbdev strace test_hwcomposer :
walidhlogcat :
T42<RealDanct12> you are supposed to run it with `EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer`.. right?10:27
T42<birdzhang> walidh: which android base?10:28
walidhEGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer work well10:28
T42<birdzhang> show dmesg and journalctl logs10:30
walidhdmesg :
T42<birdzhang> walidh: i forget to say need reboot and regrab the logs10:45
T42<elros34> wallidh: are you sure you switched to correct dhd branch? cd dhd; git log10:51
piggzmal: jusa: monich: on the pinepone, when making a voice call, we need pulseaudio/alsa to change its UCM profile .... how might that happen? pine64 devs suggest it should be in the dialler maybe?11:15
walidhdhd log :
walidh<elros34>: how can i verif if i used correct branch ?11:55
vknechtwalidh, see and compare commits dates with what you have, you're on master it seems12:09
walidhvknecht : its not same logs12:11
vknechtyou'd have to go in dhd/ and "git checkout upgrade-3.2.1" (when all is ok, don't forget to commit submodule directory afterward and push)12:12
jusapiggz: do you have current configs for the pinephone somewhere?12:17
jusaI mean the whole adaptation repos etc12:18
piggzjusa: yes12:18
piggzjusa, we know that routing from the modem to the soudcard works by doing the following:12:18
piggzalsaucm -c sun50i-a64-audio set _verb "Voice Call"12:19
piggzecho "AT+QTTS=2,\"Would you like to play a nice game of chess\"" | atinout - /dev/EG25.AT -12:19
piggzthat last command tells the modem to use its internal TTS to speak :)12:19
piggzyou can just use echo, but we have packages atinout to do all the at commands to the modem12:19
jusapiggz: do you need to do that echo stuff, or is it enough to just change UCM profile?12:23
jusaah, echo was just a test I guess?12:24
piggzjusa: yes12:26
piggzjust a test12:26
piggzwhich proves the routing is working internally12:26
jusapiggz: can you paste what pactl list produces on pinephone12:31
piggzjusa: sure12:31
jusapiggz: I assume "Voice Call" card profile will set the Voice Call verb?12:34
piggzjusa: yes i think so12:34
DylanVanAsscheHiFi = normal audio12:34
DylanVanAsscheVoiceCall = calling audio12:34
piggzjusa: UCM is
jusapiggz: ok. then I'd say load module-policy-enforcement - and setup xpolicy.conf and friends so that *forcall card rules use that verb, then all the rest will use the HiFi one12:36
jusaI think you'll need to have all the .conf files from sparse/etc/pulse/xpolicy.conf.d and the main xpolicy.conf - or better yet, let's modify the current .conf so that it can be used with pinephone with just variable changes12:38
jusanah, need to rewrite the stuff, there are some droid-modules specific routing rules nowadays12:39
walidhyes got gui work after upgrade dhd,12:57
walidhtouch screen not work12:59
T42<elros34> remove :/dev/input/eventX from droid-hal-device.conf13:00
walidhi remove line ? LIPSTICK_OPTIONS=-plugin evdevtouch:/dev/input/event0 -plugin evdevkeyboard:keymap=/usr/share/qt5/keymaps/droid.qmap13:08
malno, only remove :/dev/input/event0 from that line13:09
T42<elros34> no, only part of it so evdevtouch plugin can detect it automatically13:09
walidhmal: its work, signin to jolla account crash, maybe ignore it and setting it later, will test14:06
walidhmal: when start wizard, graphics not work well, for example showing me black screen when scrol to jolla application14:14
T42<Sid_48> every dependency error has been solved im not even able to understand the error..14:23
T42<elros34> @Sid_48 did you follow faq instruction before building ?14:31
T42<Sid_48> @elros34 [@Sid_48 did you follow faq instruction before …], no i didnt thanks for pointing me to that will check it rightaway..14:37
T42<elros34> @Sid_48 it was mentioned several times in this channel in last few days but in case you missed it: use upgrade-3.2.1 branch for dhd submodule14:40
T42<Sid_48> @elros34 [@Sid_48 it was mentioned several times in this …], i didnt get you .. means how do i even use it?14:41
T42<elros34> read this channel log, there were one line instruction few hours ago14:43
T42<Sid_48> ok..14:43
walidhwizard ui is not good :
T42<RealDanct12> is this a mali or adreno device? i believe you need quirks15:02
walidhadreno device15:02
walidhi added #define WANT_ADRENO_QUIRKS 1 \ in droid-hal15:04
T42<Sid_48> @elros34 [@Sid_48 did you follow faq instruction before …], thanks for the instructions i got build completed successfully with no errors but many warnings..15:19
UmeaboyAny progress with Huawei P10 being done regarding Sailfish OS?15:20
UmeaboyI googled, but couldn't find anything on the first hits.15:20
T42Kamlesh12799 was added by: Kamlesh1279915:36
walidhhow resolve resolution size ? i can't finish wizard setting15:47
Umeaboywalidh: What does nano /sys/class/graphics/fb0/modes say?16:02
T42<elros34> walidh: didn't you say that you replaced some android libraries? grab logcat and journal16:02
walidhnano /sys/class/graphics/fb0/modes ==> U:1440x2720p-6016:03
UmeaboyI think you need to Google Wayland + screen resolution + command line16:05
Umeaboywalidh: Maybe (no promises) this might be of help:
walidhthere is no /etc/default/grub16:38
malwe don't use grub on device16:39
walidhmal: how fix bad resolution ? i cant finish wiazrd setting, i have used before sailfish and i know how work with it16:41
malwhat do you mean bad resolution?16:41
walidhgot black screen when showing list app16:41
malwalidh: what did you rebuild after you added WANT_ADRENO_QUIRKS?16:42
malwalidh: did you set correct pixel_ratio?16:42
walidh%define android_config \#define QCOM_BSP 1 \#define WANT_ADRENO_QUIRKS 1 \%{nil}16:43
walidh%define pixel_ratio 1.016:43
walidhcat /sys/class/graphics/fb0/modes == > 1440x2720p-6016:45
malwalidh: 1.0 is not correct for your device probably, for example xperia 10 uses 1.75 and that has 1080x2520 6" display, faq has some formulas to estimate the pixel ratio16:53
walidhchanged to 2.0 same thing for wizard, how can i pass the wizard ?17:40
walidhthere is no /desktop/sailfish/silica/ folder17:43
walidhis missing17:43
malif you mean tutorial
walidhmal: passing the tutorial , wait animation image dispalyed, got home screen when i scrol screen to left.18:11
walidhgot this error [W] unknown:74 - file:///usr/lib/qt5/qml/Sailfish/Silica/BackgroundItem.qml:74:5: QML : Binding loop detected for property "width"--18:12
T42<edp_17> The notification LED does not work. I have defined LedType=White in hw-settings.ini.23:46
T42<edp_17> and the 'LedBrightnessFile=/sys/class/misc/notification/led'23:46
T42<edp_17> and 'LedMaxBrightnessFile=/home/nemo/max_brightness' in the /etc/mce/60-white.ini23:47
T42<edp_17> And I restarted the mce.service23:47
T42<edp_17> When I test the LED with csd, it doesn't do anything.23:48
T42<edp_17> Is there any other config that I should check/change?23:48
T42<edp_17> Or is there somewhere a documentation/wiki/info about this?23:52
T42<birdzhang> why LedMaxBrightness at your home directory? That’s wrong23:57
T42<edp_17> Because I try to use the softkeys as leds and I don't have brightness or max_brightness files anywhere. Therefore I set the max_brightness to 1.23:59

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