Saturday, 2020-03-28

T42D %lastname% was added by: D %lastname%01:23
walidhbash: mk-cam-conf: command not found05:06
walidhi must install mk-cam-conf ?05:07
T42<RealDanct12> @walidh [i must install mk-cam-conf ?], yes, gstreamer1.0-droid-tools05:20
walidhyes i found it thx05:21
T42车蓉惠 %lastname% was added by: 车蓉惠 %lastname%07:03
walidhcamera app crash and when ran this command "mk-cam-conf 0 /etc/gst-droid/gstdroidcamsrc-0.conf" got "Failed to start pipeline"08:58
vknechtwalidh, iirc the mk-cam procedure is not needed anymore, you can skip that09:04
walidhcan't open camera app, logcat
vknechtcan you install and try "Advanced Camera" app (it's in jolla store and also on if you can't access jolla store yet)09:23
vknechtbut those camera daemon crashes don't look good...09:23
walidhis libcamera_compat_layer needed ?09:43
walidhvknecht in jolla-hw-adaptation-$DEVICE in some device they add - audioflingerglue09:52
walidhso this is only android pie or we setting it also in nogat09:52
vknechtI don't have it on my nougat-based port09:54
walidhcan you give me the url repo to your work09:55
vknechtdo your /dev/video* permissions look like that ?
walidhyes i have10:00
T42<Ori %lastname%> Is there any way to install anbox not based on device configuration11:44
walidhhow can i cleanup sdk platform to rebuild clean version12:25
UmeaboyHi! Can someone please add the hybris-17.0 branch on the mer-hybris repo and correct my PR to be pushed to hybris-17.0 instead? I couldn't find any way to change the request.22:45
UmeaboyIf anybody is awake that is. :)22:47
malthere isn't hybris-17.0 branch anywhere yet, not even in the android manifest repo in mer-hybris22:55
UmeaboyWell, isn't hybris 17.0 meant to be based on Android 10?23:27
UmeaboyOr am I mistaken?23:27
Umeaboymal: ^^23:28
malyes, but there isn't a branch for that here yet nor in the hybris-patches repo23:40
malthere were those some patches in the PR in patches repo but no idea if those work23:40
malI'll create the branch tomorrow, it's a bit too late now23:51
UmeaboyOK. :)23:59

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