Tuesday, 2020-04-07

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rodrigosolariCONFIG_CC_STACKPROTECTOR_STRONG: -fstack-protector-strong, this my error, because ubu-chroot is 14.04 and not support , any help?05:10
r0kk3rzuse a newer ubu chroot then05:49
rodrigosolariexists? i can't find06:03
vknechtrodrigosolari, as elros said, you can also try building with your host system, ubu-chroot is just a convenience06:10
r0kk3rzits to isolate the build from the host environment, but yeah its not critical06:18
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T42<ssolarir> @elros34 [have you tried to build it in your host system …], Ok06:43
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T42<ssolarir> In the local_manifests/$device.XML is necessary vendor.... Por only kernel and device ?06:49
T42<Rsolari> :-)06:51
r0kk3rzyou might need all kinds of things in there06:51
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T42<Rsolari> @r0kk3rz [depends], Ok :-)06:58
r0kk3rzplease avoid using the reply function in telegram06:58
T42<Rsolari> Ok06:59
rodrigosolariccache: FATAL: Could not find compiler "clang" in PATH07:03
rodrigosolariis necessary install clang?07:03
r0kk3rzsounds like doesnt it07:05
T42<Nebrassy> rodrigosolari: lineage doesn't have clang 9.0.5, try https://github.com/nebrassy/device_xiaomi_sdm660-common-sailfish/commit/408359cadc96707c1f0a8a12e66d81acfabc926d07:10
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rodrigosolarithanks nebrassy07:42
rodrigosolariwhat is error this log07:43
T42<Nebrassy> the error isn't there, use this format when outputting log to a file07:58
T42<Nebrassy> cmd &>> outfile07:58
T42<Nebrassy> vendor.qti.bluetooth@1.0-patch_dl_manager: ReadHciEvent: Expected CC08:43
T42<Nebrassy> what does that mean?08:43
T42<Nebrassy> http://haste.aicp-rom.com/ugeleqaray.sql08:43
T42<Verevka86> Pls help!10:32
T42<Verevka86> https://pastebin.com/sExTGtrY10:33
T42<Verevka86> GUI does not work 😭10:33
T42<Verevka86> https://github.com/SailfishOS-sagit10:33
T42<Verevka86> Full log-10:35
T42<Verevka86> (Document) https://irc.thaodan.de/.imgstore/H6GisJ9UmD.bin10:35
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T42<elros34> @Verevka86 you have enabled selinux. Disable it like it's explained in Hadk 9.3.1. Also if you build sailfish 3.2.1 then go to dhd submodule then checkout to upgrade-3.2.1 branch10:58
T42<Verevka86> @elros34 [@Verevka86 you have enabled selinux. Disable i …], https://github.com/SailfishOS-sagit/droid-hal-sagit/commit/9342fef62e0eaab11dc080b6f8754d64776f5bd011:00
T42<Verevka86> @elros34 [@Verevka86 you have enabled selinux. Disable i …], So turn off Selinux?11:02
T42<Verevka86> cmdline- BOARD_KERNEL_CMDLINE += androidboot.selinux=permissive11:02
T42<Verevka86> @elros34 [@Verevka86 you have enabled selinux. Disable i …], https://github.com/SailfishOS-sagit/android_device_xiaomi_msm8998-common/commit/b181ba791d855d047008e0eba94ba9271396b00711:04
T42<elros34> cmdline is not enough, read hadk 9.3.1 or https://github.com/mer-hybris/mer-kernel-check/pull/27/files11:05
T42<Verevka86> @elros34 [cmdline is not enough, read hadk 9.3.1 or http …], revert this? - https://github.com/SailfishOS-sagit/kernel_xiaomi_msm8998/commit/150337d6a86a100b0afe4143eaeba2d03190bdb311:15
T42<elros34> audit is required11:16
T42<Walid %lastname%> hi,  how to resolve this issue in wizard tutorial11:18
T42<Walid %lastname%> https://drive.google.com/file/d/16caBwtp3qOFMpEPfT8P_iSeMC6XO8Mde/view?usp=sharing11:18
T42<elros34> Walid have you tried to get logs?11:24
T42<edp_17> @Walid: Have you tried to tap on each corner by clockwise starting from the top left? (That skips the tutorial.)11:25
T42<Verevka86> @elros34 [audit is required], Thank you, enable audit, compile kernel 😊11:30
T42<elros34> confirm that out/*/.config is correct after you compile it then you can flash hybris-boot.img11:36
T42<edp_17> @elros34 : what is the -t doing in that command you gave me? I did a sb2 --help and couldn't find -t in there.12:05
T42<edp_17> Nevermind, found it.12:06
T42<Verevka86> @elros34 [confirm that out/*/.config is correct after yo …], https://gist.github.com/Verevka/29672bd1e7de40e52824c53db69c7aae12:27
T42<elros34> you need to provide full journalctl and /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat12:30
T42<Verevka86> @elros34 [you need to provide full journalctl and /usr/l …], journalctl- https://pastebin.com/jTpDBTjc13:28
T42<Verevka86> @elros34 [you need to provide full journalctl and /usr/l …], logcat adb I don't know how to do13:36
T42<Walid %lastname%> @edp_17 [@Walid: Have you tried to tap on each corner b …], https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/gHNNCKXtCF/13:42
T42<Walid %lastname%> i skiped wizard tuto, but i want knoiw what is wrong13:42
T42<elros34> @Verevka86 just type: /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat after reboot. BTW you should enable CONFIG_FW_LOADER_USER_HELPER and CONFIG_FW_LOADER_USER_HELPER_FALLBACK14:47
T42<Nebrassy> @elros34 ever had that Bluetooth problem, cant fix it or mobile data no matter what I try15:13
T42<elros34> sorry no, have you tried dummy_netd?15:15
T42<Nebrassy> Yup15:16
T42<Nebrassy> The log is with that15:16
T42<elros34> Does it work? systemctl status dummy_netd.service15:17
T42<Nebrassy> sh-3.2# systemctl status dummy_netd.service15:23
T42<Nebrassy> ● dummy_netd.service15:23
T42<Nebrassy>    Loaded: not-found (Reason: No such file or directory)15:23
T42<Nebrassy>    Active: inactive (dead)15:23
T42<Nebrassy> wtf, I'm sure I built it15:24
T42<elros34> no wonder it doesn't help:)15:25
T42<Nebrassy> do I have to add it to patterns?15:25
T42<elros34> sure15:25
T42<Nebrassy> I'll try installing it manually15:25
T42<Nebrassy> great, it works, that was dumb15:43
T42<Nebrassy> now only bluetooth left15:43
T42<Nebrassy> Logs seem different now16:09
T42<Nebrassy> http://haste.aicp-rom.com/bumafipilu.sql16:09
T42<Nebrassy> http://haste.aicp-rom.com/jutiweyito.sql16:09
T42<Nebrassy> Apr 07 18:53:29 MiA2 droid-hal-init: Received control message 'interface_start' for 'android.hardware.bluetooth@1.0::IBluetoothHci/default' from pid: 3633 (/system/bin/hwservicemanager)16:10
T42<Nebrassy> Apr 07 18:53:29 MiA2 droid-hal-init: Could not find service hosting interface android.hardware.bluetooth@1.0::IBluetoothHci/default16:10
T42<Nebrassy> Maybe that?16:10
T42<adampigg> Rinigus: i note that angelfish dies regulalry with code 13916:23
T42<adampigg> Is that a flatpak or angelfish issue?16:25
rinigus@adampigg: no idea. is it on sfos3.3?17:34
T42<adampigg> Rinigus: it is....it always works, but when i go away and come back it is always crashed17:36
rinigus@adampigg: for me it works for days, until I have to update it. I get the crashes, but its rare. will try to remember next time and make some kind of stats on it17:37
rinigusunless I used camera (ooohhh, what a lovely moment to get back that fast), that unofficial camera app, and due to its use of RAM all qtwebengine processes were killed leaving angelfish just as an empty shell17:38
T42<Rodrigosolari> make -j2 hybris-hal, there is way to run it in verbose mode17:51
T42<elros34> usually using -j1 is enough to figure out why something fail17:55
rodrigosolarihttp://haste.aicp-rom.com/ dont open17:58
T42<Verevka86> @elros34 [@Verevka86 just type: /usr/libexec/droid-hybri …], https://gist.github.com/Verevka/407cb7565fff0990f2b6881620d763db18:23
T42<Verevka86> just type: /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat after reboot-18:25
T42<Verevka86> I can't connect to the device18:25
T42<Rodrigosolari> this my log19:05
T42<Rodrigosolari> https://pastebin.com/Es1w1esn19:05
T42<Rodrigosolari> I have an error, and I don't know where19:06
T42<Nebrassy> Where's that kernel from19:09
T42<Rodrigosolari> My mobile phone is19:21
T42<Rodrigosolari> Redmi note 8 ginkgo19:22
T42<Rodrigosolari> or you mean the repository19:22
T42<Nebrassy> I mean repo19:30
T42<Nebrassy> I built for ginkgo with PE kernel once19:30
T42<Rodrigosolari> this a repo19:33
T42<Rodrigosolari> https://github.com/Xiaomi-trinket-dev/android_kernel_xiaomi_sm612519:33
T42<Rodrigosolari> https://github.com/Xiaomi-trinket-dev19:33
T42<Nebrassy> Lineage-16.0 branch?19:41
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T42<Rodrigosolari> Yes @Nebrassy  , 16.0 branch19:43
T42<Rodrigosolari> Not 17.119:43
T42<elros34> @Verevka86 you don't have telnet access at all? try in twrp: ln -s /dev/null /data/.stowaways/sailfishos/etc/systemd/system/usb-moded.service19:46
T42<Verevka86> @elros34 [@Verevka86 you don't have telnet access at all …], its Work!!! 👍19:55
T42<Verevka86> sh-3.2# /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat19:55
T42<Verevka86> logcat read failure19:55
T42<Verevka86> @elros34 [@Verevka86 you don't have telnet access at all …], https://gist.github.com/Verevka/dc145778754d0dd54bfb0eb03ad2500820:04
T42<Rodrigosolari> @Nebrassy [Lineage-16.0 branch?], It is possible to build with other modified xda kernels, which are not lineage, I think it is the kernel code that gives me an error20:13
T42<elros34> @Verevka86 looks like all xiaomi are broken in simillar way, @Nebrassy might be able to help you20:14
T42<Verevka86> @elros34 [@Verevka86 looks like all xiaomi are broken in …], Many thanks for your help🤝20:15
T42<Nebrassy> @Rodrigosolari [It is possible to build with other modified xd …], Try the one one PixelExperience-devices20:16
T42<Nebrassy> You might need a patch for clang, I'll send if you get the error20:17
T42<Nebrassy> @Verevka86 [Many thanks for your help🤝], https://github.com/nebrassy/kernel_xiaomi_sdm660-sailfish/commit/61f8d9cb5d81052e3560bb97768865488e8862bf20:19
T42<Nebrassy> If you have that commit20:20
T42<Nebrassy> @elros34 [@Verevka86 looks like all xiaomi are broken in …], Caf's fault20:20
T42<Nebrassy> @Rodrigosolari this one actually https://github.com/PotatoDevices/kernel_xiaomi_ginkgo/20:25
T42<Rodrigosolari> if I had tried those, but it throws me an error because it asks me for lineage.mk and I don't know how to build it20:28
T42<Nebrassy> Did you do android development before20:31
T42<Rodrigosolari> t yes for learning, but joining the repos, in the server, but never modify21:08
T42<Nebrassy> To use a tree from one rom in another rom, you need to modify some files and rename some21:11
T42<Nebrassy> For example, grep -r potato *21:12
T42<Nebrassy> And edit every instance to lineage, also rename every file with potato in the name to lineage21:12
T42<Rodrigosolari> @Nebrassy [To use a tree from one rom in another rom, you …], I used what you told me, the potato kernel, but nevertheless I still get an error23:14
T42<Rodrigosolari> https://pastebin.com/yQdzK26g23:14

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