Friday, 2020-05-15

T42<ankaos> journalctl output03:23
rinigusmal: I (mostly) fixed the compass on xperia tama - just have to use magnetometer+accelerometer directly.07:03
rinigusthose sensors are working correctly, as checked against & 1 g07:03
rinigusTYPE_ORIENTATION sensor in android is deprecated now, and device orientation should be computed as in
rinigusthat's why my device doesn't even have orientation sensor.07:04
rinigusmag+acc approach seems to be used in sensorfwd as well, but looks like something is messed up in and sony tama interaction07:04
riniguswhen I use compass that has mag+acc calculations implemented, compass works as it should07:04
rinigusnote that giro is disabled there and enabling it makes it work relatively badly, hence janbar disabled it07:04
rinigusmag+acc approach implementation has been submitted to qt, but hasn't gone through
riniguswhile we are still on qtsensors 5.2, probably it can be added to
rinigusand use generic instead of sensorfwd compass07:04
rinigusmal: ^07:05
birdzhanglbt: please patternise nemo:testing:hw:xiaomi:davinci, my obs name is birdzhang too08:15
T42<edp_17> lbt: please create an OBS account for me, user: edp17, email:, thanks!08:17
malrinigus: any idea which device had issues with gyro?08:19
rinigusmal: no, I don't know. but when I enabled it on tama, it was also not as good as it was without.08:20
lbtedp_17: done.. welcome aboard08:20
rinigusbut I must say that I have not checked it too much with gyro...08:20
malrinigus: what does gyro list on that device in messwerk?08:20
malrinigus: at least on x10 (doesn't even have gyro) but messwerk still shows some constant wrong value for gyro, not sure if app issue or what08:21
lbtbirdzhang: done08:21
birdzhanglbt: thank you08:21
rinigusmal: mal: it shows it and when I move phone around the graphs change08:22
riniguson no movement, it stands mostly on zero, but with small offset.08:22
rinigusmaybe offset is killing it a bit...08:23
rinigusmal: note that in there is no gyro either08:23
T42<edp_17> lbt: Thank you!!!!!!08:24
birdzhanglbt: i can't see davinci at
lbtah - you need to talk to mal to get it set up - but once it is it will have patterns08:27
birdzhangmal: please create nemo:testing:hw:xiaomi:davinci08:29
rinigusmal: I'll try again with gyro08:31
malrinigus: so tama has gyro?08:38
malbirdzhang: added devel and testing projects for davinci08:42
birdzhangmal: thank you very much08:42
rinigusmal: yes, tama has gyro. ok, gyro is not an issue, it was just using very aggressive filtering making response time slow. by setting coefficient to 0.5 all works nicely with gyro08:49
rinigusmal: coefficient at
rinigusmal: so, it looks to me that we just need to pick the generic compass code and add it to
rinigusI can test it tonight, should be easy08:51
T42<elros34> @ankaos your system partition is unusual. It's cm14 but you have system as root at least according to fstab. Show: ls -al /system/ /system/bin /system/etc/init /system_root/ /system_root/system10:01
malrinigus: I will test that on x10 at some point to see how it works there10:15
T42<edp_17> deathmist: I have swapped the device and vendor stuff in all three spec file and rebuilt a new image. Now the su s says: Device model: Galaxy Note 4 (treltexx / treltexx)10:22
T42<edp_17> And I do see all apps in the Jolla store. 😄 Thanks!10:23
T42<elros34> I bet it was because you logged in again :)10:23
T42<edp_17> Maybe, true I didn't try to log out then back in again. :)10:24
T42<edp_17> How can I make the wifi password permanent? The device always forgets it after a reboot. (On the hammerhead and S2 it helped when I put the wifi into a module and loaded up when the device started. On this device this didn't solve the issue.)10:25
T42<elros34> it's probably because your MAC keeps changing10:26
malrinigus: is that compass app available somewhere?10:27
T42<edp_17> @elros34 : and how can I avoid that? Is it something kernel related? (I am wondering why I didn't have this issue on the other devices.)10:29
T42<elros34> is wlan really10:30
T42<elros34> built as module now?10:30
T42<edp_17> Yes.10:30
T42<elros34> so lsmod shows it and you don't modprobe it somewhere in /etc/mod*10:31
T42<edp_17> I am not sure anymore as the lsmod gives me: ibkmod: kmod_module_new_from_loaded: could not open /proc/modules: No such file or directory10:31
T42<edp_17> I have /etc/modprobe.d/dhd.conf10:32
T42<elros34> so it's not, always check output .config if you change kernel10:32
T42<elros34> you have disable config_modules10:33
T42<elros34> disabled*10:33
T42<edp_17> I did change the kernel to put this into module. Hmm.10:35
T42<edp_17> I just pushed into github:
T42<edp_17> Yeah, that's true I forgot to set the CONFIG_MODULES :(10:38
rinigusmal: I don't think that app is available anywhere (I opened an issue regarding it). so, you have to build it10:44
malrinigus: the compass was a bit wonky on x10 with that app, but at least better than nothing10:47
rinigusmal: its not perfect, but question is whether it shows correct-alike directions? in tama, I had west and east swapped when using default sfos compass arangement. north could have been anything as well...10:49
riniguswith this approach, I am at least hitting something alike.10:49
rinigus... as it is expected to be10:49
malrinigus: I will test a bit more later but it did give ok-ish direction for north11:03
malrinigus: have you checked that the sensorfw data is not swapped is some way, meaning the rotation matrises are correct11:04
rinigusmal: cannot tell internally. but when I swapped accelometer z with -1 matrix, compass started to work. that was at expense of making csd rather unhappy11:11
riniguswith the latest approach, I can use correct accelometer settings, mag data is correct (sign wise and seems to be expected values) as well, as reported by messwerk11:12
malbirdzhang: btw, you don't need to build native vibrator packages in adaptation project, those are available in jolla repos12:24
T42<birdzhang> mal: i will delete it12:32
T42<ankaos> @elros34 [@ankaos your system partition is unusual. It's …], sh-3.2# ls -al /system/ /system/bin /system/etc/init /system_root/ /system_root/system12:35
T42<ankaos> ls: /system/bin: No such file or directory12:35
T42<ankaos> ls: /system/etc/init: No such file or directory12:35
T42<ankaos> ls: /system_root/system: No such file or directory12:35
T42<ankaos> /system/:12:35
T42<ankaos> total 1212:35
T42<ankaos> drwxr-xr-x    3 root     root          4096 Mar 26  1970 .12:35
T42<ankaos> drwxr-xr-x   30 root     root          4096 Apr 21 21:19 ..12:35
T42<ankaos> drwxrwx---    2 root     root          4096 Mar 26  1970 lost+found12:35
T42<ankaos> /system_root/:12:35
T42<ankaos> total 1212:35
T42<ankaos> drwxr-xr-x    3 root     root          4096 Mar 26  1970 .12:35
T42<ankaos> drwxr-xr-x   30 root     root          4096 Apr 21 21:19 ..12:35
T42<ankaos> drwxrwx---    2 root     root          4096 Mar 26  1970 lost+found12:35
T42<birdzhang> use pastebin please12:35
T42<elros34> your system is empty, did you forget to flash cm14 before flashing sailfish?12:37
T42<edp_17> Interesting. If I add the CONFIG_MODULES=y into defconfig, the make hybris-hal fails:
T42<edp_17> Without, it compiles.12:46
r0kk3rzthat happens sometimes12:47
T42<edp_17> Thanks. :) And it that happens what can I do?13:29
T42<edp_17> Or is there any other way to force the device to remember the Wifi MAC address?13:31
T42<elros34> when you enabled modules probably few other config changed to =m. Set them back to builtin or at least these which cause issues (lcd, netfilter_13:34
T42<elros34> I suggest you to regenerate your defconfig (copy over .config to defconfig) so you will see what changed13:35
T42<edp_17> Good idea! I wanted to ask how can I compare what's changed in .config over the defconfig, but this answers that. 👍13:36
rinigusmal: just checked with the proper compass - tama direction is rather close to what the real one shows.15:39
malrinigus: I will test that also later15:56
T42Amber %lastname% was added by: Amber %lastname%19:23
T42<ankaos> sh-3.2# ls system/system/bin/ in sh and other depencies19:33
T42<ankaos> LIPSTICK_OPTIONS=-plugin evdevtouch:/dev/input/event1 -plugin evdevkeyboard:keymap=/usr/share/qt5/keymaps/droid.qmap evdev0 or evdev119:38
malremove the :/dev/input/event1 completely, it should autodetect the device20:12
T42<ankaos> Are there any examples?20:13
malwhat? I just said what to remove20:17
malremove the part :/dev/input/event1 but leave everything else in that line20:17
rinigusmal: made changes in qtsensors
riniguscompiled at
riniguslooks to be working nicely20:44
malrinigus: did you just add QCompass=generic.compass to config?21:12
malrinigus: I can't seem to get that working21:55
malmaybe it doesn't like if the device doesn't have a gyroscope sensor21:56
T42<ankaos> where is the problem?22:40
T42<elros34> did you flash cm? Show what you have in /system and /system_root now22:57
T42<ankaos> /system and /system_root23:03
T42<elros34> use more that command I gave you earlier or just search yourself why droid-hal-init can't find anything: droid-hal-init: cannot find '/system/bin/sh' (No such file or directory)23:06
T42<elros34> that ls is form /system? Show what you have in /lib/systemd/system/system*.mount23:07
T42<ankaos> system.mount                             enabled23:09
T42<elros34> cat it23:09
T42<ankaos> sh-3.2# ls system/system/bin/ | grep sh  say me sh23:11
T42<elros34> yeah that is why you should check content of system*.mount23:12
T42<ankaos> cat /lib/systemd/system/system*.mount23:14
T42<elros34> looks like entry in ./out/target/product/tissot/root/  mess up your system.mount23:17
T42<elros34> try to put this in system.mount:
T42<ankaos> @elros34 [try to put this in system.mount: https://paste …], dont open pastebin 😢23:19
T42<ankaos> thanks23:21
T42<elros34> I forgot of [Unit] in first line23:22
T42<ankaos> then I will fix it manually.23:22
T42<ankaos> @elros34 [I forgot of [Unit] in first line],
T42Tedarek was added by: Tedarek23:26
T42<Tedarek> hi everyone. i just had one question. does sailfish X for Xperia X work on every X subdevices? like the xz premium?23:27
T42<ankaos> @elros34 [I forgot of [Unit] in first line], I could not.23:29
T42<ankaos> I can't figure out where to fix.23:35
T42<elros34> what do you mean? in /lib/systemd/system/system.mount on your device, then reboot23:36
T42<ankaos> ı dont edit23:37
T42<ankaos> ı dont use23:37
T42<ankaos> @elros34 [what do you mean? in /lib/systemd/system/syste …], hoowwwwww23:48
T42<ankaos> I don't understand what you're saying.23:49
T42<ankaos> system.mount                             enabled23:52

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