Monday, 2020-07-13

Kabouik@adampigg @rinigus, I installed sailfish-fpd-community on the Pro1 using a zypper dup, and I can now record new fingerprints, but nothing seems to happen when trying to unlock the phone with the fp reader. That's with device lock enabled or not. Is there something else I need to do?08:38
rinigusKabouik: as piggz has that device, I let him reply regarding specifics. maybe you miss sailfish-devicelock-fpd?08:50
KabouikThanks rinigus, no sailfish-devicelock-fpd is installed08:54
Kabouik(By the way, by sshing to my device right now, I can confirm that battery use with Sailfish lxc containers is great: I have Debian i3 running with more than 15 Firefox tabs open, plus other processes, and I'm down to 98% battery after unplugging my phone 3 hours ago)08:55
KabouikHi piggz; did you see my ping on your other account just before?08:56
piggzKabouik: so, what exectlt have you installed, an which release are you on, devel: or testing: ?09:07
KabouikI should be on testing, and I'm on and ran zypper dup a couple days ago, which installed sailfish-devicelock-fpd piggz09:08
piggzok, so, i guess it should work09:08
KabouikIt works in recording new prints, but nothing happened when trying to use the fpreader to unlock09:08
piggzhmm, _just works_ here, and others reported success09:09
KabouikNote that I think my recorded prints are not conserved after reboot09:09
piggzyou dont see anything on the devicelock screen, you just touch your finger09:09
KabouikI tried that yes09:09
piggzdid you record in in settings, or the test app?09:09
KabouikIn the settings09:09
piggzso, seems like you did everything right09:10
KabouikI don't see any test apps, should I launch it from command line?09:10
piggzsailfish-fpd-community is quite verbose, check logs09:10
KabouikFailed to created directoryu /var/lib/sailfish-fpd-communiuty/10000009:11
KabouikI guess that would explain why my prints are deleted after reboot09:11
KabouikI don't even know how Jolla Settings can thing they are saved before reboot09:11
piggzthat shouldnt happen :D09:12
KabouikI just checked from terminal, the folder does exist09:12
KabouikAnd fingerprints.db is in it09:12
KabouikBut sailfish-fpd-community says Could not read the file /var/lib/blabla/fingerprints.db' Error string: permission denied09:13
KabouikLater it says could not write /blabla/fingerprints.db too09:13
Kabouik-rw-rw-rw-    1 root     root             4 Jul 13 02:39 fingerprints.db09:14
KabouikHere are the full logs:
KabouikUh, apparently I can't record prints anymore (just nothing happens, the fringerprint icon doesn't fill up when I put my finger on the sensor); it used to work, so maybe there are two different issues09:18
ghosalmartinoo is there a community fingerprint thing now available?09:33
piggzKabouik: ps aux | grep fpd pls09:56
rinigusghosalmartin: see
Kabouik piggz13:07
KabouikMaybe I should reboot first because I used to be able to record new fingerprints (even though they wouldn't work to unlock and would be lost at reboot), now I cannot. Hopefully a reboot would fix that at least.13:08
KabouikAfter reboot piggz:
KabouikReboot indeed fixed the issue with creating new fingerprints in the db13:15
KabouikSomeone else on Discord reported observing the same as me regarding fpd: can add fingerprints, but nothing happens when unlocking13:53
Kabouiktrying to unlock*13:53
piggzKabouik: can i get logs from after reboot and trying to unlock14:53
KabouikI'm afraid running manually sailfish-fpd-community is what makes it fail to register new fingerprints piggz14:55
KabouikBecause I ran it again to get the logs, and again it won't fill the fingerprint icon14:55
piggzKabouik: get the logs from journal14:56
KabouikOk. Is rebooting the way toget back to a state where it registers new fingerprints?14:57
Kabouikthe only way*14:57
KabouikRebooting then14:57
piggzreboot, register prints, try to unlock, then devlel-su, journalctl | grep fpd14:57
KabouikHere you go piggz:
KabouikThere is no /dev/sailfish on my unit15:01
piggzhuh, in Itentify, you go ABort after 10 seconds .... i presume in that time you touched the sensor? :D15:07
KabouikI wouldn't guarantee that I touched it in less than 10 sec, no :p15:08
KabouikI had to register a print first15:08
KabouikBut that could be, if that thing was in the end of the log in fact15:09
piggzKabouik: download thetest app15:09
piggzrinigus: do you have the test app as an rpm handy?15:09
Kabouik`So the /dev/sailfish/home doesn't exist or access denied` is expected?15:10
piggzyeah, that doesnt matter15:11
piggzi think thats to do with encryted home15:11
KabouikOh right, that new feature for SFX devices15:11
riniguspiggz, Kabouik : -test is available at
rinigus... should be standard app on community devices, in my opinion15:33
KabouikThanks rinigus, piggz16:13
KabouikI installed it, erased all previous prints, created a new one from the test app16:14
KabouikAnd then when I try to identify, nothing happens in the app16:14
KabouikIt says Error: ERROR_CANCELED; Failed; Error while starting to enroll: 5; Failed, ERROR_CANCELED, etc.16:15
KabouikI'll be driving for the next hour or so but IRC should still be one, please don't hesitate to ping me and I'll catch up later16:15
Kabouikshould still be on*16:17

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