Wednesday, 2020-07-15

rinigusThaodan_: so how far are you with aosp10-based port?07:00
Thaodan_rinigus: not far the ramdisk doesn't boot. I have some at sony with a dev device that will send me logs from the kernel console.07:02
Thaodan_I updated the kernel defconfigs for tama already if you want to test07:03
rinigusThaodan_: it's my main/only device which makes testing a bit more difficult. I will have to do it on the weekend probably (and maybe get another dev device)07:04
rinigusThaodan_: but ramdisk not booting - is the error something like corrupted image or similar?07:05
Thaodan_I don't know I can't read the logs without kernel console07:07
Thaodan_I only know the kernel works when using aosp07:08
rinigusThaodan_: then it's not the same as I had ( great that you will get help with the kernel logs.07:13
rinigusdo you build kernel using our regular make or
rinigusThaodan_: also looks like kernel is built now with clang -
Kabouikrinigus, piggz_, I see that the fingerprint issue for Pro┬╣ was just closed. Should I update to fix the issue we were discussing on Monday, or is it still the same code?13:50
piggz_Kabouik: afaict, youre the only one having an issue :) .... i was just tidying up the issues list13:51
KabouikNo we're two at least!13:51
KabouikBut yeah it might be on our end, just wanted to check if the issue was closed to some changes I should update just in case :p13:52
piggz_Kabouik: idea ... can you get logcat logs pls13:53
piggz_Kabouik: generally, i think its fixed, but if you have a specific issue, pls open another issue with logs from journal and logcat for trakcking13:54
KabouikOkay, I need to investigate how to use logcat actually13:55
piggz_Kabouik: feeback from pro1 telegram group is FP works better on pro1 than on xa2 :D15:07
KabouikThat's what I heard yes, but Illyria (LXC dev) and I are getting the issue I described15:11
Kabouiki.e., prints deleted after reboot, and no unlock15:11
Thaodan_rinigus: I build my kernel using this script:
Thaodan_I use the script like this:
piggzmal: -latest sdks in are not the latest17:16
Thaodan_piggz: is that maybe?17:19
piggzThaodan_: i mean, those versions are from december, not april17:21
Thaodan_ah yeah I didn't looked for the april update17:24
Thaodan_I update the target anyway when it already exists17:24
Thaodan_rinigus: whats the reason that you clone droid-src to to rpm for tama, do you build droid-system on obs?17:30
rinigusThaodan_: thanks for sharing the script and tips, will test it later this week17:31
rinigusThaodan_: no, droid system is built locally. I just followed official HADK for xperia 10, as far as I remember17:32
rinigustried to keep it close to official instructions, except some places where I thought it makes more sense17:33
rinigus... to do differently17:33
Thaodan_than you can just clone it to droid-src to avoid the fort and back17:33
Thaodan_I understand I had issues with that when I tried to automate the process but its unsual to use a git repo as root and then do repo init inside the exiting git tree17:34
rinigusThaodan_: probably should. but I tend not to touch it much these days and just update as needed17:36
Thaodan_Any idea what I can do: Software info says bootloader unlock is allowed but oem unlock is grayed out20:56
Thaodan_Fixed it was a bug in android fixed with the december security update21:10

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