Sunday, 2020-07-19

Kabouikrinigus Dual boot would be pretty cool, I can't help but think about some SFOS/PmOS/Leste/UBPorts multiboots somwhere in the future :<00:59
UmeaboyI read the page, but I can't see if anyone has started working on car multimedia stereo to get Sailfish working. Any progress been done?01:27
r0kk3rzUmeaboy: what kind of stereo01:57
r0kk3rzbluetooth should work01:57
Umeaboyr0kk3rz: A touch screen based stereo.02:01
UmeaboyAlso called a Head Unit.02:02
UmeaboyI'm thinking about switching to a multimedia stereo in my Golf.02:02
UmeaboyOne that runs on Android, but is possible to flash at least Lineage to it.02:03
UmeaboyI've been looking at some videos on youtube on how to root these things and most of them are rootable.02:03
r0kk3rzUmeaboy: but how does it work02:08
r0kk3rzoh like an android auto thing?02:09
r0kk3rzyou want to put sailfish on it02:09
r0kk3rzif you can lineage then i dont see why not02:09
UmeaboyFor instance, yes.02:11
UmeaboyAnd this:,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_02:16
UmeaboyI gotta catch some Z's. See ya.02:25
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rinigusThaodan, or someone else: do you know how system_b is used on sailfish-x based ports? it looks to have root.img.gz + home.img.gz with their md5. don't think its used to make lvm as that is packaged separately...17:16
rinigusas such, it seems like system_{a,b} are unused17:16
rinigus... hmm, probably for device reset.17:24
rinigusThaodan: can you please check system_a and system_b filesystem sizes? I have _a as about 4GB and _b 700MB. how is that supposed to work on A/B systems...18:23
T42<adampigg> whos first to put sailfish on a car stereo?19:00
KabouikCan anyone confirm that there is no HDMI-out (MHL) support on SFOS? There are threads on TJC saying that there is no point for it because Sony devices don't support hdmi-out. However, multiple ported devices support it, and with LXC containers with X (xfce, i3, matchbox) being a thing now, SFOS phones could become real pocket PCs with full-fledged desktop Linux distributions19:27
KabouikExcept cursor is missing too of course.19:27
KabouikI'm wondering if that would be a lot of work to implement, for devices that have hardware support for it.19:27
KabouikThere are no TJC threads with a firm "no" to that question, just that there's no use for it with official devices.19:28
T42<elros34> Kabouik: For sure current code will not work on devices with hwcomposer220:15
KabouikThanks @elros34. I see that you're involved in this: Is there any hope for hdmi out one day?20:46
T42<elros34> sure, if anybody with enough knowledge wiil take care of it. But it 6 years so...  I just  rebased code to newest hwcomposer and was I able to use it on one device20:48
KabouikThat would be a huge feature, together with sailfish-linux-chroot or lxc20:50

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