Wednesday, 2020-07-29

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Mister_Magistermal: lemme know if you maybe got some idea from my yesterday's spam06:16
Mister_Magistermal: don't bother, fixed! :307:11
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malMister_Magister: what was it?09:47
Mister_Magisterit wasn't everything and it's still fuck'd but i'll just go with lineage-16.0 where it works instead09:50
malMister_Magister: heh, I seem to have approved that but forgot about it10:06
malMister_Magister: I do wonder about the new line about CameraService::instantiate();10:07
malI mean why is it needed10:08
Mister_Magisterit's not new line it's jsut moved10:08
malah, missed that10:09
malMister_Magister: I also had some issues with mini*service processes yesterday on a device, android side got stuck until I killed mini*service processes10:10
malwhich made the whole boot get stuck10:10
malduring that issue I saw messages about sensor manager in log10:10
Mister_Magisteri'll append griffin sources to my 5z's 16.0 sources and save space10:11
malMister_Magister: I'll do some testing with that on other devices10:18
Mister_Magisterhave fun :)10:18
T42<Amber %lastname%> Is anyone porting Sailfish to xioami miA1 device ?10:27
T42<Amber %lastname%> @Amber %lastname% [Is anyone porting Sailfish to xioami miA1 devi …], Code name - Tissot10:27
T42<elros34> @ankaos used to work on it10:32
maldeathmist: hey, you had that "Unexpected data call status 4100", you can fix that by building and installing dummy_netd package in case you are still interested in that port10:38
malalso good to have that fix now in channel log so others can see it10:39
malthat is related to broken mobile data on some devices10:41
Mister_Magistermal: i've got problem with dhd
malmaybe try to cleanup the built things from system/core, you can find the files with: find system/core -name '*.o'12:05
Mister_Magisterah sure12:07
malshould be only less than 10 .o files there12:08
Mister_Magisterremoving .o file/s in system/core/base helped12:10
Mister_Magisterdetritus time12:11
malMister_Magister: I think the problem was that you might have build those once with older target and then with new target it didn't like those existing files12:12
Mister_Magistermal: yeah i'm also reusing repo for different device12:12
Mister_Magistermal: thanks a tons for help :)12:13
malI have had that same issue myself12:14
malmight need some improvement to dhd12:14
malto cleanup the .o files from system/core before build12:15
Mister_Magistermal: just many thanks in general i would have 0 port without u <312:16
T42<ankaos> @elros34 [@ankaos used to work on it], Yes. Camera is work. But black screen. Not install firework. Call sound not work12:19
Mister_Magistermal: i cannot build libnciplugin
Mister_Magisteri usually just skip it12:37
malbuild newer nfcd12:38
Mister_Magisterwhats ncicore even12:39
malncicore is a supporting lib for nfc12:39
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malI think you only need newer nfcd12:40
Mister_Magistercan't really build that nfcd12:40
malwhy not?12:40
Mister_Magisteram i dumb?12:40
malbuild version 1.0.3412:41
malI used that12:41
Mister_Magistermal: whats wrong with him13:07
Mister_Magisterall packages built fine except for dhv13:08
piggzMister_Magister: updated filesystem package in your local build?13:19
Mister_Magisterno wdym?13:20
piggzon obs, dhv was failing becuase of perms in /boot, which was fixed with updated filesystem packge from common13:20
Mister_Magisterin target?13:21
malor run the magix chmod command you find in channel logs13:21
Mister_Magisteri remember fixing that in 5z13:22
Mister_Magisterbut i don't remember how13:22
Mister_Magisteri know13:22
piggzin dhd inc file probably, but filesystme package is easier13:22
Mister_Magisterpiggz: so i just build filesystem package and vroom?13:22
malMister_Magister: it's in devel common afaik13:23
T42<elros34> just run sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -m sdk-install -R chmod 700 /boot but this is clearly not your current issue base don your log13:23
Mister_Magisteri was creating/updating this target yesterday so i should have itr13:23
T42<elros34> changes are in common repo which is not even enabled on target13:24
malMister_Magister: that error looks odd13:24
Mister_Magisteri know :D13:24
Mister_Magisterlike it's trying to create log in root13:25
Mister_Magistereven tho it worked for all othe packages13:25
T42<elros34> looks like it cant find spec file13:26
Mister_Magister@elros34 nah it found spec file it cannot write to log13:26
Mister_Magistercause  //droid-hal-version-griffin.log is root13:26
T42<elros34> add set -x there
Mister_Magisteryou might be onto something…13:29
Mister_Magisterdidn't help tho13:30
Mister_Magisteri'm so fucking dumb i don't have droid-hal-version-griffin13:31
Mister_Magisterbut sincve we're talking, ideas? too new droidmedia?
T42<ankaos> @Amber %lastname% [Code name - Tissot], You look my repo. Maybe fix this problem13:35
piggzMister_Magister: try 2020042413:50
Mister_Magisteraye aye sir13:51
piggzi think the nemo interfaces package was added to common to fix viewfinder issues, so u may find packages there13:51
Mister_Magisterwait piggz i'm using 2020042413:51
T42<adampigg> get nemo interfaces then13:52
T42<adampigg> i didnt do local builds for my last port13:52
Mister_Magisterpiggz: magically worked this time13:53
Mister_Magisterbuilding ze zip hopefully we will land in gui13:55
T42<edp_17> @kabouik : I have created a topic for the harbour-container at TMO. I have some questions, and didn't know where to ask, so I created a forum for that. 😄13:56
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T42<Jjjja %lastname%> 127014:11
malpiggz: viewfinder PR is not merged yet
piggzmal: i think there were 2 seperate issues with similar efffects .... i had videfinder issues due to incorrect (too new) nemo interfaces package15:17
malpiggz: well if you have old droidmedia or gst-droid then yes probably15:22
piggzi cant remember the exact combination of packages that caused it15:24
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piggzMister_Magister: fpd working on your new device?19:30
Mister_Magisterpiggz: if screen was workign i would tell you19:30
malstill not working?19:41
T42<ItsMeShouko> Does anyone knows progress regarding hybris-17 or sfos porting to android 10 devices?19:43
Mister_Magistermal: on 16.0 i can't even get ramdisk to boot19:55
rinigus@ItsMeShouko: have been trying to get some info regarding it as well, but response has been rather limited. to my knowledge, only Thaodan has been working on it recently. but don't know how active he has been19:56
rinigusas for Jolla devs, haven't heard much regarding AOSP10/hybris17 from them19:57

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