Saturday, 2020-08-01

OksanaCalled zypper refresh, zypper update on Fxtec Pro1 Sailfish OS 3.3. It's safe, right?01:12
T42<linusdan> I'm trying to compile hybris-hal but the environment can't find fstab. I did the google search and found the possible solution but the problem persists. The fixup-mountpoints are correct.02:00
T42<linusdan> mountpoint:02:02
T42<elros34> @linusdan line 21-23, do you have device repo cloned? Does it contains fstab?02:32
KabouikDepends if you are on testing or devel release Oksana, but yes. Testing is safer than Devel, but devel is mostly fine too.10:22
T42<adampigg> Kabouik oksana: and I accept responsibility and public shaming if i break your phone in testing, but not in devel ;)13:29
Mister_Magister@adampigg i released sfos for 5z and after couple months i discovered it's wouldn't even boot lmao13:40
* Mister_Magister noone reported it so noone even installed it :<13:40
T42<Johnson Edwards %lastname%> (Photo, 561x407) @CRYPTOMINING1213:41
T42<Johnson Edwards %lastname%> @CRYPTOMINING1213:41
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riniguswhile Jolla did disable mozilla location service, I wonder whether unofficial ports can still apply for API key?16:56
riniguscorresponding blog post from mozilla
rinigusany idea where we can put in a key in SFOS configs?16:56
riniguslooks like key is accessed via SailfishKeyProvider_storedKey (geoclue-providers-mlsdb src)17:09
malrinigus: the sources are public, PRs welcome :)17:13
rinigusmal: indeed source is out there. as Jolla can't apply itself for official devices (commercial user), I wonder if the ports can.17:16
rinigusport itself is open source, non-commercial by definition, so maybe we can apply. I will probably test it17:17
riniguslooks like we can add extra keys into
rinigus... and looks like this directory is used before ini provided by SFOS installation. so, we should be able to override system-provided but non-functional MLS key17:25
rinigusapplication submitted, let's see if it works17:42
mallet me know if you get a key, I might get one for fp217:43
rinigusmal: sure. I'll update it here17:45
T42<DennisSwe> Hey! Just got an old Phone today, nexus 4. Is there a good port for it that is okey to use?18:44
rinigusDennisSwe: Nexus 4 port is not maintained anymore19:15
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T42<gizlu> almost20:06
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T42<amyosx> Hey20:20
T42<gizlu> Ahoj20:25
T42<DennisSwe> Aah okey, thanks!20:43
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malit's always possible to port new version of sailfish for nexus 4, it shouldn't be too difficult if you are interested20:48

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