Thursday, 2020-08-06

T42<kabouik> Didn't find anything there00:15
T42<kabouik> `cmake` 3.18 successfully found it and could build `nmail` though00:16
T42EllaKangas was added by: EllaKangas06:07
T42<EllaKangas> 758906:08
T42<EllaKangas> I never knew I could be able to earn up to $11,361 with just $1,000 in all though, all thanks to Mr Nick and you can contact him on here too 👇06:14
T42<birdzhang> seems @EllaKangas is a smart spammer xD06:25
rinigusI wonder if there is any interest for official ports to have an option of entering shell in recovery without mounting anything? that allows to change LVM, backup and restore partitions. as in last few commits at
rinigusmal ^06:51
*** redj_ is now known as redj17:00
T42<RealDanct12> @birdzhang [seems @EllaKangas is a smart spammer xD], at the same time i believe that's an actual human18:08
T42<edp_17> Hi guys. Could somebody let me know how I can debug rild/ofono on the device, please?22:32

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