Sunday, 2020-08-09

T42<Tasfin %lastname%> hi all, can I install sailfish is on Nokia 6.1 plus?08:15
T42<Tasfin %lastname%> I mean salifishos on Nokia 6.1 plus08:15
Mister_Magistermal: abranson: looks like multiple videos in app tend to cause app's freeze09:25
maldo logs say anything?09:52
T42<meierrom> Tasfin: I don't think there's a port for it yet.10:01
T42<Tasfin %lastname%> Roman: Thanks for the info10:26
T42<Tasfin %lastname%> hope someone can ported soon10:26
rinigusTasfin: if you want it to be ported to some device, you would have to do it yourself. There is a manual on how to do it (HADK) and people over here will help you if you get stuck somewhere12:26
rinigusIn case of Nokia devices, you would have to check if it is unlockable and whether there is any possibility to develop alternative roms for it. I am not aware of any SFOS port to nokia - maybe a common theme with these devices12:27
rinigusTasfin ^12:27
mal@adampigg ping17:58
T42<adampigg> mal: pong17:59
mal@adampigg I have some questions in privtae, come to irc18:01
T42<Pammotghare123> How to port sfos  any android18:36
T42<adampigg> follow the guide is a good start18:37
T42<Tasfin %lastname%> @rinigus [In case of Nokia devices, you would have to ch …], noted with thanks22:29

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