Wednesday, 2020-09-02

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piggzi think im on attempt 10 or more trying to install the latest SDK.... and this is supposedly better than OBS :D15:54
piggz-finally- got sdk to work using docker16:32
riniguspiggz: see, and now you have a warm feeling of something accomplished. never will feel the same while using already installed OBS16:46
piggzrinigus: apparently, sdk doesnt like to be installed outside /home, even though it doesnt warn you during install .... it also apparnetly doesnt like the latest virtualbox ..... and it doesnt warn you if docker isnt running and telling you to start it16:49
riniguspiggz: ohh, then I keep sdk that I have. somehow it is working with vbox and I would prefer it this way. have to use one vpn which has a conflict with default docker net, so it is always a pain to switch docker on16:51
piggzrinigus: the troubles of running a rolling distro ... kernel 5.8 broke vbox 6.1, so i had to install a beta 6.2, which doesnt seemt o work with sdk!16:52
rinigusyeah. I may have vbox uninstalled if I don't watch out on mine - they already warn it is using python2.7 somewhere => has to go16:53
riniguspiggz: rolling distros are the best16:55
piggznew pinephone arrived, now i dont know whether to to do PP dev or amazfish dev17:21
DylanVanAsschepiggz (IRC): Oh so you have the pmOS version?17:27
piggzDylanVanAssche: yup :D17:27
piggzi think in a few days ill have 217:27
piggzi may donate one!17:27
DylanVanAsschelol mine is still not shipped (EU warehouse) :D17:28
DylanVanAssche2GB or 3GB version?17:28
DylanVanAsscheNice 🙂17:30
T42<joeth> i have the 2gb braveheart and now i'm getting jealous of 3GB owners18:10

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