Saturday, 2020-10-10

T42<薛雅斑 %lastname%> (Photo, 821x401) 非小号关注 电报推特脸书ins油管拉人增粉点赞06:25
T42<DSstill01> China08:54
T42<Parallellhistory> @薛雅斑 %lastname% [<reply to media>], This is AD.08:55
T42<Parallellhistory> Rinigus are you here?I have issues with Flatpak runner.It shows no enough space(only 500MB spare) when I install Angelfish.But I use"--user"and I am sure my Xperia 10 Plus has enough space.😁10:06
rinigus@Parallellhistory: I presume it is `flatpak install --user ...`10:15
rinigusas for not enough space, hard to comment. `df` shows free space in /home, right?10:16
T42<Parallellhistory> (Photo, 1280x720)
T42<Parallellhistory> (Photo, 720x1280)
T42<Parallellhistory> (Photo, 720x1280)
T42<Parallellhistory> I have added"--user"when I install flatpack app.10:18
T42<Parallellhistory> Fwd from llelectronics: ah wait a second. Maybe it uses the system partition for downloading and moves it over to home10:18
rinigusjust replied in github. I wonder if there is some kind of switch preventing this check. but I don't think10:19
rinigusdon't know whether it is downloading to / partition, I would expect not.10:19
T42<birdzhang> you use root and it will be installed to /root/10:20
rinigus@birdzhang: !!! :)10:21
T42<Parallellhistory> So no"devel-su"?10:21
rinigusnope, it is all userspace10:21
T42<birdzhang> mv /root/.flatpak(not sure this is correct or not) to /home/nemo/ and chown to nemo:nemo10:21
rinigusyeah, you better cleanup that /root from flatpak. or will end up having issues with future updates10:22
T42<Parallellhistory> @rinigus [yeah, you better cleanup that /root from flatp …], I have deleted that direco10:55
T42<Parallellhistory> (Photo, 720x1280)
T42<Parallellhistory> Thank you!Flatpak apps run on my phone now.12:16
T42<Parallellhistory> (Photo, 720x1280)
T42<Parallellhistory> Libreoffice can't open.14:56
rinigusWelcome :)14:56
T42<Parallellhistory> (Photo, 957x1280)
T42<Parallellhistory> Dose it need environment parameters?14:56
rinigusIt's mainly limited to Qt apps as we have old wayland composer14:57
T42<Parallellhistory> it need Qt updating?14:58
T42<Parallellhistory> (Photo, 720x1280)
T42<Parallellhistory> I even install Libreoffice runtime.14:59
T42<W %lastname%> (Photo, 590x1280) libreoffice15:21
T42<W %lastname%> (Photo, 590x1280)
T42<Parallellhistory> What device?15:36
T42<Parallellhistory> (Photo, 720x1280)
T42<Parallellhistory> Not available15:40
T42<W %lastname%>
T42<W %lastname%> if your kernel doesn't support lxc containers, you can try this
T42<W %lastname%> (Photo, 590x1280)
T42<Parallellhistory> Flatpack-runner supports this list of KDE apps?16:08
T42<W %lastname%> flatpak search kde16:11
T42<W %lastname%> in terminal16:11
T42<Anton %lastname%> I'm sorry to interrupt, but has the ofono "Unexpected data call status 4100" problem been sorted out in the past year?16:15
T42<Anton %lastname%> With the blinking "Connecting", working sms, calls and no mobile data?16:17
T42<elros34> have you tried
T42<Anton %lastname%> Not yet. How do I package it?16:28
T42<elros34> use -D --mw=
T42<Anton %lastname%> Already done, does it need activating?16:30
T42<elros34> I guess if you didn't reboot16:31
T42<Anton %lastname%> Great, so far so good16:35
malyou need to add that to patterns to include it in future builds16:36
malbut installing manually is enough for testing16:36
T42<Anton %lastname%> Already on it16:36
malit should help with "Unexpected data call status 4100", it did help on my device16:36
T42<Parallellhistory> How to use it?No gudie there.17:15
rinigus@Parallellhistory: flatpak supports qt-based apps due to the composer on sailfish side. when qt will be updated on SFOS, we may try to get other apps running as well17:38
T42<Parallellhistory> @rinigus [@Parallellhistory: flatpak supports qt-based a …], Thanks for your hard work.Is there a Qt-based app  lists?17:39
rinigusthere are some lists around for mobile linux apps, you would have to search for them. I am personally using only angelfish (web) and mirage (matrix)17:40
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