Thursday, 2020-10-22

spiiroinif mce can find evdev sources for light / proximity sensors, those are preferred over sensorfwd (more deterministic suspend behavior etc) -> sensorfwd is used for sensor power control, but data sensorfwd sends is ignored04:26
spiiroinnow, if there is false positive proximity sensor found during evdev probe -> things go wrong04:27
spiirointhis lists what mce thinks various evdev inputs are: mce -Tq --auto-exit=0 -levent-input.c:evin_iomon_device_add04:28
spiiroin(need to stop mce service first)04:28
spiiroin^ @elros34, @Anton %lastname% (that nick, eh?)04:31
rinigus@erfanoabdi: to my understanding, you need 0.12.1 version of sensorfw for using rotation vector-based approach. or patch your version accordingly.05:59
rinigusI am using sensorfw with hybris, not binder. as such, I don't know if anyone has tested binder-based code paths and whether `d->degrees_ = data.u.vec3.x` would be correct there.06:01
riniguswith hybris, on sony tama, all works very well.06:01
rinigusto use that adaptor (or it's geo variant), you just need to plug it in sensorfw configs, as in
rinigusas far as I remember and after a glance in the source, compass sensor feeds on compass chain which, in turn, gets data from orientation sensor. see
rinigusand below06:06
rinigusthat allows you to use sensorfw.compass in qtsensors:
rinigusconfusingly enough, orientationsensor was something else. but I never looked into it, just was guided by helpful folks over here when working on compass06:08
rinigusif your device has broken rotation vector implementation, according to mal as on xperia 10, you could use generic compass from the PR linked by mal last night. that works as well. difference is on whether you calculate it yourself (as in generic) from underlying data or prefer to use orientation vector provided by android. in principle, the latter should be optimized by manufacturer06:11
rinigusmal: why do you think that compass sensor is broken in sensorfw?06:13
malrinigus: the virtual compass sensor which is not used by anything, at least last time I tried it I couldn't get it to work properly08:23
rinigusmal: is it sensor or adaptor? in sensorfw-speak?08:34
malrinigus: if you look at you can see that if there is no orientation adaptor define then compass is generated automatically08:42
rinigusmal: that's right, understood.08:43
Mister_Magisterjusa: somehow i cannot make pa playback at more than 48kHz even though my phone dac should go up to 192kHz. i've added avoid-resampling and changed alternative sampling rate to 96kHz and no luck. Is it due to some pa-module-droid limitation?11:27
Mister_Magisteralso plz start building pa with soxr kthx11:27
Mister_Magistersoxr has no deps so it doesn't cost you anything to build with soxr (i just did it11:38
T42<edp_17> Hi all, Could somebody help me out with this, please? I am trying to build with CM12.1 base for hammerhead (Nexus 5) and I got this when ran the 'rpm/dhd/helpers/'. It is complaining about 'hammerhead-bluez-configs' that I never heard of before. Thanks.
T42<erfanoabdi> @rinigus [that allows you to use sensorfw.compass in qts …], Thanks it's helping..12:27
T42<erfanoabdi> I'm not porting any device, making a program to read some data from sensorfw dbus directly12:27
rinigus@erfanoabdi: well, it still requires a device with it running :) . so, device support is needed12:31
rinigus@erfanoabdi: that's a small daemon that I am using to detect pickup gesture on tama:
rinigusas that gesture is guided via sensorfw, maybe of help for your program12:33
T42<erfanoabdi> Thanks yeah it helps12:35
T42<Anton %lastname%> Can anyone guess why some rules in 999-android-system.rules aren't run? I have that at the end of the file:, yet the permissions are never set.12:47
maldid you add those manually?12:49
malyou might want to check if some .rc file is setting those to some different value12:50
T42<Anton %lastname%> I modified device/rootdir/root/ueventd.qcom.rc to get that. I supposed it could be some rc file, but they shouldn't be started with "udevadm trigger", should they?12:51
malhmm, I'm a bit lost, usually led stuff is in system/core12:53
malI mean vibrator stuff also12:53
mal you can see the vibrator permission fix the there12:54
T42<Anton %lastname%> Yes, I have that on device. /vendor/etc/hw/init/hw/init.mmi.rc, however resets it back to system:system12:58
T42<Anton %lastname%> idk how honestly12:58
T42<Anton %lastname%> I don't want to touch vendor partition, because that's ugly imho12:59
T42<elros34> if init.mmi.rc resets it to system:system then obviously even if udev rule works then permission will be overwritten13:02
T42<Anton %lastname%> if i set permissions manually, they stay that way until reboot. Udev just doesn't get to that rule is my thought13:04
T42<elros34> but it doesn't matter whether udev rule works or not if permission will be overwritten few seconds later by init.mmi.rc.13:05
T42<elros34> You need bind mount that rc file or run some systemd service before ngfd start and after droid-hal-init13:06
T42<Anton %lastname%> I set the permissions to system:input manually, run "udevadm trigger" and they stay that way13:06
T42<Anton %lastname%> I guess bind mounting is an option13:06
T42<elros34> example how it's done for custom ld.config:
T42<adampigg> @Anton %lastname% [I guess bind mounting is an option], i do a bit of bind mounting for such things on pro1/volla13:24
Mister_Magisterwhere the hecc is pa-modules-droid configuration13:30
Mister_Magisteri need to add more sinks13:30
T42<Anton %lastname%> Seems like I'm ready for release. Hardware adaptation-wise it's ready for daily use and installation by typical user, I believe. I will compile the final image now and post it to xda and wherever else. How's OBS and store going with community ports?15:34
ThaodanPlease set a username its hard to interact you from the IRC side15:37
T42<zinstack625 %lastname%> Is that better?15:38
T42Thaodan was added by: Thaodan15:41
T42<zinstack625> Found it, hopefully that'll do15:48
mallooks better now15:49
ThaodanYes thank you15:50
T42<zinstack625> mal, r0kk3rz, sledges, mind giving me OBS and Jolla Store access?17:07
piggz_mal: what tag of qtbase was used in 3.4 ?17:57
Thaodanpiggz_: upgrade-3.4.017:59
piggz_Thaodan: thx18:00
Mister_MagisterSo how is hybris1620:57
Mister_Magisteri need hybris1720:57
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