Saturday, 2020-10-24

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UmeaboyCan I remove sledges curlfix from ?13:18
UmeaboyI don't see it being used in the HADK.13:18
UmeaboyI've cloned the sfa-mer repo.13:19
malI think that fix was some ancient thing not used for a long time13:43
malUmeaboy: also the hybris-patches are lineage based except for sony devices which use aosp14:06
UmeaboyGot it.14:06
Umeaboymal: pioneer is supported by Lineage though.14:06
UmeaboyI want to build Sailfish with the Lineage-16.0 base.14:08
malso take the hybris-16.0 branch14:10
malbefore building remember to apply the patches14:10
Umeaboymal: Should I do them both?20:15
UmeaboyTo copy the init files to my config as well.20:16
malUmeaboy: what do you mean?20:19
Umeaboy tells you to do two things.20:20
malyes, both are needed20:21
malthose are different things, one patches android sources and the other copies some configurations20:21
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