Monday, 2020-10-26

T42<ankaos> kernel config14:48
T42<ankaos> out kernel .config14:48
T42<ankaos> @ankaos [ out kernel .con …], this is normal or anormal14:51
T42Ж Tёlёgrаm/ grouР аdd members! '炸群Ж Tёlёgram ‘’Group Рromotion  %lastname% was added by: Ж Tёlёgrаm/ grouР аdd members! '炸群Ж Tёlёgram ‘’Group Рromotion  %lastname%17:24
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UmeaboyWhen flashing Android 11 to my phone to use it as a base for Sailfish OS, do I also need to install the Software Binaries that the AOSP build guide tells you to install or is it enough just to install AOSP and then install Sailfish OS on top of that?22:14
UmeaboyI'm waiting for the build to finish so that I can reeboot into fastboot.22:16
Umeaboy96% done.22:16
T42<Akatsu39> You need matching "oem" to get Hals to work on Android so probably yes22:29
T42<Akatsu39> You are probably working on Sony right? I cannot recall any other vendor providing "binaries"22:29
malUmeaboy: even android 10 base for sailfish is not ready yet22:31
UmeaboyAkatsu39: Yes.22:32
UmeaboyI just want to try Android 11 first. I'll downgrade soon.22:32
UmeaboyIs there a way to restore flash mode?22:36
UmeaboyI don't know exactly how to do so.22:36
T42<Akatsu39> Downgrading is risky from what I saw on pixel experience group for sony devices22:37
UmeaboyAkatsu39: Sony is not Google Pixel. :)22:40
UmeaboyAnd as long as one can do fastboot -w it's all good.22:41

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