Wednesday, 2020-10-28

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T42<Helen %lastname%> (Photo, 784x585) TG群发,私聊,在线,增粉;三万优质中文群全网监听服务限时特价;需要请咨询;07:13
T42<edp_17> @Mister_Magister [@edp_17 can you… build rpm packages?], Not yet, but I'll need to learn to be able to package my app.07:55
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T42<adampigg> Lbt: could they come back with 3.4 on obs? ;!09:53
T42<birdzhang> already09:54
T42<birdzhang> please add 3.4  to nemo:testing:hw:common09:56
T42<edp_17> lbt: Can you "patternise" my project (nemo:devel:hw:samsung:i9100), please? Thanks!09:59
T42<adampigg> @edp_17 [lbt: Can you "patternise" my project (nemo:dev …], Use meta packages so no need to patrernize ;)10:27
T42<edp_17> Yeah I was told that already. 😉10:40
T42<ankaos> hı10:57
T42<ankaos> ı have dmesg output. this is output
T42<ankaos> but ı dont find problem11:07
T42<eugenio_g7> @edp_17 You can create a `_pattern` package in your project and add your pattern manually there12:15
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Mister_Magisterbut, but, changing everything to meta packages is so pita14:10
T42<geekyneo> Is anyone using OnePlus 3 with Sailfish OS..?14:12
T42<edp_17> @adampigg, @eugenio_g7 : Thanks both. 👍14:34
T42<edp_17> Any ideas on this? :
T42<edp_17> I am trying to build with CM12.1 base for hammerhead (Nexus 5) and I got this when ran the 'rpm/dhd/helpers/'. I have updated the sub-modules and re-created the correct target and tooling.14:37
T42<geekyneo> can we update a community port of Sailfish OS using the instruction given on ?15:22
T42<elros34> @Mister_Magister now there is script for pattern->meta package transition in droid-configs15:29
mal@edp_17 install the droid-config-hammerhead-bluez4 using sb215:36
malsb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -m sdk-install -R zypper in droid-config-$DEVICE-bluez415:37
T42<edp_17> Thanks mal!15:50
T42<edp_17> I feel stupid now as I searched for this rpm but didn't find. Perhaps I should have updated my local db because now I immediatelly found the 'droid-config-hammerhead-bluez4-1-202010221105.armv7hl' rpm. Anyway, this is my karma. 😜16:05
T42<adampigg> Rinigus: angelfish passes the ultimate browser test....16:43
T42<geekyneo> (Photo, 1026x1280) Any Solution..?16:54
T42<geekyneo> OnePlus 3.16:54
T42<adampigg> Do you need to rebuild your hal for 3.3?16:55
T42<geekyneo> @adampigg [Do you need to rebuild your hal for 3.3?], is the question for me ?17:04
T42<adampigg> Yes,.is it your port? If not, contact porter17:05
T42<Simon %lastname%> Adam Pigg; Is that game running in Anglefish?17:06
T42<adampigg> it is17:10
T42<adampigg> controls work, but keyboard isnt exactly an analogue stick17:11
T42<adampigg> may try a bt controller17:11
T42<geekyneo> @adampigg [Yes,.is it your port? If not, contact porter], That is not my port. That was ported by @delaya73. I'll try to contact her on xda-dev. Thanks 😊17:14
T42<geekyneo> @Simon %lastname% [Adam Pigg; Is that game running in Anglefish?], What is Anglefish ?17:17
T42<Simon %lastname%> Angelfish actually, a simple browser for kirigami somewhat inspired by sailfish browser due to two thirds of its developers using sfos17:19
T42<geekyneo> @Simon %lastname% [Angelfish actually, a simple browser for kirig …], ohkk 😊 thanks17:22
T42<Mattia990> @adampigg Sorry if I bother you, but I have one question.17:47
T42<Mattia990> When will be possible to update sailfish os from 3.3 to 3.4 on Volla phone?17:47
T42<adampigg> Yes, when.3.4 is on obs <cough>mal</cough >17:50
mal@adampigg fixing is still ongoing17:59
T42<adampigg> Mal: what fixes? I assumed stock was built against it already.and it would be done18:06
mal@adampigg infra issues18:25
T42<Simon %lastname%> adam pigg: I tried adding some patches to ofono for pinephone but then realized that I patched a stale repo (on github). Which one is current and how do tell?20:37
T42<adampigg> From the service file on obs..that points to the repo and branch being built20:39
T42<Simon %lastname%> ok, thanks, that's easy20:42
T42<Simon %lastname%> oh so this uses a completely different approach than ubtouch and friends? gobi vs qmimodem?20:47
T42<adampigg> Yes....does ut use ofono?20:57
T42<Simon %lastname%> yes, but they use a patched qmimodem plugin instead of a new "gobi" plugin. Actually  is quite close to their code21:10

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