Saturday, 2020-11-07

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xmnFinally got sailfish going on the pine phone, so smooth, thank you all that are working on it. And for the scripted02:07
xmnCurrent seems like the built in browser actually is crashing the phone. First was with all the apps that come with the flash-it script and then second after rebooting and nothing opened, except launching the browser.02:10
xmnIs this know? and is there a work around?02:10
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T42<simonschmeisser> xmn: it's a known issue but unfortunately no workaround or solution known so far. Most often it does not hang the entire device but only shows plain white instead of the website. You can use webcat but it is based on a very old qtwebengine (5.6) so it's not that much fun either08:55
xmnic, thanks for sharing the info09:02
xmnsadly it's hanging the whole device 3 time now pretty consistent, well maybe once showed just white screen09:03
xmnI can start to understand ppls frustration with the browser situation.09:03
T42<peperjohnny> It doesn09:03
T42<peperjohnny> t work with mesa unfortunately. piggz has been troubleshooting a lot but no dice so far09:04
T42<peperjohnny> situation is the same with 3.409:04
xmnhey while I have you attention is there a way to upgrade to 3.4 from the install?09:04
T42<peperjohnny> yup you can do it with the usual update from console way, if you know that09:05
xmnthanks peperjohnny for that info09:05
xmnnot familiar with it. could you share a link please?09:05
T42<peperjohnny> the relevant build number for ssu is
T42<peperjohnny> ^xmn09:08
xmnThank you!!09:08
T42<peperjohnny> this takes quite a while on a pinetab, so be advised it make time some time too on pinephone09:08
xmn Will look into it now09:08
xmnyou mean the work for me or the process the device takes?09:09
T42<peperjohnny> the process takes a while09:09
xmnI did an update to the mobian, and it took a very long time ... lol09:09
xmnI should have timed mobian, was probably 20-30 min ... guessing09:10
T42<peperjohnny> on my pinetab it took hours09:10
T42<peperjohnny> that might have been the sd card thi09:11
T42<peperjohnny> i have a wild mix and some seem very slow09:11
xmnhmm, then maybe I remembering history through rose color glasses  :)09:11
xmnyeah, I was kinda of disappointed that the pinephone doesn't have AC wifi09:12
xmnmy setup support 2 old devices at slower speeds and then AC, this way the n900 can still have internet.09:13
T42<peperjohnny> you get what you pay for :)09:13
xmnSo that may have something to do with my upgrade speed09:13
xmnI'm actually pretty happy overall with it09:14
T42<peperjohnny> me too09:14
xmnit's a good in between fun phone while I wait for the perfect n900 replacement09:14
T42<peperjohnny> I've been waiting for a linux tablet since kde announced the Spark/Vivaldi09:14
xmnwish it was a bit smaller09:14
xmnis that recent news?09:15
T42<peperjohnny> <3 n90009:15
T42<peperjohnny> man that was beginning of 10s :D09:15
xmnyeah sad to let it go as my daily09:15
xmnwell beginning for me was the sharp zuarus 550009:16
T42<peperjohnny> 2012 apparently09:16
xmnBoth of these really got me into linux09:17
xmnheh, so old the image don't work anymore09:19
xmnquestion is bluetooth working for you? Like ext keyboard or anything?09:21
xmnman it really didn't like that last browser crash09:21
T42<peperjohnny> I do not have a pinephone, can't say anything about it. But connecting my headphones to the tab works and iirc they use the same chipset09:23
xmnic, gotcha09:24
T42<simonschmeisser> xmn:
T42<simonschmeisser> you might need to add this symlink yourself as this was only changed very recently10:36
T42<simonschmeisser> have a look at dmesg for red stuff10:36
xmnnice, thanks for pointing me to this10:38
xmnOh and nice find/fix10:41
xmnsleepy time for me :)10:42
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attahMaybe i should post in the proper channel... so i'm following
attahAfter doing repo sync -jX --fetch-submodules, i have no rpm (folder, i assume) to mv as the next step17:19
maldid the sync go through successfully?17:19
ThaodanThat is done before repo sync17:20
attahyes, it says so at least17:20
attahThaodan: and after, supposedly... according to the instructions17:20
ThaodanFor Xperia XA2 it was done by repo sync but for Androd 9 based builds which just reuse the droid-src manifest you have to move the rpm folder from dhd-rpm to rpm17:21
Thaodan(or rename the rpm folder in the manifest..)17:22
attahcan you explain that like i'm 5 and/or base it off the instruction?17:23
ThaodanSee the instruction after repo sync17:24
attahthat is the step i'm trying to do... but i have no rpm folder.17:27
attahTrying to understand if it was missed by sync somehow, or if it is a typo in the instructions or pure pebkac17:28
malwhich line17:28
T42<elros34> what about "ln -s ../dhd rpm/" before repo init?17:28
attahtrying to do "mv rpm droid-src"17:28
malmanifest has rpm17:29
attahelros34: yes, did that... but come to think of it i can't recall having created ../dhd17:30
attahoh god, what did i do... my ~ is all cluttered up from that sync, despite most definitely sitting in $ANDROID_ROOT when cloning/syncing17:43
attahOkay, i have started over, and i realize i know even less about what i'm doing18:32
attahwhat is "ln -s ../dhd rpm/" actually supposed to achieve?18:33
attah../dhd should not exist afaik, and rpm already exists courtesy of the cloning to .18:33
T42<elros34> check with ls -al rpm/. it creates dhd symlink in ANDROID_ROOT/rpm/ directory which points to ANDROID_ROOT/dhd which should exists after clone$FAMILY-$ANDROID_FLAVOUR. I assume this is needed because something expects scripts in rpm/dhd/ directory like in regular HADK pdf way.18:44
malattah: don't overthink it, the reason for that symlink is that build assumes droid-hal rpm folder has dhd folder with various things18:45
attahoh, the TARGET is relative18:45
attahWhen i then do repo init ... it says it is initialized to /home/attah/.repo18:47
attahor rahther /home/attah18:47
attahand that's not right, how do i change that?18:47
attah(and should it be something specific in relation to $ANDROID_ROOT?)18:48
malthat is correct, the "repo" is in .repo folder of ANDROID_ROOT while the sources go ANDROID_ROOT, also are you sure you want those directly in you home instead of some subfolder?18:49
attahi most definitely don't want it in my home folder, but i see no option to choose18:50
malwhat? just set ANDROID_ROOT to for example /home/attah/hadk18:51
malor you want it completely out of /home/attah18:51
attahit is set to that, and none the less repo init ... puts it in my home18:51
attahin ~/hadk would be just fine18:51
malis the env correctly loaded?18:52
malshow "echo $ANDROID_ROOT"18:52
attah /home/attah/hadk18:53
attahAnd none the less i get "repo has been initialized in /home/attah"18:53
maland you did "cd $ANDROID_ROOT" before repo init?18:54
attahpwd is ~/hadk18:54
T42<elros34> I guess you initialized it in wrong place previously, move .repo directory from home to ~/hadk18:55
attahyes, just found that too18:55
attahwhat a weird interface18:55
attahany suggestions for how to "Adjust X to bandwidth capabilities"?18:56
attahsince nproc --all is used just below i guess X should not be that, but something else18:57
malhow many cpu cores do you have18:57
malyou can use nproc --all is you want18:57
malI usually use -j818:57
attahon the crap machine i'm building on, 4+HT18:57
malisn't 8 ok for that18:58
attahJust confused by "bandwidth capabilities" - especially when nproc us used just below19:05
malwell depends on your network connection19:22
malif it's slow then syncing in many threads is not helping19:23
malso probably 4 or more is fine19:24
attahseems so... but still takeing forever :P19:24
T42<simonschmeisser> @adampigg I was trying to modify the dts and create a new dtb but somehow I fail so I will wait for you applying the patch19:48
T42<adampigg> @simonschmeisser its building20:07
attahsooo it complains about a missing include dir for GLES3 when i build libhybris... maybe checking out master is a bit brave?20:37
Thaodanattah: see here:
attahIt's really nice of you to assume i understand what i'm looking at. I see that it is obviously related, but i have absolutely zero context since this is my first time doing this.20:46
maloh, the manifest has too old libhybris?20:49
malattah: do you know how to fix the issue?20:56
maltwo possible ways20:56
attahi have zero ideas20:56
malattah: at what point do you have that issue?20:57
attahrpm/dhd/helpers/ --mw20:58
malso go to external/libhybris and update the submodule20:58
maland make sure the repo is otherwise ok20:58
malI assume the issue is that it was not properly updated20:59
attahhmmm, no libhybris in external20:59
malso then check in hybris/mw/libhybris21:00
attahright, and it is supposedly at master as per a few commands up21:00
malyes, it should have always been master21:01
malcheck git status in there21:02
malI assume submodule is not in correct version21:03
attahsome untracked content in libhybris submodule.. and slight condition changes in libhybris.spec, but nothing scary21:03
attahdo i reset the submodule?21:04
maldo git pull in the main folder, then make sure submodule is in correct revision21:05
attahit was only somewhat dirty, otherwise up to date... let's see what happens21:07
Thaodanmal: git pull --recurse-submodules=yes21:07
attahthis makes me miss IBM/Rational ClearCase as a VCS21:08
attahanyway... it seems to have worked21:09
attahs/worked/failed differently/21:09
attahhow would i do the corresponding celan to
attahi was just guessing i got multiple versions due to the dirty submodule somehow, and now they are conflicting21:14
attahWhat i'm seeing is libhybris-libEGL- conflicts with mesa-llvmpipe-libEGL provided by mesa-llvmpipe-libEGL-19.3.3+git2-1.5.2.jolla.armv7hl21:14
malmaybe go to dhd subfolder in ANDROID_ROOT and do git pull21:16
attahYou are not currently on a branch. :D21:17
attahlet's see how it likes master21:20
malgrab latest master, it should be finer21:20
attah"finer" xD21:21
attahand now it is bluez5 failing :) I think i should stop for today21:26
malattah: my keyboard is so bad that I make typos easily21:37
malsometimes this just does things it shouldn't be doing21:37
malsome buttons barely work anymore21:37
attahthis time it proved to actually help you be even more accurate (:21:39
malprogramming and discussing on irc with partially broken keyboard is not very fun21:49
attahyeah, definitely not21:50
attahso should we crowd-fund you a new one?21:50
malnot about money, just too lazy to do anything about it because otherwise this laptop works quite well22:12
malalso I have never accepted any donations, some people have tried22:13
T42<simonschmeisser> @adampigg had to manually install it as it didn't contain the +megi... in the version and was therefore considered a downgrade. Anyway, now libcamera sees the csi and cameras and tells me something about them. Some error about pads etc. Will try to understand tomorrow what that means22:15
T42<simonschmeisser> thanks for uploading the patched version!22:16
xmnHey simons or anyone, have you guys messed with this Just wondering if it's another method of upgrading.23:31
malwhich device are you using23:55

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