Wednesday, 2020-11-11

T42<Cornelia %lastname%> (Photo, 764x535) TG群发,私聊,在线,增粉;三万优质中文群全网监听服务限时特价;需要请咨询03:00
UmeaboyDo we have an hybris working for older Android versions?04:31
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T42<ianand007> Can sailfish be ported for Redmi 5a06:25
Umeaboyianand007: I'll check.07:04
Umeaboyianand007: Redmi 5 has already been ported so I'd say it's possible to port 5 a as well as long as you get the proper source code.07:05
UmeaboyAdapt this to build for the riva model:
T42<birdzhang> redmi 5 is not mi 507:13
T42<birdzhang> rosy is the code name of redmi5, and genmini is code name of mi 507:15
mautzoneHi everyone!07:35
mautzoneI need some help, trying to build droid-hal-hammerhead on obs and it fails. "nothing provides sb2-tools-armv7hl-dependency-inject" and some other sb2-tools packages.07:37
Umeaboybirdzhang: OK. Just trying to be helpful.07:45
UmeaboyBtw..... there a new error when you unpack the chroot archive.07:45
UmeaboyHere's the output:
UmeaboyI'm on my way out now. I'll be back later.08:46
T42<ianand007> Is there any tutorial for building by own09:19
T42<elros34> @mautzone: 3.4.0.x? Unfortunately target is not ready09:43
mautzoneT42: Ah, thank you.11:24
UmeaboyI'm back.13:16
UmeaboyAnyone who knows how to solve my error I mentioned earlier about unpacking the chroot?13:16
T42<elros34> have you tried cleaning sfossdk directory first or at least that dir/symlink?13:25
Umeaboyelros34: Isn't there supposed to be a sfossdk first to do so?13:33
UmeaboyNo offence meant towards you.13:33
UmeaboyI think it's odd to get that error when ther isn't any sfossdk directory created.13:34
UmeaboyOr am I missing something?13:35
T42<elros34> I don;'t get you. You are showing your home but sdk is installed in /srv/mer/sdks/sfossdk13:36
UmeaboyMy bad. I'm tired and still it's the middle of the day. :)13:38
UmeaboyMy apologies.13:38
T42<elros34> no need to,  just remove sfossdk ant try to unpack again13:38
UmeaboyBtw. Do we have hybris for previous Android version as well?13:39
Umeaboy7.1.2 for instance.13:39
T42<elros34> sure even cm11 but ony 1 pearson use it:)13:39
UmeaboyIf I'm not mistaken I should do rm -rf /srv/mer now right?13:41
T42<elros34> no13:42
T42<elros34> only /srv/mer/sdks/sfossdk or just /srv/mer/sdks/sfossdk/lib/systemd13:43
UmeaboyOK. It seemed to work anyway.13:49
UmeaboyWhen's this error going to be solved?13:49
UmeaboyIt's been around for a while now.13:50
UmeaboyGotta go.14:50
samsep10lhello people18:14
samsep10lgot error when issued " --mic". Error <repo>[11/11 17:57:55] : found 1 resolver problem, abort!18:15
samsep10land where do i get lipstick-tools??18:15
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