Sunday, 2020-11-29

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rinigusmal: added comments regarding MR on its page. It seems not to touch declination calc which I would suggest to drop. it is unexpected "surprise" to have it "corrected" by sensorfwd08:51
rinigusI would expect to have sensors showing readouts and not messing around that08:52
rinigusfor declination I am using its forked just to mainly update the model for the one that handles current time slot08:53
rinigusin practice, this is called once in a while:
rinigusmal: ^08:54
rinigusmal: there are also c++ codes for it, if I remember correctly. I may switch to them in the new pure maps, as I have now happy mix of c++/qml/pyotherside08:56
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rinigusif I understand correctly, having sfos 3.4 does not enable home encryption automatically. I would need to add some extra package(s) for it, right? on lvm-based setup14:54
rinigusright now I don't see it enabled on my test build. which is the way I want to keep it for now14:55
rinigusregarding gles3: how to check whether gles3 is used? so far, have seen in aida64 under display/gpu version es 3.2. on 3.3 device, it is 2.0 in the same location16:10
T42<adampigg> rinigus:
rinigus@adampigg: that is iff I want it, right?16:13
T42<adampigg> rinigus: yes16:14
rinigus@adampigg: great - then I will skip it now.16:14
rinigusdo you know anything regarding gles3?16:15
T42<adampigg> just that i think mal was working on it16:16
rinigusthanks! I remember it was a part of release notes for SFOS 3.4. maybe you have it enabled as well16:17
rinigus@adampigg ^16:17
T42<adampigg> maybe .. wouldnt know how to check!16:17
T42<adampigg> i guess it would be in hybris16:17
rinigus@adampigg: I guess so. the only indicator I have seen is in aida6416:20
rinigusshould check the logs though16:21
T42<adampigg> rinigus: ive been investivating terrible camera quality on the volla ... i flashed latest volla-os, and quality was fine, but in sfos its terrible ... im hoping it will "just work" when i flash back, as maybe some vendor/system libs changed16:23
T42<adampigg> however, no time for much tonight ... got a new nas drive to set up16:24
rinigus@adampigg: cannot be absolutely sure, but I would expect volla camera to be better than we have on tama port. until we switch to aosp10 :)16:25
rinigusgood luck with nas16:26
T42<adampigg> its a bit of a pain .. i have to re-use the drives, so i need to copy everything off the old nas (and find enough storage to do that)16:27
T42<adampigg> but im sure it will be worth it16:27
malrinigus: @adampigg glesv3 support is already included16:39
malrinigus: there is test_glesv3 in libhybris16:39
malrinigus: about home encryption (of course only for lvm builds)
malah piggz already told about that16:41
rinigusmal: thanks! re encryption - piggz filled me in16:41
rinigusmal: test_glesv3 - can't run it with gui, I guess. it failed with `failed to create composer client` when running as defaultuser16:42
malyeah, those don't work in new devices if UI is up16:43
malthe system only allows on composer client16:43
rinigusmal: any other way to check?16:44
malyou can stop lipstick and try from usb16:44
rinigusso far, saw indication in aida64. but that's it16:44
malnot sure if journal has any messages about that16:44
rinigusmal: didn't find any (using grep -i gl | grep -i es)16:45
T42<simonschmeisser> which of the sony's would you recommend buying currently? (they all still seam to be available refurbished) Or volla instead?17:58
T42<rossholmes> @simonschmeisser: I like this question, I'm also curious, even though it's a porter forum20:08
T42<Andy %lastname%> Still think the Bacon Oneplus One still is cheap enough  and works a treat20:31
T42<Andy %lastname%> Just been upgraded thanks to @wdehoog20:31
T42<Andy %lastname%> to
T42<Andy %lastname%> Cheap as chips.on ebay too but unlike Sony Xperia = no android = no whatsapp  or skype20:31
T42<Andy %lastname%> Not a problem  for.me20:31
T42<Andy %lastname%> Similar hardware...half the price20:31
T42<rossholmes> I am on the same page as you, Andy. Thanks for the recommendation21:58
T42<Andy %lastname%> @rossholmes [I am on the same page as you, Andy. Thanks for …], which?22:02
T42<Andy %lastname%> sailfish or opo?22:02
T42<Andy %lastname%> my daily driver phone for actual one plus one22:05
Umeaboymal: You here? :)22:20
UmeaboyIs there a draft available for the upcoming update of the HADK?22:20
UmeaboyAnd have you pushed your hybris-17.1 branch yet?22:21
malUmeaboy: not yet23:22

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