Friday, 2020-12-18

T42<A_T_R> hybris-16.006:47
T42<A_T_R> should i install all of these pacakges ???06:47
T42<A_T_R> You can also use a direct URL with this tool:06:47
T42<A_T_R> sdk-assistant create SailfishOS-latest
T42<A_T_R> sdk-assistant create SailfishOS-latest-armv7hl
T42<A_T_R> sdk-assistant create SailfishOS-latest-aarch64
T42<A_T_R> sdk-assistant create SailfishOS-latest-i486
T42<A_T_R> @A_T_R [hybris-16.006:49
T42<A_T_R> should i install all of these paca …], or only armv7hl ?06:49
spiiroin@"Heng fixyournick" you do not need to recompile anything, you can just stop dsme from loading that powerkey plugin, e.g. via: mv /usr/lib/dsme/ /usr/lib/dsme/
spiiroinmmm, that would be naturallly: s/batterytracker/pwrkeymonitor/06:57
spiiroinalso, dsme writes bootup/shutdown events to /var/log/systemboot.log -> you might find hints why shutdown happens from there06:59
T42<Tshepo Beauty %lastname%> Fwd from Tshepo Beauty:
T42<edp_17> @A_T_R [hybris-16.008:20
T42<edp_17> should i install all of these paca …], You need to create only two: targets and toolings.08:20
T42<edp_17> Example:08:20
T42<edp_17> tooling:08:20
T42<edp_17> sdk-assistant create SailfishOS-3.4
T42<edp_17> target:08:20
T42<edp_17> sdk-assistant create $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH
T42<edp_17> @A_T_R :Oh, the is already available, so please replace the to in the URLs I provided above.08:22
T42<A_T_R> @edp_17 [You need to create only two: targets and tooli …], Thanks 👍08:30
T42<A_T_R> hybris-16.010:32
T42<A_T_R> PlatformSDK iatr@Core2Duo:~/hadk$ ```rpm/dhd/helpers/ -c```10:32
T42<A_T_R> error - error: Failed build dependencies:10:32
T42<A_T_R> full log -
deathmist_@A_T_R I hope you at least see the error in that log; your device is 64-bit so you need to add "%define droid_target_aarch64 1" into your droid-hal packaging spec file like so:
deathmist_then rpm/dhd/helpers/ -dc11:54
deathmist_if you haven't fully let it build everything yet please run build_packages without any arguments11:54
deathmist_ah right it's split to all the steps in HADK, just saw the latest version11:55
deathmist_@A_T_R also remember that has one more step you should do before booting in case you haven't done it yet ;)12:01
T42nicoole665 was added by: nicoole66522:29
T42<Heng %lastname%> so how do I get the battery percentage working? The percentage always shows 0% but that is not true - correct battery percentage is at /sys/class/power_supply/BATC/capacity22:34
T42<Heng %lastname%> also blacklisting gpio-keys fixed the powerbutton issue but it breaks the volume keys :(22:42

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