Wednesday, 2020-12-30

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T42<W %lastname%> (Photo, 591x1280) Hello everyone. Does anyone know what this error might be?02:06
T42<A_T_R> @mal- I added ril configs > then compiled --configs and build image --mic still ril broken04:17
T42<A_T_R> is there any fix for youtube playback issue ?05:41
T42<simonschmeisser> is there documentation somewhere for how to package autotools based libs as rpm?20:35
T42<ankaos> Fwd from ankaos: depmod: WARNING: could not open /home/enes/oxygen-9/out/target/product/oxygen/obj/PACKAGING/depmod_vendor_intermediates/lib/modules/0.0/modules.builtin: No such file or directory20:36
T42<ankaos> how fix this error?20:36
T42<ankaos> ı build hybris-1620:36
mal@simonschmeisser there are many package which use those, check either libhybris or for example
T42<simonschmeisser> mal: thanks, I found out I can disable the dependency actually (building a newer libcamera)21:26
maloh, I can also update  my version of that21:28
T42<simonschmeisser> is there a way of "contributing" packages besides pushing them to gitlab?21:29
malwhat do you mean?21:29
malyou mean adding new packages?21:29
T42<simonschmeisser> yes21:29
T42Automotive_UAE was added by: Automotive_UAE21:32
mal@ankaos what are you building when that happens?21:41
T42<ankaos> hybris-boot and systemimage.21:42
T42<ankaos> build successful. but it doesn't see the modules.21:43
T42<simonschmeisser> mal: yes, I was wondering if there is some process to follow such that a new package ends up in some convenient  or even official repo21:44
malpackages usually only end up to official repos if those are needed on some officially supported device or in sailfish itself22:51

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