Monday, 2021-01-04

T42Patrick %lastname% was added by: Patrick %lastname%03:35
T42<ItsMeShouko> can aarch64 be built now?08:36
T42<森屿海巷@ %lastname%> Fwd from Bernard %lastname%: 【Reclutamiento de héroes de OKEx】08:42
T42<森屿海巷@ %lastname%> Si está familiarizado con las criptomonedas y blockchain, especialmente con el intercambio de intercambio, quiere ser el héroe para ayudar a su familia a vencer a COVID y Lockdown con trabajo online, ?gane hasta 4400 $ por mes!08:42
T42<森屿海巷@ %lastname%> ?únase a para trabajar con nosotros!08:42
T42<森屿海巷@ %lastname%>
T42<ItsMeShouko> also how do I clear package cache08:52
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T42<linusdan> What do I do when I can't connect the tablet via telnet or ssh?22:12
T42<linusdan> dmesg says: 'Device not responding to setup address'22:13
T42<linusdan> I forgot to say that rootfs does not connect via telnet but "Charging ... ???/100" appears after 5 minutes and assembles the tablet's storage22:39
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