Friday, 2021-01-08

piggzabranson: fancy upstreaming a fix/quirk for gmp-droid so I dont have to keep a seperate repo?11:12
abransonpiggz: can't really do a quirk in there, and atm the only fix right now would be to remove the native converter completely. might do that at some point but it'll need testing against everything.11:14
abransonfinding out why it's crashing might be more productive11:18
malpiggz: did you try backporting all the fixes to converter in gmp-droid11:32
piggzmal: yes, i tried master recently11:32
piggzagainst cbeta sfos11:33
abransonmal: I passed him that last PR, to see if that would work for his device too. but apparently it didn't help.11:33

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