Thursday, 2021-01-14

T42<Max %lastname%> need help cannot find the build i mean the make commands on the web. thanks14:41
T42<Max %lastname%> can anyone tell me how the make commands are? thanks.14:42
T42Virus288 was added by: Virus28815:03
T42<Virus288> Hi there everybody. I am looking for sailfish os group which is related to apps development but cant find any. Does any1 know is telegram has that kind of group ?15:04
T42<Virus288> Thx in advance 😛15:04
ggabrielvirus288: have you checked the forums? ( or simply #sailfishos? for telegram (depetcher), you can post somthing in, not sure how active that application is15:25*15:25
ggabrieldepecher* (sorry, not sure what's wrong with my keyboard today ;) )15:26
T42<meierrom> @Virus288 [Hi there everybody. I am looking for sailfish …], @Virus288: Can you try this?18:49
T42<Virus288> Much tanks ❤️18:51
T42<Virus288> (Photo, 971x1108) You did manage to add me but this link aint working btw18:52
piggz_abranson: bedtime at 6pm for you!19:25
abransonshocking eh20:13
abransonwhere are the UK numbers for today?20:14
T42<adampigg> abranson: "processing error" probably mean someone fucked up with excel, and the numbers are massive22:30

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