Saturday, 2021-01-23

mal@adampigg libwayland-egl comes from wayland repo now, you should use pkgconfig dependency handling10:48
electro575just a question, hybris 16.0 is only used with LineageOS 16.0 ?18:20
T42<Akatsu39> Yes.18:27
electro575glibc for kernel 3.0.0 is again necessary to debug in RELEASE= ?18:55
electro575i add this : repo --name=glibc-kernel-3.0 --baseurl=
electro575in this file to debug at startup if bootloop18:55
T42<elros34> no, patched glibc is not needed for any debug but it's required for kernel 3.0. Without it you will not get any logs except these from initramfs (not /init-debug).19:02
electro575@elros34 : ok, i have this error after building lineageOS19:03
electro575build/make/core/ error: FindEmulator: find: `tools/metalava/manual':19:03
T42<elros34> About glibc: You need to add to your sparse and rebuild droid-config. Then when you will use --mic you will have that repo added to ks19:03
T42<elros34> That metalava missing issue is because you didn't apply patches according to faq hybris-16 section:
electro575ok thanks, sorry, what is the web page where i can found other update ? after hadk ?19:07
T42<elros34> If you mean Hadk pdf then 3.3.0. is latest one but obviously you can and should build
electro575yes, thanks you, it's just little bit strange, i have bootloop problem with my galaxy note II19:10
electro575It's because of selinux ?19:10
T42<elros34> what is codename for that device?19:10
T42<elros34> Did you disable watchdog like I advise you?19:11
electro575just one minute, i see this in my defconfig19:12
T42<elros34> also if you added glibc repo to only ks file and then use --mic then your ks file was overwritten and that is your issue19:13
electro575yes, how can i undo this ?19:14
electro575i must rebuild without the repo so ?19:15
T42<elros34> It must be added for kernel 3.0. Add glibc2.ini to sparse just like I explained ^ few messages ago19:15
electro575I don't know if using the "ubuntu-trusty-20180613-android-rootfs.tar.bz2" is the latest version to use ?19:17
electro575@elros34 : uname -r => 4.19.0-13-amd6419:19
electro575so my kernel is 4.19 ?19:19
T42<elros34> your device kernel19:19
T42<elros34> your host kernel doesn't matter19:19
electro575Linux kernel release 3.x19:21
T42<elros34> You will find version at the top of Makefile19:22
electro575ok thanks19:22
electro575VERSION = 3 PATCHLEVEL = 4 SUBLEVEL = 11319:23
electro575for klte device19:23
electro575not t0lte19:23
electro575o sorry19:24
electro575@elros34 : 3.0.10119:26
electro575@elros34 : i have disable whatchdog yes19:29
electro575but after continue, i have a kernel panic19:29
T42<elros34> so grab dmesg, and journalctl --no-tail -f19:30
electro575ok for dmesg, journalctl is not available again19:31
T42<elros34> so enable persistent logging according to faq and then after reboot you will have journal19:32
electro575@elros34 : how can i grow up the size term ?19:35
electro575to share it at you19:35
T42<elros34> depends on terminal, it should have buffer size in settings (infinity).19:42
T42<elros34> check also zcat /proc/config.gz to make sure you have disable selinux via bootparam and no watchdog driver19:45
electro575ok thanks19:45
electro575it's not good :/ , i share it at you !19:51
electro5755@elros34  :
electro575is it possible to change this config too during the execution ? with CONFIG_CMDLINE19:53
T42<elros34> no, what do you want to change?20:03
electro575@elros34 : CONFIG_CMDLINE+=selinux=020:04
electro575i will try to recompile with this specific defconfig20:07
electro575disable selinux via bootparam and no watchdog driver20:07
T42<elros34> you don't need it, it's already disabled. Btw why don't you reuse known working kernel/droid-config  from previous porter:
electro575yes, i can20:10
electro575@elros34 : what is the manner to use it ? replace android_kernel_samsung_smdk4412 in roomservice.xml ?20:11
T42<elros34> I assume you use same kernel so just defconfig file but sure you can also git clone it or use repo20:13
electro575@elros34 : if i use this version, so not needed to use defconfig ?20:14
electro575i'm not an expert in kernel, driver, ...20:15
T42<elros34> just compare your defconfig changes with MTRNord's changes. IIRC he managed to get device working20:22
electro575yes :)20:23
T42<elros34> yeah: so not need to reinvent the wheel20:25
electro575@elros34 : Ok, so must i git clone and recompile ?20:27
T42<elros34> if they are significant changes between your defconfig and droid-config and his work then sure20:28
electro575@elros34 : ok, i can take his work :) but what must i "rm" ?20:30
T42<elros34> droid-config and kernel should be enough20:31
electro575ok, have you the same source for htc one m8 and samsung galaxy S5 ?20:32
electro575m8 -> android_kernel_htc_msm897420:33
electro575klte -> android_kernel_samsung_msm897420:33
T42<elros34> use github search function (search for  droid-config-$DEVICE) but I doubt you will find up-to-date repos for these devices20:35
electro575okey, thanks20:36
electro575@elros34 : what are component of android are used by sailfishOS project ?20:38
T42<elros34> whatever is needed to get all peripherals working20:40
T42<elros34> hwcomposer, qcom sensors, binder20:41
electro575@elros34 : okey, it's just driver , no ? or middleware. I have read mer project is middleware20:42
T42<elros34> not just a driver, there many android services and libraries used via libhybris. Mer is just a sailfish20:44
electro575@elros34 : so for you, what is the real difference with android ?20:45
T42<elros34> It's whole different system. It use android hardware adaptation  get everything working but it doesn't have to. You can use mmainline kernel if you device support it and mesa drm graphics20:50
electro575sorry, i don't have the good defconfig syntaxe20:52
electro575lineage_klte_bcm2079x_defconfig / lineage_klte_pn547_defconfig / lineage_klteactivexx_defconfig / lineage_kltechn_defconfig20:53
electro575but not only lineage_klte_defconfig20:53
electro575@elros34 : how can i identify the good file is used by hybris/mer-kernel-check/mer_verify_kernel_config20:54
T42<elros34> you can find correct defconfig defined in your device repo but you never use mer-kernel-check against it. Follow hadk20:57
electro575@elros34 : i'm tired, thanks for your replies20:59
T42<elros34> see ya20:59

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